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Sunday, August 31, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:56 PM (Pacific)

BTW I just did my hair...I'm getting good at it. I used 2/3 9.13 Sparkling Light Beige Blonde, to 1/3 10.03 Superlight Translucent Golden Blonde.

And, I'm going to need to buy developer soon. I wrote a review for the components 7 months ago, and I think there's one more round left, making it say 8 months per bottle of developer--not bad. It was $3.39.

About the colors--the 9's give me a dark blonde look. The 10's are much lighter. Doing all 10's is almost too light. All 9's is too dark.

And, 10.03 Superlight Translucent Golden Blonde is described on the bottle as "soft gold." 9.30 Brilliant Light Golden Blonde is described as "intense gold."

The beige's are about the same...so, 1/3 of the soft gold, is about the same as 1/4 of the intense gold, blonde-wise. Plug in one or the other beige, depending on how light you want it.

I've been using up everything. I still have some of the 9 beige and 10 gold left.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:45 PM (Pacific)

Hey! :)

Hummm...Bobbi Brown...I think I'd go for one of the Gel Liners. Or gloss. I dunno, I just get the impression that the glosses are good. Nice, rich colors.

I'm warming to the concept of the perfect lipstick. I just wore my Ecco Bella Peach Frost yesterday, and it's getting dry. Hum. I loathe dry lippies. Aha, here it is: Peach Frost review. I got it a year and a half ago.

Even my Delish is almoooooooost getting dry. It's not quite there yet. So what to do?

I'm thinking...of replacing Peach Frost and Delish...I'm hardly pitching Delish yet, it must be genuinely dry first :) ...with a single lipstick.

I am keeping my Maybelline Wet Shine and my Bonne Bell Lip Lix. They're both in good nick--I just got the Wet Shine in fact.

At first I was speculating...about getting two lipsticks, both MAC (that six container thing tugs at my heartstrings). One would be in the Twig genre, i.e. something brown-based, neutral-ish, little to no shimmer...sort of like Peach Frost (which is not truly frosty). Your common-or-garden, pink-brown lipstick, only peachier.

The other would have more color and possibly more shimmer. Something reddish.

But does it really make more sense to have two? Can one do it?

I'm still in planning mode. :)


Saturday, August 30, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:29 PM (Pacific)

I'm back from shopping! I was pretty good today. I bought a ticket for a MAC seminar on September 10th. It was 50$ but I can buy products with it so it's not so bad. And I need a new Fast Response Eye Cream (my very favourite eye cream ever; it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and goes very well under makeup). That already costs 32$ so I only need to buy 18$ worth of products. I've been eyeing the velluxe shadows so it shouldn't be too hard to reach the 18$ (all canadian money by the way). And I want a concealer brush so I might get that too.

Apart from that, I went to the Nars counter to check out the new stuff. Love the Outlaw blush but I definitely do not need another blush. The Babylon duo is very nice but I don't need it. The peach looked a lot like MAC Jest which I gave to my sister because it was too peach for my skintone (actually I could have used it but I prefer MAC Hush which is pinker and still looks peach on me). The purple looked a lot like MAC Blackberry with maybe a bit more purple. So if I want the look of this duo, all I'd need to do is use some MAC stuff I already have... The Arctic duo was nice too but I have more reddish shadows than I'll ever use. And I don't really want silver right now. I have Nars Bombshell that I use as a silver. It's a more interesting colour than plain old silver. So that leaves the Ireland duo. That, I liked very much. The grey is quite light and matte. Lighter than my other greys (I have a medium and a dark grey). And the green is frosty and light. Very pretty. I would have liked the Nars MA to show me how to use the duo but she wasn't there so I left without buying a thing. Maybe next time.

I also visited the Bobbi Brown counter. I really need to buy something from them. I love their displays. I can just never find anything I NEED in them like I do at MAC. When I visited MAC, I saw at least two velluxe shadows that I wanted. At Bobbi Brown, I saw a bunch of beautiful ones but as always ended up thinking, "But do I really neeed this? No." I think it's because everything is so neutral at Bobbi Brown. Even her lilac looks like a neutral. Someday, I'll need to just go and buy something. Maybe make an appointment for a makeover...

