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Saturday, November 29, 2003
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 8:12 PM (Pacific)

Here is the second part (scroll down to read part 1 if you haven't):

well it's Sat morning and I know Susan is out for the count..... at least a while. I do my usual gig--workout and then shower and get ready. I need serious caffeine infusion and so I run to continental breakfast and pick up 2 more cups of tea and then grab a muffin for Susan. By the time I get back and make some calls to confirm things with people and
talk to others whom I had missed the three days prior, Susan starts to surface and she starts to move..... and we realize we are running behind. But we are out of the hotel and hitting pavement fast! We are meeting one of Susan's friends along with EMiriamD and Alexandra from MUA ( aka lazyoxen
for anyone who knows her ) anyway we hooked up at the great american health bar restaurant to have lunch.
EMD is a lovely tall strawberry blonde with a great hair cut and the best taste in clothing . of course if you know both of us we talked leather fashions too! (ggg). Alexandra I have known for eons since the lipstick page and beauty buzz first started.... remember Mikki's swap page? that's where
we met too. So we go way back. Susan's friend Dennis was a brave soul. Not only tall and extremely good looking , he was willing to brave the stores with four women with varied amts of beauty and fashion addiction. (truly..... we are all addicted!) anyway . Susan and Dennis chatted while
EMD, Alexandra and I talked and talked and talked! We had a great lunch and since I had more food than I was used to for breakfast (fruit, tea, and half a roll) I had a health shake (the chocolate one with non milk, non fat froz yogurt and chocolate. YUM) And they thought I was crazy. I stole croutons from Miss A's salad and it was really good.

We were just down the street from Bergdorf so we hit there to see the beauty dept and to hook up with SH (from earlier in the week and she knows Alexandra aka Miss A too) Anyway we walked in through one door and I swear each store gets better and better with the decorations for the holiday
season.. WOW ..... We go downstairs for cosmetics and I am nearly blown away with the extent of the dept. I had been there once before a long time ago and this was way different than I remember! We walked through exploring and
found some amazing things. I talked to Paul and Joe Beaute(omg you have to see this line. WAY cool. soooooooooo great and the pkging is fab too. Reminiscent of Stila but has such detail and great designs --very Japanese
influenced... like the old Japanese art work from the 19th century. The pink holiday collection lipstick I am coveting and I really want to get that one. I talked to the head MA for the line as well as the one for the little kiosk.... anyway I ran across Amore Pacific skincare which I had heard
about and wanted more information. The person, Kira, was exceptionally helpful and I was pleasantly surprised to find this was primarily a holistic/organic meets hi tech delivery system line. It's really cool and Kira was kind enough to give me samples. I made notes on the line and will be calling back! I checked out all the different lines and found EMD and Miss A talking about a great Creed scent... Tabarome Millenisme I think. EMD!!! what was the name?? It's been released to stores and I think it's a reissue. Anyway
we sprayed it on Dennis and then everyone took a whiff! OMG !! It's exceptionally sexy.... and a great fragrance. It makes you want to take a bite out of someone wearing it..... and snuggle up. Even hours later, Dennis smelled fab!!
( we all had a great time sniffing his neck! We even have photos! Of course Dennis is 6 feet and I was on tip toe and couldn't stay up there at that altitude that long!)
So EMD and Dennis each got samples and we blitzed through BG . SH and her friend Ellen (different from AF) had a great time and they got some photos of us too. It was a really fun time. Had such a blast. Checked out Jo Malone counter and more... lots of skincare, I would have to check my little bags for samples to give you a list of what I saw and liked.

