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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:08 PM (Pacific)

Not to worry!!!!! I know what you mean about the "right" purple, Carol...I went to Longs Drugs today to snoop around.

The Revlon PowderLiners were gone, completely. No rack, no...nothing. Likewise, there were only five L'Oreal Wear Infinite Colors...there's a chart with only the five on it. No purple, only a sort of lighter, lavendery shade.


I checked the Styli-Styles. They had both, the regular pencils and those odd oval-shaped ones (yes, you do need to purchase a special, funky looking sharpener for them). One of the oval Styli-Style's was a sort of brightish, bluish purple-lavender (I do believe there is a MAC pencil of a similar shade). Attractive but not what I was looking for.

Revlon--lots of other pencils though. Wet/Dry pencils, the old Time Liners, etc. A couple of raisins but impossible to tell by the packaging what they looked like.

I checked Maybelline. NO KOHLS! Remember, forever they had Maybelline Eye Kohls? Now there's something else there. The cooling stuff and something else.

I lucked out with L'Oreal though. I got a Le Grand Kohl (something I've been meaning to try for a very long time) in "Raisin."

It's a good raisin--not too red, not too brown. It's quite dark but not colorless-dark. I really like it actually. I think it's better than the blue-purple I was looking for originally.

I tried taking a pic with "Raisin" on but it didn't show enough...I need to put on all this stuff properly and take a proper pic of it all.

Nope! My eyes are definitely not that blue. They are not blue much at all. I believe it's the orange shadow.

The "color wheel" theory does work, it's just tricky to implement. For example, the "opposite" of blue-green is rose. The "opposite" of blue is orange. The opposite of green is red. It's tricky because you don't want to look as if someone knocked you in the eye.

Ooooooh! I don't know how I ever lived without a digital camera. It's good because you can "develop" whichever shots you want and discard the rest. It's also good because you can print your pics at home or you can take them to some photo places and get them printed (I don't think it costs that much). i.e. you have the choice as to what you want to do with them.

Mine has been pretty low maintenance too. All I need to do is keep it charged. I bought an extra "film" at Costco for like $60. You can put literally more than a hundred top-quality pics on it. i.e. you never need to buy any more "film." It's the same concept as a floppy disk...you take the pics, they're saved on the film, you transfer the pics from the film to the PC, then you reuse the film.

The only thing I would have to invest in, is a new computer. :) And I'm going to have to do that anyway sometime. I can easily process the pics on this computer (333 MHz, Pentium II, 64 MB's RAM, Win 98...it's a tad old)...the issue is space. Digital pics of a high quality are around 1 MB each.

What I'm shooting for is a computer that burns CD's (I want one that burns DVD's actually). Then space will never be an issue; just stash the pics on your CD's.

Back to the subject at hand...I feel a little out of my shadow rut. :) I have a bunch of pink, lavender, purple type shadows. Then a couple of neutrals but I am not so much into neutrals. I am really not too adventurous. I mean I was eyeing some of the Veluxe's and the Femme Noir. Cool and funky stuff, but for me...I think I'll stick with just a few colors that work for me.

(I can admit that I never in a million years thought of trying orange with purple. A perfect Dain/Carol moment.)


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:24 PM (Pacific)

oh bugger, I wish I'd have not tossed my Revlon Raisin. I could go swatch it for you right now or send it out in the mail for you to try. I chucked it mostly because I never used it. It wasn't a very good purple, for me anyway. My memory is failing me as to its color. It wasn't reddish. It was very dark almost blackish. Jane Purple Heart is what you need, if I knew how to rain curses down upon someones head this is where I'd do it to whomever the "genius" was who screwed the Jane line over. Dain had some semi-good replacements for it listed somewhere.

Do your eyes always look that blue? or is it just the shadow effect? They're lovely either way. *sigh* Now I really want a digital camera. The fun I/we could have.
~carol m.

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:34 PM (Pacific)

Oh your eyes look incredible! Sigh, I wish I had striking eyes like blue or green. I can't wait to see how you like the base. I've never tried them because I'm afraid of creasing. And isn't the texture of Samoa Silk lovely? So soft... Love the Veluxe shadows.

Velvet Moss is the medium green. There's a dark green veluxe too I think. Anyway, I have no medium green so I need to fill that gap. Green looks great on me. I like the Silly Goose too but I already have a light and bright colour (Bitter) so I'll wait on that one. I may nix Velvet Moss from my list though. Benefit Gone Fishing is similar in depth though different in colour. One is avocado and the other artichoke according to the respective websites. I only need one green vegetable on my eyes :) (feelin' silly) Melton Mauve is different from what I already have. I don't have Laven-dah. I'm kind of scared of Melton Mauve when I look at it but the MA had done an amazing look for my eyes with it so I know it works. It's kind of the same with Nocturnelle. I may not have wanted it if the MA hadn't put it on me. In fact, I probably would never have purchased it. I wouldn't have touched the Melton Mauve either for that matter. See, my favourite eyeshadow colours are greens, purples, pinks, and neutrals in the beige and brown family. I have peach, gold, greys, and blue too but just because I needed them. Two golds (one warm, one cool), two greys (one medium, one dark), two peaches (the second one is solely the consequence of finding a Chanel quad to pretty not to buy), and two blues (one light, one dark). I'd get rid of one gold and one blue but I'm afraid of needing them later on. Back to my favourite colours. Pinks, I love, but have such a hard time with. If I don't use them properly, they make me look sick. That's why I'm still afraid of Melton Mauve. It's one of those tricky shadows for me. Anyway, since I know it can work, I have to have it so I can learn to work with it... If I didn't have to work and my skin didn't risk reacting very badly, I'd be trying different faces all day.

If I think of something purple with a blue tinge, I'll tell you. At the moment, I can only think of MAC Parfait Amour shadow...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:00 AM (Pacific)

You can hardly see the Damson shadow. The Samoa Silk shows some.

What's interesting is how blue it makes my eyes look. They're not really that blue. Okay logic tells you that orange should bring out blue. It's a nice orange too...just enough pink to soften it without making it pink.

I'm thinking...it really doesn't make sense to pay top dollar for purple shadow. I can't wear large amounts of dark shadows anyway. All I need is a little purple...dusky blue purple, not red purple, so my MAC "Wine" eyepencil is out.