My last stop was the Benefit counter. I love love love that place. The new collection was in (they revamped the whole line) as was my favourite MA. He remembers me despite my never having bought much there so I like going to his counter. Really nice guy and he knows his stuff. Anyhow, the new powder shadows are absolutely gorgeous. Some very nice neutrals and some fun colours. It's not a huge collection but it's good. I bought "check's in the mail" which is a light greyish green. Great as a base. And my eyes love green. Aren't the names of the shadows the cutest things? I could buy all of them just for the names! I also got a creaseless cream in "moon doggie". It's a turquoise colour that's kind of scary to me. I have a hard time with turquoise. Just don't know how to wear it. It does go on quite sheer so I should be able to do something with it. In any case, I'll have fun experimenting.

The MA told me about an event they'll be having Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It includes a little makeover and food. Thing is, I'd need to buy something, right? I'm sure I'd find something to buy but I'm not sure it's a good idea for me right now. I mean from a financial point of vue. I still have some Fall clothes to buy. I also have the MAC thing and an appointment with my esthetician on Friday. She's expensive and I may end up buying some of her also expensive products so I need to put a cap on the cosmetic spending. I think even Nars will have to wait till October now... Ah well. That's not so bad. I can wait.

To answer your question about MAC Twig, on me, it's quite brown. It was perfect for me when I got it but I think I'll go for something a bit pinker when I finish it. When Twig fades though, it turns bit pinker on me. I like it better when it has faded a bit. Now, I don't look good in brown lipstick but this one does work with my skintone so it might work for you too. If I were you, I'd go to the MAC counter and tell them I want a pink-brown, more on the pink side. They have quite a selection. The Amplified collection is still a bit small but it's nice. Don't know if they have a pink-brown though. I have Craving and it's a very nice medium plummy pink but maybe you don't want plummy? In any case, I've gotten compliments from people on this one so it might be worth looking into even if we have different colourings...

You have me thinking about the perfect lipstick. Or in my case, the perfect lipstickS. My collection is pretty good right now. I have every colour and type I would need and I have the lip pencils to change the colours a bit. I may just get one more lip pencil in a light pink but that's it. Now, I really just need to replace what I finish which is why I'm itching to finish MAC Twig and Sheer Plum. Twig will maybe be replaced by a Benefit lipstick and Sheer Plum will be replaced by MAC Sophisto (it'll be free because I have my six empty containers). Hmmm, I need to go in planning mode again rather than buying mode. If I stay in buying mode too long, I end up with stuff I never use. Bad...


Friday, August 29, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 1:10 PM (Pacific)

Hummm...well then, it's the same with me. Red doesn't fit in with my real life either. I love the idea, buuuuut...

And, I can't do dark lipsticks either. They just don't look right.

I went through years...literally...fiddling around with lipsticks. I've come to believe that finding the right lipstick is like finding the right perfume, hair or clothes: fundamental.

Men will scoff...*phhhhht* then again what would a man be doing, reading this?! lol but I see it this way. We're still living in a man's world. Other species, you will note, have brightly colored males, not females. It's the men who should be fretting about finding the right lipstick then right? :)

MAC Delish is really good. I tried Eden Rocks but liked Delish better. Eden Rocks is pretty...it's lighter, pinker and more neutral than Delish. Delish is sort of peachy-rose with a brown base and pink shimmer. It's not super shimmery, on. It's a sort of lips color.

Likewise, Ecco Bella Peach Frost...I like that one too. Somewhat more color than Delish but similar. My local Whole Foods decimated the makeup aisle...they put up three aisles of supplements instead. *pffffft* So all I got to try was Ecco Bella Cafe au Lait and the Peach Frost. Expensive--same price as MAC. But good quality.

Maybelline Wet Shine Sweet Sorbet was a cheap thrill. But it's good...it's a soft rose, really natural looking. It doesn't turn a funny color when it fades, either. Maybelline now is really good for the price.

I still have that Bonne Bell Gotta Date? that Becky gave me. That's the closest to red I have. It's sheer, got some brown in it...quite wearable.

Do I need another lipstick? I really don't. It's odd. When I pitched Rizzo, I felt like replacing it with something else. As if five is the right number, not four or six.

What about Twig? Is it all that? How brown is it, on? Or is it just straight medium pink? I've tried Spirit...definitely too brown. But I'd want something brownish.

Or maybe it's well to look at the Amplified stuff?