SH and Ellen had more shopping to do at BG and I was sorry that we couldn't stay longer but there was a Sue Devitt PA at Barneys and I needed to get there --as well as Susan since they sold her the foundation and other stuff twice... We hustled up the avenues through a tiny bit of Central Park and watched some of the street theater/dancers.... what a hoot! We walked by the Pierre hotel and then over to Barneys and into the mens' store. We saw the most icky looking sweater and I would have to ask Miss A and EMD exactly the
design. I can see it in my mind but it was honestly one of the worst color combos in green that I had seen. (and it was on display too!) Heading down past the jewelry (sigh) and accessories, we go into the foundation and the cosmetic dept is jammed! Sue Devitt is there and we meet her (Susan runs into her again in the ladies room and they chat a long time
about some stuff) . I talk to her pr and to Sue Devitt about stuff for holiday and what's coming for Spring /Valentine's day. If you haven't seen the water tints from SD, you should check it out. It's non oil based. aka WATER based (for all those with oily skin) and it doesn't crease. I repeat,
it doesn't crease!! Susan did her return and I went over to the Susanne Lange booth that was doing quite well. Miss A picked up a single note sample of Cassis (lovely!)
and so did a couple other people. I explored more of Francesca Guerrera and picked up a split pan compact with bronzer and blush. Really pretty! Loved the Oro golden cream powder too.

We decided that Takashimaya was next on the list and so we said a sad farewell to Barneys (one of my fave stores) and started walking. Dennis and Sue were walking together and EMD and Miss A and I were all commmenting about what a cute couple they made. (they do!) and we lost them at one
light. We hung out and waited and talked about people we knew and lines and --of course for EMD and me, we talked about leather clothes! Catching up, we kept Susan & Dennis busy talking with us as we head into Takashimaya.
Oohing and ahhing over the great simplicity and unique stuff, we went up to the sixth floor. We walked down the stairs through each floor ..... and we found the best teddy bear. It was superb. It was super squishy but it also bounced back. We all wanted one but at 38 per, it's not practical. (though I
so wanted one) So if you want a new teddy bear, get this one. It's super!

We loved the jewelry, the lingerie, the furnishing. the suede crocheted shawls and more (oh those were fabulous!) and we went out the door without buying one thing (thank goodness) what a fab store! I can see why everyone loves it.
Anyway, we were heading down to Nolita to Pir and EMD had a prior engagement and had to leave. boo hoo. Wish you could have stayed with us. We will do it again EMD! I promise!! Anyway she and I need to do some serious talking as we have a lot of common interests and people!

With Miss A running ahead to grab us a cab, it's nothing flat before we are crawling into a cab and then jetting downtown.. or rather TRYING to jet downtown. The guy doesn't exactly KNOW where we are going but I gave him the coordinates and Miss A (thank goodness she knows where everything is. what a sweetie and the most gorgeous hair too) gave him some better directions. We went down the park ave tunnel and around grand central.... showed some NY people (*Dennis and originally Susan) something they hadn't seen. It was really cool. I had done it the day before and was craning my neck out the window as we winded through NYC's midsection. Anyway, as we head downtown I see things I recognize and realize I am starting to acclimate already! (what a shock) . We finally find Prince St and Elizabeth and get out and start to look for PIR -the cosmetics store. That's where I am meeting two pr people who rep the store and also Michelle 317 from Alt.fashion. I call Michelle on the cell and how funny is this..... she is standing outside the store and I am inside the store and she turns around and sees me on the cell. That was so funny! Anyway she comes in and we do a round of introductions. Dennis thinks it's SO FUNNY that none of us knew each other than from the net. He parks himself in the "husband/SO/bf chair" and promptly falls asleep. We look at all the nooks and crannies of the store. This is the antithesis of Sephora with WIDE aisles and great products and not a lot of people...... just able to look and play and touch and try out stuff. I found a fab brush set with a roll that I wound up buying for Susan as a gift since I had been staying with her gratis. She had no makeup brushes... not a single one and I thought she needed some serious help. This kit was similar to the one from Sephora for 45 but this one was black and had one brush less and it was just the essentials that Susan would need. I got to play with some stuff from tina earnshaw, kevin aucoin and also some other lines. I got a makeover courtesy of the two pr people... actually one of them is married to the owner of the store and since the owner also has 3 stores in Canada and does film make up work , he was gone and she was just checking out the store. She did a nice job and gave me some tips on working with KA foundation.... it looked so great that I bought it (42 for a tiny pot that is supposed to last a year. you thin it with some moisturizer or oil ) and it doubles as a concealer. NICE coverage that you can adjust.... and it holds up for a good long time. Got to try a nuder type of lip color and it made me think that the Julie Hewitt Nude Noir is something that I should try. (and I did.. love this color!)
We all gabbed a lot. Miss A eventually had to go and I was REALLY sorry to see her leave.... it was like meeting someone that I really knew..... and she was so cool. ( much like EMD..... you know that you know them and you feel so comfortable with them) She gave me a tiny sample jar of some skincare that her husband has dreamed up and I really like it. It can even be used over makeup!! (now that's a first!) and I am trying it out. so far so good.
Anyway, Susan has a makeover too. Dennis finally wakes up and Michelle who lives in the area finds out that she is pretty free that night and decides to join us in going back up town for dinner.... she is joining us for drinks. She has a b/f and she is leaving the next day for Fl to see her family and taking her dog..
So we walk down across NOLITA area and head past a lot of cool stores and Bliss spas and other places to catch a cab. Michelle heads down a line of cars that include a ton of cabs and snags one for us and we are off and running to catch that cab before the light changes. We pack like tiny sardines into the back seat and head up town to the China Grill. The guy messes up and drops us off early but that's ok since it's only a block or two before... so we pay him and off we go to China Grill. It's almost empty but they are totally booked for dinner BOO HOO> the food smelled divine and I suddenly realized I was hungry... So we start walking to 7th ave and 57th?? to Red Eye Grill where Susan and I had been earlier in the week. ( also past Ouidad's studio. did I mention that my hair hadn't been washed that day and still looked amazing?? WOW...... great cut, great style )They were booked solid too. however since I told the person at the desk that he had been so kind to us earlier in the week, he said for us to go to Shellys around the corner that was a sister restaurant and to use his name. And so off we went past Carnegie Hall and down to 6th ave..... or was it 5th?? anyway we go into Shellys, deliver the we were sent message and they find us a table upstairs in a corner overlooking the bar.... (and I do mean THE BAR.... where they are mixing drinks behind us)
I used the restroom and it was trippy. They even had an attendant who hands you towels ( I didn't think to bring my purse) and they had miniature candy bars in there too. How odd is that one? go use the lavatory and pick up a snickers on the way out?? no thanks!