Something like a purple eye pencil would do it. I mean if I wanted to do purple shadow, I'd need only put on more of the Damson. It shows well as a shadow, just not as a liner, which is what I have in mind for this look.

I'm thinking L'Oreal Wear Infinite or Revlon "Raisin" PowderLiner. The powder pencils have a better texture imo. Wonder how blue/red the "Raisin" is. Carol???????

I'm pretty pleased with the base, too...I put a little bit of it on. Everything feels more "anchored" without changing the shadow colors.

Might go look around the drugstore today. This will be my "Babylon" look although it's really nothing like Babylon :) With the right purple, it'll be just the thing.


Monday, September 29, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:12 PM (Pacific)

Hummm...there are things I like to do that don't involve spending money. But then there's a safety issue. I like walking around. I would feel much safer being a guy walking around alone, than I do walking around alone.

Oh well. Say, I am a little excited. I got "Samoa Silk" today and--an impulse buy, which normally I don't do--one of the Cream Colour Bases in Pearl.

I'm wearing the S.S. right now. Hummm... Of course it is not a substitute for the Babylon duo. The orange shade there is shimmery, right? S.S. is completely matte.

On the other hand...what I'd like to do is experiment some with that Pearl base. The S.A. showed me how to put some base down and layer the S.S. over it. Putting a lot of base and a lot of shadow, makes S.S. look vividly orange. That's not exactly what I'm after but I'd like modified form of it. i.e. a little base with a little S.S. rather than just plain S.S. (which is rather pretty but also subtle).

Or...? The closest thing I have to the purple shade of Babylon is my TBS Damson shadow. Damson, for all it looks intense in the pot, is really rather sheer on. You'd have to layer lots on to get much of an impact.

I could go MAC Trax...I have been meaning to try Trax for...years. On the other hand, I probably don't need to spend that much for purple shadow, because I never use lots and lots of it. i.e. the virtues of Trax might be completely lost on me (for $12.50!). I could try SK Plum shadow. Okay let me go look at Dain's Babylon pics:


Aha. The orange is very different from S.S. In fact it is sort of champagne-y. Then again champagne was one of Dain's things more than mine.

The purple is pretty intense.

I'll give it some thought. Tomorrow I'll try the S.S./Damson combo, over the Pearl base. The base alone might well intensify the Damson.

Oooooh!!! I saw Nocturnelle. Now I wouldn't buy it. Well I wouldn't. :) I think it would look good on you though. Velvet Moss, that's the deep green one right? Hmmm... I dunno. Nocturnelle, definitely. V.M., maybe.

I'll guess Melton Mauve looks much less intense on. It reminds me some of Laven-dah! Perhaps a tad pinker. It's bright on yet sheer so it doesn't look Easter eggy. I couldn't buy M.M. because I already own Laven-dah! and they're too similar.

Heh heh...my makeup budget is gone anyway for a while. :) I'm looking forward to playing around with that base thing.

I'll report later on how S.S. works out and is it all that...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 3:08 PM (Pacific)

Oh that is SOOOO true about the spending. It just occurred to me that a lot of my favourite hobbies (like fashion, makeup, and even fitness to a certain extent) involve spending money. The only things I don't need to spend much on are writing, drawing, and reading. And they're all rather solitary things...

Anyway, the makeup philosophy is very important to me. Not so long ago, I bought lots of makeup, mostly MAC and drugstore, but I ended up giving lots away. Now, I find I'm attracted more and more to colours that are very similar. I take it to mean that I've pretty much found what works for me. I don't buy colours that don't work anymore and I'm more daring in my colour combinations and placements. I don't have one look but several and I know they all work... I suppose I'm finding myself. Both makeup-wise and fashion-wise. It's a nice feeling and it reflects the way I'm settling as a person too. I feel like I'm stabilizing into me but without settling, you know? I'm always trying to improve (like be less of a procrastinator, blow up less during PMS, etc.) so I'm not settling. I just know myself better and it's being reflected in my exterior...

I think I've finally gotten out of spending mode. At least makeup-wise. I have so much already. I'm also putting together a wishlist for my birthday and Christmas. My boyfriend and I came up with a great idea for our Christmas gifts. We set a spending limit and we're gonna make surprise boxes with little things. He's most likely going to get some CDs and books among other things and they're going to come from second-hand stores. Why? Because you get more for your money :) Anyway, he's making a list of CDs he wants and I'm making a list of makeup I want. I was having a thing for Benefit shadows and then I thought hey! A lot of these colours are similar to what I already own. Do I really need "Dear John" if I have MAC Yogurt and MAC Vapour? Not really to tell the truth. So MAC Nocturnelle and Velvet Moss still make the cut. Not sure on the Melton Mauve yet. Benefit Gone Fishing made the cut as well as Me, Myself, and I ( very cute pink champagne). A couple others made it too but I forget which ones. And I'm even rethinking the Bobbi Brown makeover I was planning on getting for my birthday. I mean, I already have SO many basic colours. Do I need more? I'm hitting tin on MAC Shroom, Yogurt, and Vapour but it'll be a while before I finish them up. In any case, when I do, I'll try to replace them with colours from other brands and keep the slots in my 15-pan for more uniquely MAC colours. I may want that Bobbi Brown makeover come November but right now, I'm quite content with my stash...


Sunday, September 28, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:27 PM (Pacific)

Hummm...I think I lurked for around two minutes before I started posting. :)

Yup, I do miss those days. It goes slightly deeper than that for me. I read somewhere that for women, every place that they go, everything that they do, they have to spend money. I mean the "safe" "respectable" activities for women invariably involve shopping and spending money, more than just a token sum.

I am not sure how to put that but I recognized it right away. So I dislike the notion of "having" to spend in order to be part of a group. I mean I write about everything that I buy, because I think it's helpful information. But I like the feeling that I can write even during those times when I don't spend much.

Makeup philosophy is just as important as the actual cosmetics. You can buy a lot of makeup and still not have found your look. Well I'm always for less over more. There comes a point where having more does nothing more for you.


