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Beauty Blog (Archive): October 2003

Beauty-related advice, ramblings, epiphanies, etc.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 12:06 PM (Pacific)

Just a quick post here to say that Sephora now ships to Canada! Ok, so beauty mavens already know this but I only figured it out recently.

Anyway, I haven't bought yet (waiting to figure out the budget) but I did check it out. It's really well done. They ship through regular mail as opposed to UPS. This is good news because anyone who's used UPS to get stuff from the US knows about the astronomical fees they add to the packages. Just to get them over the border. Regular shipping is a 10$CAN flat rate and is waived if the order is at least 120$CAN. Pretty good.

There's no option to see prices in $CAN directly on the site but this is actually pretty good. At checkout, they'll apply the current exchange rate and you'll see what you pay in $CAN. What's good about this is you always get today's rate. They'll also add applicable taxes (only GST in most provinces) and customs fees (those vary depending on the product you purchase; Stila eyeshadows don't generate a customs fee). So all in all, it's very well done. The amount you get charged on your credit card is the total amount you pay and all fees are reasonable.

PS: Please order from our link :)


Monday, October 27, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:11 AM (Pacific)

A lipstick case

MAC Jubilee Lustre lipstick

This is 1 part #10-level Feria beige blonde, 1 part #9-level beige blonde, and 1 part #10-level soft gold blonde. My original hair color was a sort of light-to-medium auburn.

Friday, October 24, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 4:37 PM (Pacific)

Heh heh...I am blonde yet again.

I had to decide...I had two remaining Feria #9 level color liquids: the intense gold one and the beige one. Plus a remaining #10 level soft gold, and my two new #10 level beige blonde's.

So, the choice was either--use up the #9 beige by mixing it with #10 beige and #10 soft gold. (i.e. 2 parts beige mixture to 1 part soft gold)

Or--use up the #9 intense gold by mixing it with #10 beige blonde. (i.e. 3 parts beige to 1 part intense gold)

I decided to use up the #9 beige first. So it ended up being 1 part #9 beige, 1 part #10 beige, and 1 part #10 soft gold.

It's really pretty light! I look like Legolas in The Lord of the Rings. Okay, it's not really that light. I just have this thing for Orlando Bloom. He's sooooooooo cute.

I saw him on the Graham Norton show. Before that really I didn't notice him. In The Fellowship of the Ring imo, he didn't stand out as much as in The Two Towers if only because he got to fight much more in the latter, and he fights well. You can see all the work and training...sigh

I can't find my Feria conditioner. I know I had a whole bag of the tubes from when I used the kits; now I can't find it. So I guess I'll get to find out how much it costs at Sallys Beauty Supply. It's the best deep conditioner, that's for sure.


Wednesday, October 22, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:39 PM (Pacific)

Yep...some beef is better than others. Health food store beef (i.e. beef raised without hormones) does not cause breakouts.

Next best would be supermarket beef that you cook at home. The worst for some reason, seems to be restaurant beef. Or maybe it's a coincidence. The last two times I had beef while eating out...problems. But then I've been avoiding beef overall.

lol! Haircolor is just a temporary thing. That's why I was never afraid to do it. I've never had it done in a salon. I've been doing it at home.

I mean I could be more artistic with it. I'm too lazy. The cool thing would be to mix two batches of color, one lighter than the other, and use the light one to paint on highlights.

But if it ever came out badly enough, I would just color right over it. I did that once, when I was first playing with it, because it came out a shade too dark.

I did get out and get the developer and two of the #10-level beige blonde color liquids today. I figured I'd need a lot of #10 beige blonde, because I want to use up that #9 intense gold shade.

Interesting--they're the exact same price as they were a year ago. I know the kits went up in price.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 1:43 PM (Pacific)

Yeah, I kind of quit beef when both my boyfriend and I got pimples from eating it. We both seriously broke out! We did have beef tortellini once but didn't break out. Or maybe we didn't break out enough to really notice. Veal, somehow, is OK... Anyway, I'll still have the occasional hamburger and tortellini (if the store doesn't have any other kind) but I'm trying not to have it. I never tried health food store beef (mainly because my health food store is mostly vegetarian) and some beef doesn't cause problems. Beef doesn't seem to be labeled so I guess the good stuff and the crap get mixed. I was never much of beef girl anyway...