Anyway Michelle finds out that her b/f isn't coming back till late so she is staying for dinner and we order dinner and a round of drinks and Susan and Dennis proceed to yammer on and Michelle and I are talking about what she does (freelance writer like me only she does crafts and illustrations for various magazines.. ) she's really fun. Has the nicest eyes and a great cut. She wears glasses too and she is fun, intelligent, and definitely interesting to talk with. I enjoyed talking to her about cosmetics, people, chocolate, the perils of freelance, traveling with kids and/or pets and other people we have in common... What a great meal. Dennis and Susan pass on dessert but Michelle and I cannot resist the dessert tray. We narrow the choices down to a chocolate extravaganza that looks huge and an apple tart with ice cream. The tart wins bec it is smaller and we definitely dig into it. Dennis is making fun of us since it is vanishing fast.

We head back towards the hotel after paying the bill (it's at least 8 pm now) and I spot a shop that has some duffel type bags for 20 bucks. I need one desperately since I had picked up more stuff on this trip than I had room for. Found an even better one inside the store and got it. I was so tired as I handed the guy my cc and he ran it and said it was being refused.... my jaw drops... then he hands it back to me. duh.. it was my Saks card. I smile and giggle and hand him the company mc and then it goes through. I walk off with a nice sized duffle that will hold everything I need.
We split up about 56th st since Michelle needs to go in the other direction (she had been to the Lilly Pulitzer sale in Pa. that day. I forgot to ask her what she found... ) We hug and promise to email and post! Such a great person. I really enjoyed meeting her. This trip has been so great that I really want to do it again with more time to hit museums and some sightseeing. I didn't see the Statue of Liberty like I wanted or the Empire State exc from a distance. I did pick up some pencils and post cards for the kid and her buddies..

We walk back to the hotel and walk a bit too far and have to walk back up sixth ave. We go in and get caught up in a massive tide of shiny red pants and jackets that are being worn by teens in for the macys thanksgiving parade.... and I do mean an ocean tide. There are at least 75 girls!! maybe a 100 ! The hotel is flooded with guests for the parade and I am glad I am leaving the next day. I realize that Dennis and Susan want to talk so I make my goodbyes to Dennis and head to the room to pack up. I check messages on the cell and find I have missed more people
ARGH..... so frustrating. My cell needed a charge
Anyway I decided not to call though I did leave some messages for my buds back in CA.