Saturday, September 27, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 2:22 PM (Pacific)

Hmmm, I'm not sure I actually missed the Golden Age of Dain. I was a lurker for SOOOOO long before I got up the nerve to post. I'm kind of shy that way (but I turn into a real blabbermouth once I'm comfortable). Anyway, I used to love her philosophical posts. And they are more interesting than hauls. With hauls, all you can say is "nice purchases" or some variation on that. Philosophical posts created discussions which was very cool. Dain's rambles were lots of fun.

As for the all important base, my skin is doing OK. It hasn't dramatically improved since I got the new skincare but it's doing well. The ritual is a little longer than I'm used to but it's nice. I'm still getting PMS pimples but a bit of Clean&Clear really helps. The one thing that I have noticed is that I don't get oily during the day anymore. So I guess my oil production is slowly regulating. With all this said, I think I could get away wearing no base (i.e. no concealer or powder). It's just the base kind of imperceptibly unifies my skintone without it actually looking like I have something on. It's just like when you paint your canvas in a base colour before painting on it. It's just better somehow. Better application. And a more finished look at the end. I don't think I could ever wear anything like a mask. It wouldn't feel right.

I have to go eat... See you soon!

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:14 AM (Pacific)

Hummm...I have been all about the base, for quite some time. It's the Dain influence.

You missed the Golden Age of Dain? It was a few years ago. I'll say I've never been obsessed about skincare though...to me it's only topical. You can affect the appearance of skin only so much, topically speaking.

The real skin issues...sunscreen obviously (I do let myself tan, I am evil :) ), what you eat, what sort of vitamins you take, what kind of lifestyle you have...

Mmm...well I don't buy makeup much either. Dain was right...LP used to be about philosophy much more than purchases. It has changed.

What I was obsessed about in those days was color, in fact. I'm next to color-blind so it's been harder for me. I was always better at the technical than the artistic. Skincare to me is engineering...you're taking what you have...in my case this weird midlife oily acne thing...and seeing what strings you can pull, internally, to make it its best.

Color has taken me years to perfect. It is really odd. I've been wearing my MAC Jubilee exclusively. Sometimes I think about my Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet." But it's like, who cares? I have a rose lipstick. I have a "red" one (Bonne Bell Gotta Date? it is red). I still have MAC Delish. That's really all I have. I can live without the Delish.

It's less of a one lipstick lifestyle and more of a wear one lipstick, own four lifestyle.

As far as shadows, either I'll cave and get Samoa Silk or else I'll wait and get that Babylon duo. S.S. is not the same as the orange shade in Babylon, at all. Babylon is needlessly expensive to me, yet that's also its attraction...that it's unique, that you can't quite piece it together from other brands.

Anyhoo...take a break! There are times when I don't even want to think about makeup.


Friday, September 26, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:53 PM (Pacific)

Don't worry, I can hardly be bothered with tinted moisturizer so I'm not about to get into foundation! It's more a question of curiosity and experimentation. As of now, apart from my skincare which includes sunscreen, I use concealer and powder. I don't even need the concealer that much but it does make a difference so I use it. It's just that I used to be attracted to colour only and the base was just a pain that I couldn't be bothered with. Now, I realize what a difference the smallest base can make. The powder plus concealer just unifies my skintone a little bit. The tinted moisturizer is even better.

I'm tired. Plus I don't have much more to say on the subject of makeup. I haven't bought anything lately :)


Thursday, September 25, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:20 AM (Pacific)

Hummm...it's my honest opinion, that if you don't need foundation, you shouldn't wear it.

I went through a sort of foundation crisis... :) There is a sort of "flawless" look that I see around here now and again. It is flawless, but it is also slightly unnerving because it is flawless. Skin should not be entirely flawless. It's like seeing a body that is too perfect. It's great, but it's also a little unsettling.

I did mix my new Zia "Mica" foundation up with more TerraSport sunscreen and jojoba oil. Ah... It's better than the two foundations I was using before. The color is a bit more neutral. There is just a little bit of color in it, a little bit of coverage, and that's the way it should be.

I'm resisting using concealer. It's going to get to the point where I have to use it...but it's not there yet so I'm not gonna do it. :)

Now you, good grief, you are young. Sunscreen is good, a little coverage is good. You could probably get by with using only concealer and sunscreen or something like a tinted sunscreen. I wouldn't be in a hurry to cover up your skin.

Mine never got back to being perfect :) I still get clogged pores. That is mysterious...I still have no answer as to what's causing it. I'm not buying anything I've read about it. I did read somewhere that in the U.S., in the 1960's, 1 in 20 women got breast cancer. And now the statistic is 1 in 5. Hello? Something is going on. It's being suppressed.

However the solution is not to try to replicate perfect skin by using foundation. It just looks...like perfect foundation, not perfect skin.

Hey I love MAC too! For me it's the price, and the Back to MAC, that are so attractive as well as the overall quality and selection. I'm not in a hurry to expand my horizons. The most I'm thinking of, is that Nars Babylon duo. Iti's still in the back of my mind.


Wednesday, September 24, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:34 PM (Pacific)

Hey, that eye look sounds very cool! And the subtlety of the colours is what makes the colour placement wearable. Unless you work for MAC...

I only own one tinted moisturizer. I hardly ever use it. Only when I have the time for proper application and when it's worth my time. Of course it's MAC. My tinted moisturizer is NC30. It's a tad too yellow for me and maybe a tad too dark? But it was the closest match. And besides, it's so sheer and I wear so little that I don't really need to have a perfect match. Boyfriend says he can't tell I'm wearing it, only that my skin looks better. Let me tell you, the man learns fast :) I'm thinking I should explore my options more in the "foundation" world (I'm talking about concealer, foundation, powder, tinted moisturizer). I have one concealer (Benefit), one powder (MAC), and one tinted moisturizer (MAC again). I should check out some real foundation. MAC Studio Tech looks cool. Or is it Studio Finish? There are so many...

I own too much MAC though. Way too much. I'm very attracted to the 6 empty containers = 1 free lipstick deal over there. And I have palettes for my stuff from there so it's always easily accessible. So I use it more than my other stuff. It's just there isn't much brand variety there... Makes me look like some sort of fanatic or something. Anyway. I'm wanting to try Bobbi Brown now so that's good. And I've been craving some Benefit eyeshadows. I love the names!