Hummm...I don't have an oval face, either. It used to bother me a lot. All the magazines back then ('70's, '80's) maintained that you had to have an oval face no matter what. There were lots of instructions and diagrams on how to attain this oval face using contouring makeup.

At one point I realized how ridiculous it was. Even back then, many of the models and actresses did not have oval faces. Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Hutton, Faye Dunaway, Jodie Foster, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren...it seems to me fall under the squarish face category.

Currently: Reese Witherspoon, Julia Stiles, Cameron Diaz...heart-shaped. Devon Aoki (my fave model)...diamond-shaped. Penelope Cruz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Thandie Newton...square.

I think I will wait until later to get any more new makeup...I'm pondering the lipstick now...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:50 AM (Pacific)

Hmmmmmm, very interesting discussion here ladies. I've not ruminated about such things for a very long while.
Ruminated, isn't that what cows do? with their cuds? gulp it down and then hack it back up and chew on it for a very long time?

Red lipstick. I love the look, the idea, the glamor, the romance of red lipstick. I think its one of those things that looks stunning in the movies, tv, magazines but just isn't practical in my real life. Maybe its just my area, but red lipstick is not something one sees many women wearing around town. I'm coming to realize red lipstick just doesn't look all that good on me. It must be my coloring or something. I look like a mime. MegaDark colors look scary on me too. It must be my age showing. I've got tiny thin little lips, Betty Boop lips, but I don't have the big eyes to balance them off. My eyes disappear when I smile. My chubby cheeks swallow them up. Well, they aren't really chubby cheeks. I've just been blessed/cursed with a really round face. No matter how much weight I lose/lost I'll never have cheekbones. Ah well, such is life......
~carol m~

Thursday, August 28, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:34 PM (Pacific)

Heh heh...it's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I remember quite well. Did you read it? Charlie's parents worked at a toothpaste factory, screwing the caps on the tubes (okay it was a fictional story and a children's one at that). Anyhow so Charlie's family had no money. Charlie was fanatical about chocolate but they could buy chocolate only on his birthday. And they lived right near a chocolate factory--Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

I saw the movie as well when I was a kid. It was nothing near as good as the book imo.

There is this lengthy description of Charlie getting his birthday chocolate bar. He'd look at it, smell it, pick it up, think about it...then open this teeny little corner of the wrapper and touch his tongue to the chocolate.

I'm not that badly off :) but yes, I remember that part of the book so well.

So I think we are similar. We can have luxury but we're aware that it's luxury. I like miiiiiiiiiiiiilking my luxury out.

Hey I did retrieve that Rizzo. I have the tube now. I got the Rizzo out of it. sigh What was I thinking? That color is so not me.

Don't forget Dain's MAC Library.

Hummm...I think that's one reason why I don't do red lipstick. I have a full mouth. It looks too much...I get clown mouth.

Weeeeeellllll....MAC is nice. I think they do the research; they actually try out the colors on lots of people. Hence, they have stuff that works on many different kinds of coloring. The only gripe I have with them: they don't do enough pink eyeshadows. Urban Decay must have 10 different kinds of pink. Pink is essential for green and hazel eyes and it also goes well with brown. So there should be a lot of it.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:07 PM (Pacific)

Ah but you see, I don't very much like to spend either. I just love to buy. I know, it sounds very bizarre but I see it like this. From my mother, I learned the joys of buying. From my father, I learned the fear of running out of money. So I do look like I spend a lot but in fact, I always end up saving quite a bit each month. And that's after having contributed to my RRSP (retirement plan). It's the not having kids or a mortgage and having a double income household...

I AM like you guys in that red lipstick kind of scares me too. I have a couple. One sheer that I can wear everyday and one that I almost never wear because it's so red. I actually look good in red lipstick. Especially if I line my eyes too. I end up with huge eyes and a tiny red mouth. Kind of like a cartoon. But it's just so THERE. Wild eye colours aren't as obvious as red lipstick which is probably also why I love eyeshadow more than lipstick...

For orange shadow, MAC definitely has something. There's Rule but there are others too. Check out the website for ideas and then go to a counter. It's always best to see the shadows in person.

