Welcome to the broadroom.

thebroadroom is...a site by and for women;
a cool hotbed of wit, intellect and sass...humor, advice and honesty...
all written within the framework of sisterhood.

thebroadroom.net is...
an all-female site for women of all ages, backgrounds and interests, covering fitness/health, relationships, beauty/fashion, parenting, computing and home management.

After four and a half years, The Lipstick Page Forums has finally closed, and will no longer be updated. It will remain up and running as an archive, so please feel free to browse.

Dain Choi's new site may be found here: http://www.arsaromatica.blogspot.com. We would like to wish her the best of luck in future ventures, and thank her for the extraordinary work she contributed to "good old LP" over the years (old LP dates to the mid-1990's).

Colleen Shirazi (aka The Weekend Blogger) will continue to blog here: Life of Colleen, as well as on the Beading Blog and Computer Blog upon occasion.

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