Oh, I've started experimenting with my pencil brush. It is very cool. It deposits a lot of colour and it's really easy to place colour exactly wear you want it. This brush is going to be tons of fun...


Tuesday, September 23, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:20 AM (Pacific)

Okay here it is:

Revamp your beauty wardrobe
with Lancôme samples
GWP through October 31st

Monday, September 22, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:51 PM (Pacific)

Hummm...I'm looking back on my Zia foundation reviews (in the Forums). I see I bought Rose Quartz and Sandstone roughly a year ago.

Well Sandstone has gone bad, after giving me quite a few batches of tinted sunscreen. It's definitely bad. Rose Quartz is hanging in there but I'm not giving it that much longer.

I decided to do two things. One was abandon the two-foundation idea. I don't mind mixing, but for tinting sunscreen, the match does not have to be perfect. It's a waste of money with no true difference in look. It's a tint, so the overall appearance is what's key. In short there's no reason I couldn't replace the two with a one.

The other thing--possibly--store the opened foundation in the fridge. Why not? I mix it. I don't apply it directly to my face so it doesn't matter if it's cold!

I got Zia "Mica" today. What's odd is that, with my summer tan, it actually seems to be a perfect match. At least in artificial light. Sandstone was really yellow and Rose Quartz truly pink, but Mica appears to be more, ah, skin-colored.

I'm going to mix a test batch tomorrow but I have a good feeling about it.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 2:00 PM (Pacific)

Okay this is coming tomorrow:

Starting Tuesday, September 23rd, your users can get six amazing samples with any $50 purchase.

Just enter FALL at checkout to receive:
o DÉFINICILS High Definition Mascara in Black/Noir
o BI-FACIL Double Action Makeup Remover
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o ROUGE ABSOLU CRÈME in Sugared Maple
o ROUGE SENSATION in Ginger Root Velvet
o IMPACTIVE Multi-Performance Silkening Moisturizer

This offer is valid through the end of October 31st - while supplies last!

The Little Black Book offer


has been extended to run through today.

So remember folks--you can help pay for the web space and bandwidth you're using right now :) Well if you're gonna shop Lancome online, please remember to do so through our link (we'll have the new one up as soon as it comes out).


Monday, September 15, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 2:58 PM (Pacific)

Did something of a Green Color Placement today...

* MAC Swish on inner third of eyelid
* MAC Laven-dah! on outer two-thirds of lid and in crease
* TBS Damson on browbones


On the one hand, the colors are too subtle to show that much. On the other...it looks pretty good. Edgier than what I normally do.

I'm settling well into the "one lipstick" phase. I still have other lipsticks--my Delish, Gotta Date? and Sweet Sorbet. (Peach Frost has officially become too dry for my taste.) I haven't even been tempted to wear them. Maybe later.


Sunday, September 14, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:17 PM (Pacific)

Hey... :)

You're right, I do go in phases. Right now it's as if all I want to wear is that MAC Jubilee lipstick. I know that sounds odd. I suppose it's a phase of, for the next month or so, I want to be appreciated for my mind. :) Seriously, there is some business I have to do for the next month or so. You'll note on my thelipstickpage.com pic, I dyed my hair darker. Actually I want to get some broadroom staff pics up, if anyone wants to do that.

Nocturnelle! Is it all that? I didn't see it when I went. Well to be fair, it's dark right? I don't do dark that easily. I can use Sable in my crease, for example, but that's more work than I normally do.

And Melton Mauve...uhhh...for me is a no-no. The next mauve I buy will have to be spectacularly different from everything I already own. e.g. Laven-dah! I have Laven-dah! I bought it when my Sonia Kashuk "Blossom" shadow faded on me one time too many. :) Laven-dah! is a tad more purple than "Blossom" but it's an acceptable substitute.

It looks like bright lavender in the pan but it's actually pretty pink...it's mauve with an overlay of lavender.

Hummm...it's UD "Kiss" shadow that I have in mind. UD has loads of pinks and mauves. That's very intelligent since those shades are compatible with all eye colors.

Heh heh! I haven't heard back yet from Google. You can make the spellchecker learn "colour. " But if you goof...I wanted it to make "concealor" into "concealer"...then you have no way to make it unlearn "concealor." It is "concealer" (yup I looked it up). pfffff

Hum. I used to spell it colour sometimes, back in 1970's Virginia. It was sort of interchangeable.

So when shall we do the Green Color Placement Day? :)


lol I think they reset our spellchecker? It's catching "concealor" again. Hummm...maybe it doesn't "learn" stuff indefinitely.

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:03 PM (Pacific)

Ok, first off, for whoever's lost reading this blog, I'm Green. Green is short for Greendragon which is my name when I go on The Lipstick Page. So there you go. Second of all, I'm flattered! A Green day! Why does that sound familiar? :) I think we should do it. I also think, Josie, that you'll get back to wearing more eye makeup at some point. It's like fashion. It's just a wheel that turns. I go through phases where I wear only bright colours like MAC Bitter and then phases where I wonder why I even bought them...

I got a couple things today. A MAC Fast Response eye cream because I've run out. I was going to wait and speak to my esthetician but my lids are getting dry. I don't want to get crocodile lids :) I wanted to get the Nocturnelle shadow but the store I went to didn't have it either. Sigh. I WANT it! So I got the Seedy Pearl which is really pretty. The last spot in my palette is saved for Nocturnelle though so I didn't get Melton Mauve. It's going on my birthday and Christmas wishlist though...

I also went to the drugstore and got a couple mascaras. Both Maybelline. I love this brand for mascara. I got Lash Discovery in very black and waterproof and another one. Lash Expansion in very black I think. And I got a Cover Girl Smoothers lip pencil in a light pink. I've been wanting a light pink pencil but didn't want to pay more than drugstore prices so I got that. We'll see how it goes. Lastly, I got a Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds lipstick in Pink Diamonds. Pretty colour and I had to get it since everyone raved about it.


PS: I just did a spellcheck. Blogger needs to learn the canadian spelling of colour :) Blogger also doesn't know what a blog is... Cute.