Your haircolouring impresses me. I'm way too chicken to do it. I'm kind of too chicken to have my hair coloured professionally too! It was done once and I looked like a walking carrot. Suits me but it was quite the shock (especially since I'd asked for close to my natural hair colour). The thing is, I already have quite a few natural highlights and lowlights in there and I'm scared that colouring will mess that up. Ah well. Someday, I'll be brave enough...


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:33 AM (Pacific)


I can't even eat a lousy hamburger anymore. If I do, I get pimples, clogged pores and oily skin for days...

Of course I can eat beef from health food stores, but I can't eat it at restaurants, my skin just freaks out.

Hummm...I have to buy haircolor soon. I'm down to the last go-round of creme developer. I reviewed it in November of last year, so that means one bottle lasts me about a year.

Pretty darn good for $3.39.

The color liquids now, I still have some odd amounts of those. I don't have enough beige blonde though. I have lots of the #9-level intense gold blonde...it really is intense, that's why I have so much of it. A little of the #9-level beige blonde but none of the #10-level beige blonde.

In short all I need to buy now would be the developer and one bottle of #10-level beige blonde. I can mix in the other stuff I have...as long as the proportion is right, it doesn't matter that much how I do it.

The proportion is this: if it's intense gold blonde, I use 1 part of it to 3 parts beige blonde (#9 or #10 or a mix of the two).

If it's soft gold blonde, then it's 1 part of that to 2 parts beige blonde.

You can tune it up and down in lightness just by adjusting the amounts of #9 (darker) and #10 (lighter).


Saturday, October 18, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:42 PM (Pacific)

An eensy bit of creasing. It wasn't that noticeable, since the shadow over it was light in color.

I think...I've just "hit tin" on my Almay Oil Blotting pressed. When that's done, I would really like to try that MAC Blot powder I keep hearing about. I mean I am going to try it anyway, so I'll try doing the powder/cream/powder thing with the Blot.

Say...I just put up shan's Nars Orgasm/Milani Luminous lookalike on the Look-alikes Page. I tried the other look-alike...Prestige Silk...before, too orange on me. I am game to try the Milani though. It's only $3.

That would be later on...I don't wear blush in summer (we have basically two seasons here, summer and winter). In the winter I get pale so I might try it then.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:41 PM (Pacific)

Hmmm, I'm actually not surprised you had creasing. Cream shadows are terrible that way. With my cream shadows, I've found that the best way to prevent the creasing is to powder on top and use a paint underneath. It's lot of trouble so I don't do cream shadows much. Do tell us how your technique went. I hope it worked...


Thursday, October 16, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:52 AM (Pacific)

Okay...just realized that not everyone is familiar with the abbreviations we use. :)


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:42 AM (Pacific)

Review so far of MAC "Pearl" Cream Colour Base...

Hum. I wore it the other day with Samoa Silk and Swish. Toward the end of the day, definite creasing. Creasing is not usually a problem for me, possibly because I tend to favor powder shadows over cream.

Today I'm trying out...a layer of powder (regular pressed powder that is), a layer of the cream colour base, then another layer of powder. These are all rather thin, unfussy layers. I put the powder on with my regular powder puff and the cream colour base on with my fingertip.

Over this I have a wash of my TBS Clover Pink shadow. Lined with L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl "Raisin."

I'll check it out later on and see if the powder layers did anything about the creasing issue. I hope so. "Pearl" is a really nice color. It's slightly warm, ivory-toned...a bit like SK "Starlight" (a beautiful ivory shimmer shadow).


Wednesday, October 15, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:35 AM (Pacific)

Hummm...yes, I think there is a great deal more to color theory than I once thought.

Like today...I'm doing Jenny's "rediscovery" face. I still had that Milani Wine and Roses blush duo. Really I was thinking of tossing it. It cost three bucks, it wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Since I decided to go ahead and wear it, I paired it with an utterly neutral shadow...MAC Shroom.

Together, the effect is not so bad. I find the Shroom a tad dull on its own. I can do 100% neutrals on my eyes but it's dulling. I think it works better if you have a very strong eye color, and I don't.

lol! I never thought of having a best feature. Well I always wanted my skin to be my best feature. For a while it was...for around fifteen or sixteen years.

i.e. I never had to bother that much with makeup before. I really didn't wear it. To be fair, before the Internet, there wasn't that much good information around either.