I'm a MAC freak. Something about their displays attracts me. The way the colours are presented, I think. It kind of looks like an artist palette. I think people catch MAC fever because of the variety of colours and products available. The quality is good and the prices aren't all that high. That gets people in a buying frenzy. I made a lot of mistakes when I first got into makeup. I gave away a lot of MAC lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadows. But now, the fever has gone down. I still love MAC but when I buy something, I know it'll work and I know I'll use it. I'm good also in that I'm very conscious of what I have at home. I never buy very similar colours. I bought a lot of makeup something like a month ago. And I would most definitely repurchase every single thing. If I don't love something, I just don't buy it. It might stick in my mind and I might end up buying it but I just don't purchase anything that's less than perfect anymore.

Oh, one last thing... Josie, you're not crazy. I also like to just look at my new purchases before using them. In fact, sometimes, I don't want to use them just so they stay perfect. I was like that with my Cargo gloss.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 4:51 PM (Pacific)

Hummm...I wear makeup on and off. It's also why I can't stockpile too much stuff; it'll never get used up.

Oddly it doesn't bother me to toss stuff. If it's bad, it's bad. If I'm not using it, I'm not using it and it's taking up space.

Recently I pitched my MAC Rizzo. sigh Let's have a moment of silence. lol Singularly the most expensive thing I've ever tossed. Yes! I understand about the MAC madness. I myself somehow thought, that paying that much for something...it would have to work (or else I'd feel so guilty I'd just will it to work?). And Rizzo...was great for a fling.

I think it is the same with Nars. I've never Nars'd. I never even thought about buying Nars. We don't have a Nars counter...the closest would be either the City or Walnut Creek. A pilgrimage, a haj if you will. (Haj means going to Mecca :) .) It would be more practical to buy it online. For me it's a big deal.

I am very, very cheap. That helps. I loathe spending money. Yet when I do spend it, I don't care. It's just money. Does that make any sense? If I bought that Nars duo, I wouldn't feel guilty. Because...I'm looking at it. I would ponder for weeks, months even, which duo to get. I'd consult Dain, LP maybe, I'd go through all the descriptions, I'd think about it...for me that's half the fun. If I just went and bought it, it would lose half its meaning.

Then, when I got it, I would just look at it for a while. (No, I'm not this silly about everything.) I would take a brush and touch it to a little corner of the shadow. It would just become this cool shadow for me. But that doesn't mean I'd ever buy any more Nars. Even if I adored it. I don't have the money. If I don't have it, I don't spend it.

Carol...I'll bet you can swap the Magical Mushroom with someone on LP. Since it's been discontinued, and it is a unique shade, I'll bet someone would be interested. Or...? Wonder how much you could Ebay it for?

Likewise, your MAC's...they're quite new (my Rizzo was pretty old). Oh wait. Should I save the container? You have to have six MAC's to get one free, right? Criminy. I'll never have six MAC's. Or...on second thought. I'd better go get that tube outta the trash.

I don't wear red lipstick either...I love it, I just don't wear it. :) I think you have to wear enough makeup all around, to balance off the red.

Hummm...everything Bobbi Brown seems so elegant and wearable. We don't have a BB counter either. We've got jack! Just MAC, Lancome, ummm...BeneFit...Fashion Fair. I'm not even sure if we have Estee Lauder although I think we do.

Hence my interest in MAC. I like to see and touch it before buying it. Oh well. Call it a generational thing.

I don't think I've seen an orange eyeshadow lately...I'm trying to think. The likely suspect is L'Oreal. They're constantly cranking out limited editions of stuff. Sometimes the colors are unusual; I'd check out the new makeup aisle.

Milani or Black Opal might have it. "Ethnic" makeup sometimes has intense, different shades. Or Fira.

And...Sallys Beauty Supply. Mine has Savvy Eye-Lites shadows...some unusual colors...and another brand that has loose shadows.

I'm checking out our descriptions of MAC Veluxe...there is Samoa Silk, described as "polynesian peach." That could be quite orange. Not low end, but better price than Nars. In fact MAC might have it. I'll check if I go to the MAC counter.

Hummm...I'd keep the UD shadows though. I think there's a way to keep the glitter from migrating. I'll bet you could find out on MUA.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 3:30 PM (Pacific)

It would seem that I'm the one with the most stuff. And also the one with the most expensive stuff... Grin. I just love luxurious stuff and artisty stuff. The love of things artistic is what attracts me so much to eyeshadow. The colours! So many pretty colours! If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy'em all just to look at them! I should stop it with the exclamation marks... They're making me feel frivolous and superficial and I'm already feeling that way. I mean, just look at you guys. You're so good with your small stashes!