Saturday, September 13, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 2:49 PM (Pacific)

Hey! How about let's have a "Green Color Placement Day"?

We can all do a color placement that is different from whatever it is that we normally wear.

I need an incentive to wear eye makeup these days anyway...I've gotten into this thing where I don't feel like wearing it. Just my base face and my MAC Jubilee lippy.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:45 AM (Pacific)

Ohhh...the best screen name is "Blonde." It's already taken too. There's this woman called Blonde that writes a column for one of the geek sites... But Wizened Vamp, now that comes in a close second. *g*

Chanel makes good perfumes. They're not my favorite house...that would be Givenchy...but I do own Chanel No. 5 and it's great.

I also can't wear it...I'm allergic to something in it. I tried all sorts of things...putting lotion on first, putting Vaseline on first (it's not greasy if you use only a little and blend it...I use it on my legs when they get dry. Not fancy but an excellent moisturizer)...it smells so good and it irritates my skin. I really cannot wear it.

What I do is this. I use it to scent my denim jacket and other clothes. You don't spray it directly on the clothes; you just mist it over them. Of course you have to be careful what you're scenting. I wouldn't put it on leather, for example, although you could probably do the cloth lining of a leather jacket.

Or...? I've never scented my hair before. I could do that, a la Dain.

Carol!!!!! Put the dang quote on the Wit and Wisdom Blog. Pu-lease??? It isn't that hard to use. It's like four enormous posts. You can't add a new post. Just go to "Manage Posts" on the menu and edit the one where you want to put the quote.

And since I have y'all's attention...I put up a new blog today. It's something like the Home Hints blog, but less structured. I put in a few things about Social Security that I thought were interesting. It's not restricted to financial matters though, it's just anything that's helpful, how and where to find information, experience, stuff like that.

I am still thinking about Green's color placement theories. :) I think there's something to that...


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Wizened Vamp. Oh man, I'm sitting here snickering over you gals. :) I love that name. I jotted it down so I remember it. It'd be a great screen-name if I ever need one.

Yeah, color placement is good. The MAC guy gave me some good advice. He told me I can take the color waaaayyyy out at the outside corner of my eyes. He said I have long eyebrows and a lot of space between the corner of my eye and my brow and that I can take the shadow way out there. I'd never thought of that but he did it and it looked good.

I was on the Chanel site, reading about their fragrances. I just finished a biography about Coco, fascinating. The website had this quote: "Mademoiselle Chanel's style maxim, "Always remove, always strip away, never add"
I LOVE that, I just love it.
I'm hoping to investigate some Chanel perfumes. I have Chance and its ok. Its new. I like old. I sniffed Coco Mademoiselle over the Labor Day weekend and I liked it in the bottle. I can't do No. 5. My grandmother always wore that and it will be forever associated with her.
~carol m.

Friday, September 12, 2003
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Argh. I can't believe I dorked up the spellchecker.

Actually Blogger needs to fix the spellchecker. I've already emailed them. The thing is this. If you accidentally hit "Learn" on a misspelled word, there's no way to get the thing to unlearn the misspelled word. Meaning, it skips over the misspelling every time. My bad...

You're right about color placement. For me though it would have to be very subtle. I look beady-eyed if I wear anything remotely dark on the inner corners of my eyes. But it is well to think outside the box. That is true...

I...think I'll skip the Wizened Vamp. I saw enough of that in the actual '80's :)

I will have to wait before I buy any more makeup. I just got that Jubilee lipstick, I'm still playing with it. And I haven't been wearing eye makeup at all, lately. I'll dabble on a little Revlon Brown Suede. If I have to look good or wear makeup, then I have plenty of stuff to choose from. I dunno, I'm experimenting, playing down my looks. It's kind of fun; people take you more seriously.


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First of all, your non-existent French is just fine. At least in that sentence... Second, if you want to be a Wizened Vamp, you'll need more than a handful of eyeshadows. You'll need Nocturnelle. And you'll need 80's clothes. Kind of punky. Anyhoo, you can be whoever you want. I should have written down the 7 looks though. I can only remember 5.

About the velluxe shadows, I tried the Mink Pink and it showed up quite well on me. I did build up the colour but only used a soft brush. A harder brush might deposit more colour and a teeny teeny bit of a cream shadow or concealor as a base would also make the colour more vivid. At least the MA at the event was gushing about the cream colour bases for this. I may try it out with my concealor.

Sophisto is a bit like Black Honey. Same sheerness but Sophisto has more shimmer. Not sparkle shimmer but it's like my lips glisten. Very nice. The colour, on me at least, is less red than Black Honey. More dark plummy pink than red-plum-brown. But the look is very natural.

You have a way of making me feel good :) I was thinking, why didn't I think of placing dark shadows in unusual places before? But then, workdays aren't exactly the right moment to experiment. Now, I'm feeling all cool and creative :) I'm sure you could do the same though. Imagine you have the Nars duo you and Carol have been talking about. You could use all these different colour placements they showed without it looking bizarre. The colour would be soft. Today, I did something like the Destined look on my eyes. The original look uses a shimmery orange in the center stripe and a very dark colour on the outside stripes. To make it more wearable, I just used to shades of purplish colours : MAC Digit in the center (light lilac) and Beauty Box Love at First Sight on the outside stripes (medium greyish lilac). It didn't look like too much but it was much more fun than Digit as wash and Love At First Sight in the crease! Also, one thing you have to keep in mind is you can go pretty wild on your lids because when your eyes are open, the shadow doesn't really show. Anyway, if you ever have the time, just try these new colour placements. I tell you, it'll multiply the number of eye looks you do as if you'd doubled or even tripled your eyeshadow collection!


Thursday, September 11, 2003
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Wow...you really are an artist. I envy you. I would be clueless as to how to do any of those things...it's a form of painting.

I did notice the texture of the Veluxe...it's incredibly soft and fine. And I did check out both Mink Pink and Melton Mauve. I already have tons of pinks and mauves, but I might just spring for Samoa Silk, one of these days...I don't own any peach shadows anymore. (listening, Carol? :) ) Wondering if it would show though. It swatched quite soft and subtle.