When my skin wigged out, that's when I took more of an interest in the cosmetic side of life.
And looking at it...I have full lips but I don't want them to be my best feature. I don't know why. I would rather my eyes be my best feature. Whether they actually are, who cares? Most eyes can be made up nicely. Even without makeup...still I prefer eyes over anything else.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:18 AM (Pacific)

New scented soap sighting: Avalon soaps at Trader Joe's. $2.69 for 5.6 oz. They had Ylang Ylang, Lemon Verbena and Lavender.

I'm such a scented soap ho...I started buying them almost a year and a half ago, about the same time I stopped buying that much makeup. Soaps are more practical than buying lots of makeup, since makeup goes bad and soaps don't. Besides, you can always use them to scent your clothes drawers and closets.

All 3 Avalon's smelled really, really good (as do other Avalon products such as their shampoos). They looked kind of neat and funky also--white bars with streaks of color. I think they have glycerin in them.

I'm still working on my Trader Jacques Ginger and Almond Oatmeal Exfoliator soap. It split, dramatically enough, in half lengthwise so I got two smaller soaps out of it. I'm working on finishing the second half. Good soap; long-lasting, a little bit moisturizing. Still I am a soap ho so I'm going to try one of the Avalon's next.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 9:08 AM (Pacific)

Prepare yourselves for some serious rambling... I happen to have no point.

I did lots of pink, purple, and pink-purple eye looks last week. Trying to see what works best. But then I thought that it was really hard to compare with anything else. I mean, I've already gone through a colour purge before so whatever really doesn't work is gone already. I'm only left with colours that in my experience don't look bad. I did sort of compare with my memory of what the unmade eye looked like. And I'm desperately trying to remember the difference between the pink and purple looks and the brown/neutral look I did yesterday...

I've found that I need to step back quite a bit to see the total effect. And for that, I need really bright lighting which I don't often have in the morning. That's part of the reason my eyes always look more on the brown side to me, I think.

Today, I put on some bluish purple and purplish pink. My eyes looked very gold. Good. But then, it's raining quite a bit today and my eyes tend to turn gold on rainy days anyway so is it the makeup or the weather?

Anyway, I'm continuing on the experiment but I'll be using whatever colour strikes my fancy and noting to myself (or maybe I should write it down?) how it looks. With hazel eyes, there are just too many possibilities to try to bring them out according to colour theory.

Some posts from kbdouglas on thelipstickpage.com got me thinking quite a bit. She was talking about tones and such. I said the green blues and blue greens didn't work so well on my eyes. They don't look bad but not great. Now, I do have a greeny blue and bluey green. The bluey green was taken out of a giveaway bag and put back in the regular stash recently. So I must have worn it and decided it worked. So why did I say bluey green didn't work? I also haven't been wearing the greeny blue much. But I did try it before buying so I must have thought it worked... I need to play with these colours and compare them to those I know work. I need to see what makes me so confused about them.

Speaking of the giveaway bag, when I was retrying some stuff in it, I realized everything in it could be made to work. There were a few brown pencils. I decided to leave them in the giveaway bag because I have other brown pencils that I use much more. There was a pale yellow one too. Didn't look bad at all and I have nothing like it. I just don't think I'd wear it. And that was the story with most of the stuff that got discarded. I just don't think I'd wear it. The only things that made it out of the bag were an olive eye pencil (looks good and I don't have anything like it), the bluey green shadow that may be going back after the experiment is over, and a purple loose powder that looks too good with my eyes to get rid of.

You know what? (Told you I'd be rambling.) I think maybe my eyes look best with bright "there" shadows. Smoky or bright. Each time my eyes have really popped was when wearing the "there" colours like purple or green. Sure, a more natural and neutral look looks good but it makes my overall face stand out more than my eyes alone. Hmmm, I need to experiment with more subtle colour to see if I can manage to bring out my eyes with those too...

Hey, I just thought about something my dear boyfriend once told me. I asked him what my best facial feature was. When I insisted, he said the nose (what????) but his original response was that I had no standout feature. That my face was just a good blend, a nice overall picture ya know? Like saying you like a painting rather than saying you like one thing in a painting. I find that interesting and I'm wondering if it might relate to how hard it is for me to make my eyes stand out. Maybe it goes against my face's "nature"? Who knows? Maybe I just need to learn more about the right colours...