I've tried to reduce my stash before but it doesn't work. I'm attached to my pretty things, I guess. And well, as I said in my other post, there are so many possibilities with eyes like mine that I end up buying tons of products... And I do use everything. Actually, I don't but when I see something I haven't used in a while, I make an effort to use it for a while.

I suppose someday, I'll be better. For now, I promise you, I WILL use up some of my stuff. I've been working on MAC Twig (the eternal lipstick) and I'm hitting tin on 3 or 4 shadows: MAC Shroom, MAC Vapour, and Nars Himalayas. I'm getting close on MAC Yogurt too. I can't wait to finish Nars Himalayas (pretty sheer white that flashes pink). When I do, I'm treating myself to Nars Iceland duo! They're also sheer whites that flash other colours...

I'm going shopping this weekend... May come back with some new pretty little things. I really need to check out the new Nars duos. And maybe some Bobbi Brown too. I've been neglecting that line entirely too much... Grin again.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:47 AM (Pacific)

All this talk of stashes made me go through mine this morning. I did some serious purging of stuff and heres what's left:

1 mascara
2 eyeliners
1 concealer
3 foundations
1 liquid
1 stick
1 powder
1 blush
1 bronzer
2 lipliners
2 lipglosses
3 lipsticks
7 eyeshadows

Thats too many eyeshadows but I'm not sure of which ones I should ditch. I also have more than 3 lipsticks. Its more like 9 but 6 of them are doubles. I have 4 Loco Cocoa and 4 Deep Chili and 1 MAC=9 total. I'm thinking of getting rid of the DC lippie. I only really wear it once or twice a year. As much as I adore red lipstick I'm really starting to think I'm just not a red lipstick wearin' kinda gal.

I'm also thinking of getting rid of my 2 Urban Decay e/s, Midnight Cowgirl and Urb. I rarely wear them. They're super sparkly and the glitter gets all over my face. Urb is such a unique color though, I may keep it just to stare at once in awhile. I'm thinking of pitching Jane Pretty in Pink e/s. It used to be all I wore, now I rarely wear e/s at all. I am keeping Jane Purple Heart. I only use this as a liner but its lovely and discontinued. It will probably spoil before I use it all up. I'm going to keep Tangy but am planning to start poking around drugstore and department stores for a similar orangey color. I have a Jane Magic Mushroom that I never wear. I don't like the color but I hate to throw it away. Maybe I'll ebay it.

I wear so little makeup those days. Powder foundation, mascara and lipgloss are my staples. Oh, and concealer. I found a decent concealer pen thingey by Sally Hansen. It was like 4$ but it works magic on my undereye circles.

I'm really regretting most of my MAC purchases. I was so swept away by the thrill of actually trying and buying it that I wasn't really thinking about if I'd ever wear it more than once or twice.
Ah well, live and learn

~carol m~

Saturday, August 23, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 12:47 PM (Pacific)

Hey that's some stash!

Definitely, hazel and brown eyes have the most shadow options. I've been dithering on and off about that Babylon duo. :) I'll be honest with you, the price is high but to me it's relative. I don't buy shadows much. The last one I bought was Milani "Wine and Roses" blush duo, to use as shadow. It was $3 and it didn't work. Too bright for me.

Before that...Sonia Kashuk "Opal" single for $5. I was curious to see if it was similar to MAC Vapour. I'll guess it's more similar to Yogurt but, not as much staying power. (At least it put me off buying Yogurt; too similar to Vapour.)

Before that...? I don't know. Probably my B2G1F The Body Shop shadows.

Recently I went through my stash and tossed stuff that was too old or wasn't getting used. Now I have my original 5 MAC's--Vapour, Swish, Laven-dah!, Sable and Shroom. MAC Wine eyepencil and Revlon Brown Suede Powderliner. Lancome Rose Charmant blush...I'll use this more in winter, frankly...MAC Delish, Ecco Bella Peach Frost, Bonne Bell Gotta Date? Liplix, Maybelline Wet Shine Sweet Sorbet lipsticks. And that's it.

In short I don't need any more lipsticks. That Sweet Sorbet is keeping me busy. On second thought...it does have a little bit of that wet look. Not like the ads, but it's lovely.