The reason MAC is crack...and thank you (there is a user on MUA whose handle is MAC Is Crack)...I think they do the research. They sit down and test out their colors on real women. Hence the stuff is wearable. Even my Sable shadow...I don't wear it much. But it's a great color (it's just more dramatic than what I usually do).

Wizened Vamp? C'est moi, right? :) (You may correct my non-existent French.)

Ooooooh...Lustre lippies! I love my "Jubilee" Lustre lippy. At first I was afraid it was not enough color. But it's just right. Is Sophisto anything like Black Honey? Have you ever tried Black Honey? It looked similar in the tube.


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I was going to wait till tonight to post this but I really really want to talk right now!

Yesterday, I went to a MAC event at Ogilvy's. It was for the Femme Noir collection. During the first hour, they picked two people to do Femme Noir looks on. One got a day look and the other a night look. While the two MAs were working on them, two other talked to us about what's in this Fall and Winter in clothes, makeup, and hair. According to them there are 7 and they gave them cute names. There was Hitchcock Heroine, Future Shock Babe (that's me!), Wizened Vamp, and I forget the rest :) One was a very chic uptown look. Future Shock Babe was 60's. The mod look that I'm liking right now (even though I still don't have the skirts and dresses). The way they pictured the future back then. Very cool. And the Wizened Vamp was more 80s with lots of makeup both on lips and eyes. Oh, there was Femme Noir too which is the old film stars look. After the trends talk, we saw some clips of Fall fashion shows (so footage from March) where MAC did the makeup.

The next hour was spent browsing and getting your makeup done. The idea with those events is
1. buy MAC stuff: the ticket is 50$ that can be used to buy MAC products
2. get some new ideas for makeup, fashion, etc.
3. have fun!

I asked my MA for a mod look. I figured I might as well see what the makeup looked like since I was wanting to wear the clothes :) My MA suggested we go for a colourful mod as opposed to the classic dark eye and pale mouth. This is what he did more or less (there was no time to write down everything he did and since I was the last to be made up, there was a bit of a hurry to finish up). Colours I'm sure of have a * next to them.

Eyes: I think Seedy Pearl on my browbone but I can't be sure. I only remember there was a bit of shimmer there and a cool pink tinge. He used Sushi Flower* (brightish pink) on my lids and up into my crease. Then he put Melton Mauve* (pinky mauve, brightish) somewhere. Maybe in the outer corner? Or maybe on top of Sushi Flower for a different colour? I don't know. He lined my eyes (bottom and top) with Tarnish* (dark green) eye khol. Then, he applied some Nocturnelle shadow* (dark frosty purple) on top of the Tarnish and a little into my crease (very very lightly). He finished off with quite a bit of Tulip* mascara (dark dark, almost black pink).

Lips: Some lipliner or other. Can't say really. Alibi* lipstick with Chai? lipglass on top. It was a very light beige. Lighter than C-Thru. In any case, it turned out too orange (could've predicted that when I saw Alibi) so he added Underage* (light light pink) on top.

Overall, gorgeous! Way way WAY too bright for daytime. Not even sure I'd do this for night but gave me some great ideas. I would never have thought of layering purple over green. Today I did a toned down version of this look. This is what I did.

Eyes: MAC Yogurt on browbone with a bit of Nars Himalayas on the outer part to give some shimmer. MAC Mink Pink all over lid and into crease (much more muted than the Sushi Flower). A tiny bit of MAC Haux (brownish pink, kind of like Mink Pink but browner and deeper) on outer corners. I then lined with Tarnish (upper lids only) and then went over that with the dark purple from the Miss Dior duo (do I really need to tell you the name of the brand?).

Cheeks: Benefit Dandelion

Lips: MAC Lust lipglass. I want to experiment with Underage a bit more. It looked a little too pink with the eye look this morning. I didn't have time to try out stuff, so I went for the safe neutral light pinky-corally-brown gloss...

This actually looks really good! Next time, I'll try a bit of liner under my eyes too. Boyfriend doesn't like that but I think it would look better. Sometimes, it just takes a little something under the eyes to balance the look out. I also want to get the Nocturnelle to pump up my crease a bit (they were out yesterday).

Apart from that, I did learn quite a bit from yesterday. All the MAs were sporting a different Femme Noir look. You can see them on the website. The one who did my makeup had the Nocturnelle look. These looks are all really special because the shadows aren't placed like they usually are. Ya know, people usually do a light wash with a medium colour in the crease and then a dark colour to line. This was very different. One look (Mlle) had a wash of light colour with a dark colour forming a sideways L or T in the inner corners. Destined and Femme Noir are two other really interesting looks. Of course, they're not daytime looks but you could tone them down really easily. Femme Noir had an inverted classic look. That is, the dark colour was in the inner corner and crease and wrapped underneath the inner corner of the eye. Destined had the lid separated in three vertical stripes with the darker colour on the two end stripes of each eye. Very very cool. These new colour placements were exactly what I needed. I already have so many colours! The new ideas were a lot of help for me.

The MAs showed us a brush they call the pencil brush. It has synthetic hairs and it's quite a bit harder than your usual brushes. Now, all my other brushes are soft. Very good for blending and soft looks. The pencil brush is more fun for precise placement of colour on the eye as well as more intense colour. This brush was my personal must-have for the night. It's really useful for the new colour placements I want to experiment with.

So this is what I came away with:
-Mink Pink velluxe shadow: love love LOVE the texture of the velluxe shadows. They're very finely milled and oh so soft. More on the sheer side but buildable, matte.
-Sophisto lipstick (for free because I had my six containers!): lustre formula so quite sheer. Looks like I'm not wearing much when I put it on. Just nice shiny lips but slightly more raspberry coloured.
-Pencil brush, of course
-Underage lipglass
-Fawn brow pencil: I need to work on my brows more. I don't pluck even though I have a couple hairs that should disappear. It just hurts too much and nobody can ever tell. Too much pain for too little result. But I still want to groom them. I brush them into place every morning but I was thinking they needed more. So I got a pencil. The MA had no time to show me how to use it but said I should come back if I can't figure it out on my own.