Wednesday, October 08, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:03 AM (Pacific)

Hummm...good. I have also found that green shadow generally does not work with green eyes. It's a shame...green is one of my favorite colors actually. :)

I will hazard a guess that green/purple therefore is out with anyone with any green in their eyes.

Leaving us...orange/purple, pink/purple, possibly green/red.

I'm doing a version of that Nars "Heaven" duo with Samoa Silk and Swish. Swish really is not right...it's shimmery so if you use a lot of it all you get is this generic pinkish shimmer. A little bit though, works well with the S.S. In short I think orange/pink is another good green eye popper.

I somehow suspect that "Arctic" duo would work as well. It's...a weird duo. It's the one with grey and a sort of odd deep red. I'm guessing the grey softens the red and makes it more of a "shadow" look than a "someone capped me in the eye" look. ? :)

Ireland (the pink and green)...my bets are that it's the thing for brown eyes.

I suppose I am less interested in the more neutral duos. You can find neutrals all over the place; there's less art involved.

Lessee (I'm going on the pics, we have no Nars counter anywhere near here)...Elsa is the pink/purple.

Rebecca...orange and green. Well, brownish-orange and green. I would guess...it would make yours eyes look...purple. Maybe not purple. It would make them look blue. That would be a cool thing to try out.

Anyhow...I for one have completely gone out of my lipstick phase. I have full lips and...sometimes less is more. :) I have observed that models and actresses with full lips, have a tendency to go with unobtrusive lip colors. Strong colors imo look best with small, well-shaped lips.

Hence I've been narrowing my lippy collection down over the months...years actually. All I've been wearing, since I got it, is MAC Jubilee. It's just the thing...and I've been fiddling around with the "two contrasting eye colors" theory.

What's crappy is how few lower-end shadows are any good. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head...Sonia Kashuk and Milani. The SK's vary too in their staying power. Milani I haven't really tried. I might scope out their green or orange shadows some time.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 8:03 AM (Pacific)

For some reason the green/purple eyecombo just doesn't have the same "oomph" on me that the orange/purple does. Its nice, yes, but its doesn't have the "WOW" factor like the orange does. I wonder if its because my eyes have alot of green in them? The orange shadow contrasts against all the green whereas the green shadow blends in more with my eyes? Interesting to think about anyways.

The green/red eye combo got me thinking. Loooong ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used to be a Mary Kay consultant. *rolls eyes* Back then one of my favorite faces was to line my eyes with green and wear red lipstick. While sounding horribly christmasy, it was actually a good combo. The red lipstick contrasted nicely with the green liner and green of my eyes.

The right lipcolor can also bring out ones eyes. I've only had one lipstick that has done this, Almay One Coat in Mauve. That was one of my best lipstick colors ever. Boring color, boring name, boring line but, MAN, it was a good lipstick. My eyes looked like emeralds and my skin looked like cream when I wore it. It went bad on me and by the time I got around to replacing it it had been discontinued. Neutrogena Flirt lipgloss is aaaaaaalmost the same. Mauve was just maybe 2 hairs of a shade warmer than Flirt and that makes all the difference.

carol m

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:55 AM (Pacific)

Hummm...here it is: "...And if you don't like the gold microglitter (it's very subtle) imbedded in it [Urb], Paula Dorf has a color just like it, sans glitter, Enchant."

Paula Dorf? Well I'd guess TBS or MAC has one. Color me unadventurous :) I always check certain brands first. If Sonia Kashuk has it, I'll try it out for $5. Good price and not bad quality, but limited selection (I'm pretty sure they don't have green).

I'll be honest, imo the other drugstore shadows are not worth buying. I have heard some good reviews for Milani though. I have a blush of theirs; the color didn't pan out but the staying power was definitely there. They do have a light green shadow. I think it's a yellowish green though rather than neutral (never looked it at too closely).

MAC has a couple of greens in their newer collections.

Gold...my daughter's eyes are quite gold. They're golden brown but they used to be greeny hazel. They still give the illusion of being green sometimes.

I can hardly put eyeshadow on her :) but for some reason I always think of surrounding that eye color with purple. Again that is the old single shadow color theory.

I'm checking out the NARS shadow duos for ideas.

Interesting...I don't exactly worship ol' Nars...nothing personal, I just don't. But I feel his shadow duos are well thought out. Most duos...I have no interest in most duos. It's like you're buying it for only one of the colors. But I think in life it's either art or it's science. There's a certain amount of art in the color combinations.