Oh forgot to tell you that earlier in the week at the first trip into Barneys I had a friends' Costume National scarf with me stuffed into my tote... (I do mean stuffed to cover my wallet and stuff) and by the time I head out for dinner and jump into the cab, I realize it is gone and that someone must have grabbed it since when I was there on Wed night there wasn't a lot of customers there ... and that I would have noticed it if it had fallen out.... so I scoured my brain, my NYC books and also some ads for some cashmere places. I found a great scarf with fringe in almost the same color in 100% cashmere. I got it for a great price and then carefully packed it away in the suitcase so that I wouldn't lose it.
She seemed delighted with the replacement when she got it and I was really happy about it. -relieved anyway...

Sat night I started to pack up some of my stuff and I was REALLY glad I had picked up the extra duffle. I got the hanging stuff packed and all the tights.. and the umbrella since the forecast was for clear skies

I pulled out my clothes for flying out the next day.. and I noticed that I had gotten a lot of wear from these things
grey suede pants, black leather pants, black wide leg theory low rise pants, theory jeans with no rear pockets, midnight blue valentino coat that Cofarb found me on Ebay... my Danier leather jacket, a short cropped black jacket that I got from Elke, an Anne Klein pink rayon top that had a lovely drape, a great Kenneth Cole sheer ivory shirt with pintucks (bought with Carol Corb) and an ivory camisole along with my black ariat boots and my mephisto. I wore my ferragamo pumps once during the rain (huge mistake) . and I didn't wear the skirt.... so I guess I didn't need that. I really wanted to find another top to wear to spice up things but never got the chance or found something I really wanted. didn't hit as many sample sales as I wanted to. did hit one with CK stuff on sale but stuff from 4k down to 1400 wasn't my kind of sale. saw a couple other things going on but just weren't me.

next day, I wake up early, do a modest workout and then head to the continental breakfast despite having already had 2 cups of tea. I needed MORE tea plus juice and fruit and a muffin for Susan.

I decide to finish packing up, dump a bunch of stuff that I was planning on dumping, give Susan more goodies and I am out the door earlier than expected and catch a cab where it's a quiet and lovely ride out to jfk.... and he only charges me 32 including toll and tip. I almost made the earlier flight but with 17 people ahead of me, it was unlikely I would be on that flight so I grabbed some water, magazines and a newspaper and settle in for wait with replenishment of a salad and more water and a krispy kreme. ( they need to be fresh to be good)

got home in one piece... drink a ton of water on the plane ( 2 liters) and was never so glad to see my SO and the kid.....
and then we went and picked up dinner to go... NYC Pizza and italian pasta. (am I NUTZ??) I was buzzing telling them all about what I did and when.... and I got all my laundry done that night and completely unpacked. However the emails and mail that stacked up was amazing.. not to mention the bundles. but now I have some stuff for secret santa (I have 3 to do) and caught up on one deadline, got 2 more to go. Picking up some new assignments and have to get some tearsheets out to some editors who are interested in seeing my work.

all in all a great trip. I had a blast... everyone... Susan, SH, Miss A, EMD, Michelle 317 and all the pr people were terrific... really fun, friendly and helpful.... loved the stores. next time I have to hit bendels..... which I had wanted to see ..
plus next time, time square, ground zero, century 21 and more sales!
sorry to ramble on so long!

posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:59 PM (Pacific)

This is a sort of "stream of semi-consciousness" :) post of Stevie's on LP...there are two parts, here's the first:

NYC trip part 1...... NYC and back again

or how to survive the craziness
Part 1
this is really long so I am posting in parts. ( or how to survive in NYC for about five days without a lot of food and
with LOTS of caffeine!)
It was CRAZY busy to get out of dodge here... yet I did it. I found that my PR friend accompanying me on the flight was staying the night with friends in Irvine and would meet me at the airport at Jet Blue. I wound up trying everything on -clothing wise to be sure that it worked and made some
last minute changes.