I still want the Nocturnelle shadow and I'm thinking more and more about the Melton Mauve and Seedy Pearl. I'll have to go back to check these out again. I've always thought Melton Mauve wouldn't work on me and was too similar to Petalescent which I have. I need to compare them again to see. And then, I always figured I didn't need another highlight colour like Seedy Pearl even though I'm always attracted to this colour... I'm just so wanting it now! And Sushi Flower. That one's iffy. I used to have Phase which is similar and it didn't work on me. Too pink and made me look like I'd been crying or something. But yesterday's look was very pink and it worked! I think it's because of the liner. I figure I'll just a wait a while. Either I'll forget about it or it'll start haunting me. If it starts haunting me, I'll be buy it. Till then, I'll be getting the Nocturnelle...


Friday, September 05, 2003
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I think it's the climate. The problem I had in Virginia, was stuff like perfumes going bad. You have to keep them in the refrigerator...it's just too hot.

California now, even the Bay Area, is relatively dry. If I don't finish a lipstick, it'll dry out and I'll have to throw it away.

That sounds like a sensible skin treatment. I'm 100% for treating skin from inside. Most of my acne is gone now. I'm still taking my TwinLab multi-vitamin...I might replace it with something else when it runs out. I sense there is this great rush to produce better vitamins.

And, I've cut out most of my junk eating. Most... :) I really, really try to avoid beef unless it's from the health food store.

Along with less acne, my skin is also less oily.

Otherwise I'm dead lazy about my skin. I wash it with Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe and use TerraSport sunscreen. I put a little jojoba oil in it to make it moisturizing. I still have these very small bumps on my jawline though...the last vestige of the acne. I should get something...retinol? to put on that. Differin is too harsh.

Hummm...this Jubilee is really amazing. For being lightweight and sheer, it stays put for hours. I had a similar shade long ago...L'Oreal Cafe Ole. I loved it but I had to keep touching it up.


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That's interesting about the lipsticks drying out. Mine take much longer. I've had MAC Twig for what? 3-4 years? Still good. Maybe a bit drier than it used to be but still very useable. Of course, it may have dried so slowly that I didn't realize it... I just remember a Revlon Colorstay that I had that became horribly dry after a few years.

Know what? I just came back from my facial! My skin looks really nice now. And my wallet is roughly 300$ lighter (always CAN$ of course). Oy. From what I've understood, I haven't been treating my skin very well so there's some work to do to restore it to its original glory. I apparently have normal skin but I've been too harsh with it so now it's producing lots of oil and it's dehydrated. There you have it. So she "made" me buy some products (she did say I didn't need to buy everything if my budget wasn't up to it). I now have a bunch of products from the line Oxygen Botanicals. That's also what she used on my face during my facial. I got the travel pack because it allows me to try everything at once to see what works better and a full-size multifruit acid refiner. I'm to use this stuff for 6-8 weeks and then go back to see her for another facial. That's when she'll decide on my permanent skincare regimen. After that, I'll see her every three months. So here's the regimen for 6-8 weeks.

-wash face with gel makeup remover
-apply gel toner
-apply day cream
-apply sunscreen (SPF 30)

-remove eye makeup with gel makeup remover
-wash face with milk cleanser
-apply gel toner
-every other days apply multifruit acid refiner to T-zone
-apply night cream everywhere

There you have it. Apart from the refiner, everything is for combination-oily skin. My esthetician wants to start by regulating my oil production. She says that in 6-8 weeks, I'll probably need to switch some products to normal-dry formulations.

Oxygen Botanicals are apparently infused with pure oxygen. I've been told it makes skin glow. In any case, my skin looks really really nice! And I like this esthetician because she thinks that your skin's condition is influenced by both internal and external care. She believes in a healthy lifestyle. Very reasonable diet suggestions. She wants me to eat as much organic food as possible and she believes in separating your meals into three thirds: one third protein, one third green veggies, one third other veggies or starches (whole grains preferred). And if you want to eat more, veggies are best. This is good because it's already what I'm trying to do with my diet.

I'll post some more later to say how it's going...


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Hummm...Day Two of "Jubilee." Not sure yet. Is it the one?

Objectively--I'll have to admit, it looks good. It doesn't show that much, lipstick-wise, but it does show. It's a tad browner than what I've been wearing--the Peach Frost, Delish, Sweet Sorbet, Gotta Date?--it's browner than any of them. It just defines my lips...sigh I just don't know yet. But then I never know about lipsticks right off. It takes a few days. Odd, I know.

Anyhow I've firmly decided in favor of MAC. It's the Back 2 MAC thing. I love it. It's perfect. Y'see...I change lipsticks every year and a half. I mean Delish...it's still good, and I'll still use it, but it's lost its "it-ness" for me. Soon enough it'll dry out.

I have an empty for Rizzo...which again lasted quite a while, at least a year. (I'm looking back at my reviews.) At this rate, I should commit to one lipstick. Or two. :) Not three. I can stand pitching a reasonably used-up lipstick--and I do pitch them when they dry out--but I'll want to use one up sometime.


Thursday, September 04, 2003
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Hey guys...

I got out to the MAC counter today. Well okay, technically I had to drive the van. I filled it up with gas the other day. Mistake! No one ever fills that car up with gas. It started leaking out the bottom when I parked it. Gas, gas, gas. I got out the hose and ran water over the gas...sheesh.

Today I figured I should burn off some of that gas, so that's why I went out to get my replacement for Peach Frost.

I got "Jubilee"...it's barely even a lipstick. It's sort of this sheer, peachy pink brown. It's a "Lustre" formula...actually it's not dissimilar to my Wet Shine. Very lightweight, sorta glossy. It's good because I'm too lazy to do a separate gloss.

I'm really liking this as my signature lipstick. It's just enough color but not too much. Plus...peach is my lipstick color.

Heh heh! Burned off just enough gas; it's not leaking any more (knock wood).


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Hey! I just changed the page footers. I don't know if I like it yet. I wanted to get a sort of rough, typewriter feel to it. Not just a typewriter; a manual typewriter. The kind with a black and red ribbon.

Hum. I think the whole thing will have to look typewritery, in order for it to work. i.e. not mixing in HTML stuff at all. Back to the drawing board. :)

L'Oreal shadows are okay. I don't know what happened to Jane. I've heard Milani is the new Jane. :) I have a Milani blush duo, "Wine and Roses," that I got to use as eyeshadow. It's too bright for me but, I can't complain about the quality. The staying power is excellent, it's well pigmented, it's nice and smooth. Hence--the new Jane, now that Jane ain't Jane any more.