I'm fiddling around today with the "Heaven" idea--pink and orange. I think I goofed it up though. MAC Samoa Silk is fine for orange. I tried using TBS Clover Pink for the pink. Not bad but not pink enough. I'm going to try MAC Swish later on.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:16 AM (Pacific)

I have Urb. Its a lovely green. Really glittery though. Far too much for me to just wear around the house or even out and about. But for a knockout special occasion, its gorgeous, dropdead stunningly gorgeous. Hmmmmmm. I know somewhere on Dains goddess site she has another lovely soft green shadow listed. Something less glitter-
intense than Urb. I've worn Urb with the old revlon raisin. What worked well was I lined first with Raisin and then put Urb over the liner lightly. It did look stunning. I'll have to try it with purpleheart.

My eldest son has grey/blue eyes. It depends on what he's wearing and the color of the sky whether they look blue or grey on any particular day. Sometimes I swear they change with his emotions too.

My eyes look brown from a distance but up close they hardly have any brown in them, mostly gold and green with a grey ring. i have dark brown hair, I wonder if thats what makes them look so dark from far away?

Just the right lipcolor can also make eyecolors pop too.

carol m

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:52 AM (Pacific)

Hey! You guys wrote lots while my computer was being mean (I started writing twice and twice it restarted on me; did I ever say I hate this thing?).

In any case, the brown in my eyes is more of the golden brown variety. Lots of gold in my eyes. Yesterday, I did pink on my eyes. They still looked golden brown to me. Of course, everyone else tells me they're more of a golden green (more gold than green). Go figure.

Anyway, I have tons of purples, some greens, and some pinks. I've done flower lid combos before. I'd take say a green and a pinkish purple and use both on my lids. Then line with green. I can't do red though. Makes me look like I cried or something. I do use MAC Sketch sometimes. That doesn't work too badly. I don't have Urb (I've always wanted it though) but I have MAC Bitter, Overtint Green, and Benefit Check's in the Mail. That's a pretty good collection of lighter greens. I have MAC Fiction too (deep). Anyway, I'm thinking of doing a couple more days of pink, then a few days of purple, a few days of green, and then I'll start mixing.

I'm still skeptic though. The only time I saw my eyes pop was when I wore MAC Mauvism paint. Otherwise, they always look the same colour to me. And as I said, they look like another colour to other people. I'm wondering if the weather has something to do with it too. My boyfriend has blue eyes. They're almost grey when it rains but are very blue when it's sunny. My father is the same. And back before I started wearing eye makeup other than mascara, my eyes did change with the weather a bit. One rainy day, they turned very gold. It was 9 years ago and I'm still trying to recapture it :) MAC Mauvism is the one that did the best. If it weren't a paint, I'd wear it much more often (paints can take a while to apply in the morning). In fact, I may not do what I said and wear Mauvism today. Grin.


Monday, October 06, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:28 PM (Pacific)

Well...I think Jane got Micro-softed. i.e. the idea is to buy up all the competition and then dismantle it.

On that theory, then all the good Jane stuff is...gone for good.

On a positive note, whenever something dies, something else takes its place. I'm a firm believer in that.

I think the key...one key...is to try not buying too many duplicate shades. I went on a pink kick a while back...I had this nutty idea to find the Holy Grail of pink shadows.

It's all well and good but the difference between, say, MAC Vapour and The Body Shop Clover Pink...there is a difference. Not enough difference to warrant repurchasing both.

Likewise I have more than enough purples. I briefly considered getting MAC Trax. But...? I have TBS Damson. Again, I'm sure they are quite different but not enough for me to own both.

Do you have that UD Urb? Was it Urb? Was it you? :) Dain was nattering about UD Urb a while back. A light green shadow.

Then all you'd need to do the experiment would be the deep red or the deep plum. Plum might be more like it. The only red shadow I can even think of off the top of my head is MAC Cranberry and that is another purchase.

Would Urb and Purple Heart go together? Is Urb glittery? Way glittery? I am just curious, somehow. Wondering if there's anything to the "two contrasting shadows" idea.

I'd think the key is to use a fair amount of the green...and a little of the plum. Say putting plum as a liner, dabble in the outer corners or in the crease, just the outer crease.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:55 PM (Pacific)

Interesting. Very interesting. And of course, all this talk of color combining comes after I have stripped my stash down to the barest of color options.