I won't need another blush until my Rose Charmant bites the dust and so far it's kept well. I scraped off the top layer once.

Eyepencils...dunno. Might get another MAC sometime. The colors are sublime. Wish they'd last longer on though. My Powderliner lasts longer.

I can get a Nars shadow duo. It'll be cool...I've never "Nars'd" before (although I have blogged many times :) ). It's hard to explain. I can't see buying more than one. And it would have to be something unique. Something...Givenchy Organza. I spent 60-some bucks for that. It came with a gift set and a bonus box of Givenchy perfume mini's. I've smelled good for years based on that one purchase. So to me, I want to look good for years based on that one Nars shadow duo purchase.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:38 AM (Pacific)

I am NOT a minimalist. To be fair, I'm not the type to have 20 lipsticks in almost the same shade of pink either. I'm somewhere in between. Perhaps leaning more towards excess. Grin. I love colour. Looking at it, playing with it... I paint a bit but not enough because it takes forever to set up and oil paints take forever to dry so I have to leave the painting out for quite a while. That means losing my workout room. So instead, I paint my face. It's fun!

I usually focus on my eyes. Why? One: more colours for eyes (I just do NOT wear green lipstick). Two: I can't really focus on my lips because I have a small mouth with rather thin lips. Three: My eyes are hazel so I can wear a LOT of colours. Four: My eyes are pretty big (not huge, but big) and very easy to work with. I have over 50 eyeshadows. Seriously. I would love to do over the top things with my eye makeup but I don't work for MAC. I'm already the only person at work who wears blue eyeshadow. Of course, there are mostly guys at work...

I have quite a few lipsticks too but no more than 20. And no more than 10 glosses. I'm just really an eyeshadow freak. I have one concealer, one pressed powder, and one tinted moisturizer even though I should have two of each (because my skin is lighter in Winter). No foundation. And I only use one mascara at a time. Blushes, I have 3 full size and 5 smaller ones. I don't need more. In fact, there's one or two I might have gotten rid of if they weren't in palettes.

Just for the fun of it, let me try to reduce my stash to what I need. Note that I don't buy the "you only need 3 eyeshadows" theory. I love and crave a variety of colour. If I had to wear the same shades everyday, I'd stop wearing makeup because the fun would be gone. I really don't do it to make myself prettier. I wore no makeup during my whole trip in Peru and I thought I looked pretty good :) Anyhow, here's the list.

-Benefit Boi-ing concealor in Medium; I should get the Light too or else the Mac one in W20
-MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30; and I need one for Winter too
-MAC Select Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15 in NC30; + one for Winter, I love that this is sheer and has SPF15
-Benefit Dandelion
-Nars Sin
-MAC Cedar
-MAC Spice It Up, Craving, Twig, Redwood, Acrylicka
-Helena Rubinstein Starshell
-Lancome Sugar Rose
-MAC Clear, Lust, Prrr, Lovechild
-Chanel Pin Up
-Lancome Juicy Tube in Beach Plum
Eye liner
-MAC Rosemary & Thyme, Teddy, Tarnish
-Nars Istanbul
-Lancome Black Coffee
Eyeshadow (this is hard)
-MAC paints in Bare Canvas, Stillife, and Mauvism
-MAC shadows in Yogurt, Digit, Hush, Malt, Shroom, Vapour, Shale, Trax, Petalescent, Bitter, Fiction, Contrast, Sketch, Patina, Haux, Mystery, Parfait Amour, Overtint Green, Print
-Nars Himalayas, Night Fairy, Notorious
-Stila Bohemian Cafe trio
-Christian Dior Miss Dior duo

So how did I do with eyeshadow? Hey! I cut it down to roughly half my collection! Pretty good, doncha think? But forget it, I'm not giving away the other half of my collection!


Tuesday, August 19, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:43 AM (Pacific)

Orange and purple eh?

Yeahhhhhhhh...it never actually occurred to me before, to try Nars. We don't have a Nars counter; the closest would likely be in the City (San Francisco). I can't drag the kids to the City and shlep around looking for Nars. I might consider buying it online but then, it takes me forever to get around to doing it. But it's a thought.

I think...that you can scale what you buy to how much money you have to spend. I buy expensive perfume. I don't buy it often. If I did, it would lose its impact. I tried for many years to find a cheap perfume that I liked. But the quality is not there.