My Organza (reg., not Indecence) did change over time. It got better. There was a long period where I hardly wore it. I tried it...it smelled kinda awful, like old perfume, the first time. I think some of the perfume gets trapped in the pipe and turns on you. The second time I wore it, it smelled like old times. Now I swear it smells better than when I bought it...softer, subtler.

Indecence is really heady. I love it though. It's very complex. Maybe you just need a break from it. Bring it out when the weather gets kind of nippy.

Weeeeelllll...sometimes you just have to go nuts. You have to buy to try. Again, maybe it's well to step back and take a break. When you haven't seen the stuff for a while, take it out and play with it again.

If you're like me, you'll feel morally obligated to make something work...which usually leads to putting too much of the stuff on, which typically makes it look crappy. Try a lighter touch...you never know.

Hummm...on second thought, that Ecco Bella Peach Frost of mine is dry. Well it kept a good year and a half, maybe longer. I'm going to bring it to the MAC counter and see if I can find something similar.

That will be my "conservative" lippy. I won't worry about the glamor one until my Delish craps out.


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Yeah, I would like to try Nars just for the sake of trying something Nars. Thing is, absolutely no one around here has Nars. I'd have to buy it online or go to Indianapolis, a 3 hour drive away. There's another e/s duo that looks interesting, one side of it is kinda red/redish? I'll have to go look it up somewhere. Maybe eyeliner? That might be a good choice for me as its something I wear almost every day. I could probably justify a blush, maybe. I only wear it in the winter though so that might not be the best choice.

MAC. It was/is nice but I can't say its a line I can't live without. I wish I'd not have bought so much. The lipglass was the best buy of the bunch but then I discovered Neutrogena gloss and I have to say I like it much better.

I bought that Loreal duo last night. The dark side is pretty intense. Its decent shadow though, better than Jane. Jane is so chalky and choppy and sheer. The Loreal is silky and smooth and intense. I love the orange/purple e/s combo and then I wear that Neutro. gloss thats raspberry pink. Its ALOT of color on my face at once for me, but it does look good.

My Organza Indecence is starting to smell like hairspray to me. It bugs me and I don't know if its just me or if its the perfume itself. No one else has complained though. I thought I was settled in my fragrance department but maybe I'm not.
~carol M

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
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Hummm...I like the idea of buying a Nars duo though. Or a Nars something.

And for me it would probably have to be a shadow...I don't wear blush enough to justify buying a Nars one. I don't do gloss. As far as lipstick...? I'm happy with MAC, Ecco Bella and Maybelline.

It wouldn't have to be the Babylon duo...I just think...it would be cool sometime, you and me, to get something Nars.

Well recall how long it took either of us to try MAC. I was afraid I'd like it. :) Well I do like it, but I haven't exactly spent the rent money on it. I tried it, it's nice, yadda yadda...

I'll look through the other Nars shadows and read some reviews.


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Yeah, thats the duo. It looks interesting enough. I almost bought the NARS. I was really lusting after it for a few days. I've already got a Jane Purple Heart e/s so all I'd be buying it for is the orange. 35$ is too much money for one e/s. 3$ is much more my style. L'oreal was the only line that had anything remotely peach or orange. I was kinda surprised. Orange must not be in this year.
~carol m~

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
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Okay now you guys can help me. :) We just got our Lancome affiliation. Yay!!!!!!!!!

You can remind me to change the link when the offer is up--here it is:

From August 20th to September 20th, Lancôme is running a special promotion for The Little Black Book! With any purchase, visitors are eligible to receive the Fall 2003 Little Black Book along with two samples. This book is the ultimate guide to nightlife coast-to-coast. To receive this offer users must enter "DANCINGQUEEN" at checkout.

With any purchase $50 or higher, visitors can receive four samples plus the Little Black Book. To receive this offer, users must enter "PARTYGIRL" at checkout. Click Here to view the samples offered and full details on this special offer.

Remind me around September 21. :)


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I saw that L'Oreal duo! It has an intense peach on one side and a lighter peach on the other?

I didn't get much chance to scout out more than that...I also spotted a beautiful orange (very orange) shadow at the Shiseido counter. We do have a Shiseido counter, evidently. And I'm sure MAC has at least one orange shadow and probably more.

On the other hand, there is some sense...good sense...in going lower end, for something you don't know about yet.

I got that Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet" for seven bucks. It's a beautiful, watery rose color. It's great but I wouldn't pay $15 for rose lipstick. Rose lipstick, to me, is worth seven bucks, no more.

Naaaaoowwwww, about the single lipstick bullet theory sorreeeee.... Hum. My Peach Frost is not entirely dead yet. It's still got a few wears left, so that's what I'm wearing now.

I'm thinking you are right. Two lipsticks just might be perfect. One is conservative...the pink-brown, creme, oh, MAC lipstick. Something in the Twig vein.

The other...for me would be shimmery, sort of, and reddish, definitely. That glamorous, decadent, Asian kind of thing. But not too much color. I can't wear it only for occasions. I'm too cheap.


Monday, September 01, 2003
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Hmmm, I don't buy the one lipstick thing. Unless you're someone who only wears lipstick on special occasions. I think a person needs a serious lipstick like a pink brown or something sheer. Just not a frost and not a wild colour. Something you'd wear to an interview or an appointment with a bank manager for loan... And then, you need the fun lipstick. The one you wear when you go out with your husband or when you have a special event. That one can be a frost if that's what you like. It can be fire engine red, a deep dark colour, bright fuchsia, whatever suits you. I like a bright shimmery raspberry myself... You also want that special one to last and last (as in not turn rancid) because chances are you won't wear it that often. Of course, I don't follow that rule. I do wear my fun lipsticks for the daily grind because I just don't want to see those pretty colours waiting in a box :)


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I went poking around WM this weekend.
I found a lovely peach duo from Loreal. I'm planning on buying it sometime this week. I had DH and the crew along so I didn't want to buy it friday night. It costs something like $3.47. So even if it doesn't work I won't have broken the bank.
~carol m~