I used to do a really nice pink and brown. Jane Pretty in Pink as a lid wash and then line with Brown Suede. I think the trick was that BS has some goldish flecks in it that makes it much more flattering than plain ole brown.

Red and pinks are tricky though. Too much and I look sick/tired/have pinkeye. That being said, when I was back in high school we once took to lining our eyes with red lipliner. It look simply dreadful, yes, like we were bleeding out our eyeballs BUT if you could get past that it made my eyes look emerald green. Bleeding, but jewel-like. It was spirit week and our school colors were red/white so why not use red eyeliner. Man, were we dopes or what? :)

Jane PurpleHeart was THE worlds best purple e/s known to mankind. And the dip-headed morons who have the Jane line DISCONTINUED it. FOOLS. Damn fools. Bring it back AND Loco Cocoa lipstick.
(just in case some idiot cosmetic company person happens to read this blog.) (riiiiiiight)
carol m.

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:07 PM (Pacific)

Well I have another thought, how about this?

If using purple and orange works on green, because purple works on yellow and orange works on blue...why not try the following:

1.) Purple and green together. The idea is that purple will work on the golden aspect of hazel, and green will work on the red aspect (brown contains red).

I think the trick (to avoid looking Easter eggy) would be to use either a light, lavender shade with a dark or deep green shade, or a light green shade with a deep or dark plum shade.

2.) Green and pink together. Or green and red. Or green and rose. The green should complement the red aspect of brown, the red (or pink or rose) should complement the green.

Green and pink is easiest of course. You could use pink and line, contour or do a crease with green. (Which wouldn't have to be green-green, just a shade containing green.)

Green and red could be a light green celadon shade as a wash or lid color, lined with dark red. Very tricky. Would have to be the right dark red. I have MAC Sable, it's brown but quite red. Once in a while I use it... Or MAC Cranberry?

Green and rose...if I'm not mistaken, there is actually a Nars duo that is green and rose?

Then again isn't there one that's pink and green? Maybe I'm imagining that one...

3.) Pink and purple, or red and purple. Pink complements green, purple complements gold.

Pink and purple is easy to do, I do it myself all the time. I use either MAC Vapour or TBS Clover Pink as a wash, and dabble on TBS Damson (it's a handy shadow). Before I would line with MAC Wine eyepencil but now I think that L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl "Raisin" would be better. (The MAC pencils have better colors but the L'Oreal's last longer.)

Red and purple...would be something like the lavender shade and the cranberry shade. Again, tricky. But I think it can be done.

This is all in theory of course :) I can't try any of these out...well I can, but the effect that I'm thinking of would be lost on me. The idea is to take two shadows--two contrasting shadows--and use them both to bring out two aspects of your eye color. (Rather than the conventional wisdom to use one dominant color to bring out a single color.)

The illusion created should be a combination of those two colors in your eyes, blended together.


Sunday, October 05, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:29 PM (Pacific)

Okay, good luck figuring out these charts :)

It would appear that the green-blue-purple range is opposed to brown. Depending on what sort of brown. If it's golden brown, then the range is purple to blue. If it's red brown, then the range is green to blue. Hum.

It's my opinion though, that brown itself is a strong color. i.e. it can be complemented by many different colors. It's much less limited than green. Green gets easily overwhelmed, imo.

Ooooh! I agree. Skin is the thing. :)


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 1:54 PM (Pacific)

Opera was great! I fell asleep twice (oops) but that's because I was tired. Not because I was bored.

To keep this on topic, I did my version of a smoky eye yesterday and I dare say it turned out well. To me "turned out well" means the boyfriend liked it. I think the key is that I only did a very thin line all around my eyes. It wasn't as extreme as smoky can be. I used teal too which isn't as harsh as black. I have two raves though. One is the Bare Canvas paint that I used as a base. My shadow did not budge until I used remover to take it off. Boyfriend was in the bathroom where my remover is so I tried using water. Thought it would take off some shadow but nope! Didn't budge! I'm impressed. Second rave is for my pencil brush. I used it to put MAC Plumage (the deep teal colour) in my crease and outer corner. I got very precise application like I've never been able to get before. I blended afterwards but really, the pencil brush did most of the work. Love that brush...

On to colour theory. Technically, to make my eyes look more gold, I'd need to use purple right? And to bring the green out, pink? What about the brown? How do I bring that out? There isn't really a complement to it, is there? And why does green work so well on my eyes? Hmmm, maybe I'll do a pink and purple week. Just trying different combinations to see how my eyes react. I'll tell you how it goes.