On the other hand, I'm holding off buying any more Mac anything. I might try out that Viva Glam IV or Fresh Moroccan. Mayyyyyyyyyybe. It's a thought. I'd like something subtle, complex and reddish, that lasts a long time (all bugaboos with cheaper lippies). Yet I am happy with my $7 Wet Shine lippy. I wouldn't spend more than that for a rose lipstick and I'm glad that I didn't.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 8:14 AM (Pacific)

If you have any green at all in your eyes I think you need that Nars duo that Dain keeps going on and on about.

I want it and I shall have it. I just don't know when.

Orange and purple is such a stunning combination of colors on my eyes. Never in my life would I have dreamed of using those colors on my eyes. I used Jane eyeshadows in Tangy and Purpleheart. The effect was simply amazing, stunning, I honestly do not have the words to describe how awesome it worked. You would think that such colorful shadow would only draw attention to itself, the shadow, and not ones eyes. It doesn't. My husband did not say "WOW! Look at that purple and orange on your eyes." He said " Gosh, hunny, you look beautiful."

I keep thinking that if just the cheapo Jane shadows have such an effect how much more wonderful the Nars must be.
The quality of the Tangy e/s is just so-so. Its a good color, but you have to apply it with a heavy-hand to get it to show up orangey. Its not smooth and the application is rather choppy and chalky.
Purpleheart is glorious but its no longer available. Whoever has Jane now should be ashamed of what they did to that line. The difference between those 2 shadows is striking.
~carol m.~

Monday, August 18, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:58 PM (Pacific)

I haven't rambled much, beauty-wise, in ages.

That said, I am looking forward to some of the new stuff. I already have my staples; it's more a matter of adding on a piece or two to keep things fresh.

What are my staples? You know how long it took me to figure out what my staples are? The thing is--skin. I've improved my diet, I take a multi-vitamin...both have helped a lot. I change my pillowcase and keep my powder puff clean (you can wash them a few times before they disintegrate on you). Aside from that, skincare to me is almost beside the point. If your skin is good, then topical treatments aren't going to matter that much. If it's not, then you have to figure out why not and do something about it.

I use a tinted sunscreen...it's TerraSport sunscreen tinted with a little Zia liquid foundation (this keeps really well, which is important when you use only small amounts at a time) and jojoba oil.

On top of that I'm still using up my Almay Oil Blotting pressed powder. Good stuff. I'm going to try MAC Blot after that though. I've read too many good things about it and the price isn't that different.

My staple eyeshadows are: MAC Vapour, Shroom, Laven-dah!. I also own Sable and Swish but I don't wear them as often.

Also, The Body Shop Clover Pink. I own Taupe and Damson: great shadows but I'm not sure if they qualify as staples.

Also, I just bought a Milani Blush Duo, Wine and Roses, to wear as eyeshadow. Hum. The staying power is excellent and it's cheap ($3). The colors aren't right, though, for shadow for me. They're too bright. Not half as bright as they appear in the pan, but too bright on my skin.

My fave Sonia Kashuk shadow is Starlight. A staple? Not really. A really nice shadow though.

So what would I ever need in addition, shadow-wise? It would have to be something radically different. I might branch out into that Nars Dain keeps going on and on about. :) How different is different? Is it $28 different? That is the question.

Blush...I own blush. I have one blush. Lancome Blush Subtil in "Rose Charmant." It's stupendous, but then I don't wear blush every day. Hence I still have it.

Lipstick...now those, I have enough of. Staples: MAC Delish. I pitched Rizzo. I like Rizzo but...? It was a fling, not a marriage.

I have Ecco Bella Peach Frost, Bonne Bell Liplix in Gotta Date? (wearing that now), Maybelline Wet Shine Sweet Sorbet.

The last time I was at the MAC counter I swatched "O." It's a popular shade but I knew it was not for me. I checked out Viva Glam IV (I think it was IV, I'm so clueless) and Fresh Moroccan. Nice, but... Lipstick is the most personal cosmetic alongside perfume. Like perfumes, there are very, very few that I like. (Odd talk for a former lipstick ho.)

So my staples are the Delish, something from Ecco Bella (Peach Frost or that Rosewood I was eyeing), something from Maybelline and Bonne Bell (inexpensive but good quality). Maybe another MAC. That would be it.

Perfume: staple is Givenchy Organza.

Well that's it.