Oh, I've been on my new skincare plan for four weeks now. It's looking good. I didn't have bad skin before so there's no dramatic improvement but I'm getting much less oily. I'm taking that as a sign that my skin is getting the hydration it needs. The makeup remover that I've been using on my eyes stings a little bit but it does a great job of removing makeup. It leaves no residue either and doesn't irritate my eye area skin. I think I've found the perfect eye makeup remover... The rest is nice. The creams don't feel greasy and the toner and cleansers (milk cleanser and makeup remover) don't leave my skin feeling stripped. All around very nice. The routine is a little longer too but it's some time to concentrate on me which is always good. It's expensive but my skin likes it so I'm willing to pay. Expensive skincare is worth it if it works for your skin. Skin is where one should spend (unless you're lucky enough for drugstore stuff to work for you). Makeup is less important.


Saturday, October 04, 2003
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Hey! Have fun! :)

I have figured out why orange and purple work, together, on eyes with green in them. The orange brings out blue, and the purple brings out yellow. Mix 'em together and, ah, you get green.

Today's deep thought.


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I asked the boyfriend what he prefers makeup-wise this morning. Turns out he likes the natural face, the slightly made up face, and the more made up face if it's done with taste. And he does tell me if he thinks I've gone overboard with the smoky eye so he's not just saying that to make me happy... And he's a great help too. He'll tell me if my powder or tinted moisturizer show. Of course, that means he always knows when I'm wearing makeup so I can't do the subtle makeup test. Besides, purple and green make my eyes stand out but those can't exactly be done in a natural way...

I'm reminded of the comment of a coworker once. I wear mascara but it is NOT noticeable. You really have to know (or know that my lashes can't be black because my eyebrows are light). I only wear one coat and it's just to darken my lashes so I'm extra careful with clumps. Anyway a (male) coworker said it was obvious I wore mascara and curled my lashes. Now, I figure if someone curls their lashes, they usually wear mascara so if he thought I curled my lashes, he could think I wore mascara too. But I do NOT curl my lashes. Some people just have naturally curly lashes... Like me! Rant over.

Raphaelle (who's going to the opera, yay!)

Thursday, October 02, 2003
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Ugh...I don't think my husband notices anything!!! Well, he does and he doesn't.

He's unusual in that, he doesn't care for "makeup that shows." He's not against makeup, I mean he's not that kind of eye-ranian.

On the other hand, Iranian women tend to wear a lot of makeup. I mean some don't, some have excellent taste in fact. But the overall population...it's like a mask. It's worse than the frickin' South in the 1970's.

So you could say that the old man has more Western tastes in makeup. American men generally prefer makeup that doesn't show as makeup, imo.

I would never in a million years have thought to wear orange shadow, at all. I always thought of it as a blue-eye thing. And with purple? It's too perfect...there is something to Dain's Nars obsession. That Nars guy is okay.


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Very pretty, dear!
I can "see" the shadows and liner but I know what I'm looking for. My purple/orange combo isn't really visible to the un-trained eye either but it makes a noticeable difference in my appearance. Does that make sense? The husband will say "gee, hunny you look great" as opposed to "gee hunny, that's some eyeshadow/lipstick/whatever you're wearing"
Makeup that doesn't look like makeup. Sometimes I wonder why I go to all the time, trouble and expense....

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
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Okee...check it out: MAC Q4 2003.

I think we can archive the brand sections quarterly.

We can also change some of the brands. I feel kinda guilty because all I buy is MAC out of the list. I don't buy much overall but I can add in some drugstore or health food store brands...I'll have to think about it.


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Okee dokee...this is MAC Samoa Silk without the base, with L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl "Raisin" lining the outer upper lids and a dabble of The Body Shop "Damson" shadow in the outer crease.

I use Sonia Kashuk brushes. :) Well, I do. I have that angled crease brush, that's what I used for the Damson. I used her medium eyeshadow brush for the S.S. (and it's the brush I use most anyway).

Heh heh...for all that, it doesn't show much...but then the truth is, I don't like makeup that shows much. I think you need the right personality. On me it would just look campy. I like having my eyes themselves pop out.

I think the base does do something. It whitens the eye area, so the shadows are less diluted. Here it looks softer than it did yesterday over the base.