Took a modest amt of makeup and clothing figuring that I would minimally change clothes.. only ONE thing didn't get worn.. and that was pretty good. but I still needed more clothes!

Wore grey suede pants and grey vneck mohair blend sweater with a black leather coat and black ariat boots on the plane. Took a bunch of magazines I wanted to ditch there in NYC and I read them on the plane. Saw that Lucky Magazine was featuring the Botkier bag by Monica Botkier and I had to laugh. I had written about it back in July or August! Made a mental note to call the handbag designer when I blew into town.

Flight was perfect except for some bumpy weather that we passed by on the way... got in early too. That was really nice. Susan (PR ) had arranged for a town car to pick us up and that was a true blessing! What a comfortable ride and I had not flown into JFK and gone into the city at night before. SO
PRETTY! What great lights.

We stayed at the NYC Hilton on ave of the Americas and it was busy with conventions and the upcoming event that Susan was PR for.. After checking in, we unpacked quickly and called back home and then headed
out to get some food (nothing much on the plane!)

Wound up at the Carnegie Deli where we split a sandwich and Susan tried to find out about the people she knew there (Sandy and Marty and everyone else) While waiting to leave, we saw Thalia who was also leaving and was kindly
giving people a chance to photograph her. Really friendly and very pretty. We stopped at a little market and picked up gallon jugs of water and some fruit. We walked back to the hotel and it was balmy comparatively speaking.. So I figure that was a good sign.

We crashed about midnight and I had to be up early since we had a meeting with a stylist that was making some time for me before he left for Puerto Rico on a biz trip. Ashley Javier does runway and editorial stuff and he works with Behnaz Seraphor as well as Donna Karan.. He was going off to
Puerto Rico to work on an actress whose name escapes me. We got caught up in the rain going down to see him at his new penthouse/salon but we sat around talking for nearly an hour. Such a doll too. He gave me an umbrella
since we didn't have one with us (eeek!)

We caught a cab back up town and Susan and I hit back to the hotel so she could make calls and I could go make my appt with Paula Dorf at noon. I got there and Paula was a real sweetheart. She remembered who I was though we
had never met. Turns out I had done the first profile of her when she launched her line. (who would have thunk it?) Paula introduced me to a favorite thing: Manhatten Expresso soda. OMG this stuff rocks. It's like expresso soda-three types: expresso with sugar; expresso sugar free -both
fully leaded and decaf. She had the sugar free. I didn't think about caffeine till after I left... bec I had 2 cups (and I don't mean little ones. think Styrofoam cups! Can we say

she sent me off with some goodies and I am now completely up to date on her line. Something I came away with is her new eye cream with vit k and arnica and it makes a HUGE difference in dark circles ( personal testimonial here
based on not enough food, vitamins and sleep!)

We talked about everything new and some things that I had wanted to clarify from the previous interview. I met her husband and the staff and her pr person. She gave me a great little brush kit, her new Zita fragrance (fabulous bottle. Like an old art deco done in pale pink with a squeeze
atomizer! Very pretty and the fragrance is lots of white flowers yet it reminds one of a meadow too) and I got a couple of new glosses she is launching PLUS an eye cream that has vit K and arnica (my dark circles thank

We sat at the conference table in her office and just schmoozed.. for two hours!! I didn't realize that I had been there so long and that I hadn't eaten either since the night before. I walk back to the hotel, grab some almonds and water . I call and double check some appts for Thurs and make sure everything is cool .

We grab a cab since it's still wet though it stopped raining about noon. We wear normal shoes (mistake! Mistake!!) and head over to Barneys where I have a 5:30 appt with Susanne Lange custom fragrance line. Susan and I run through the store first checking out the various floors and what's there and
then head back down to cosmetics. I exchange something at Francesca Guerrera and Susan is left at Sue Devitt for a makeover. Oh.. Did I mention that Susan is NOT a beauty or fashion junkie? That she has NO brushes other
than the little applicators that are in the gwp stuff? (Eeeek!) So I leave her to get fixed up and run over to Susanne Lange. LOVELY person and a fab line of about 40 -ish individual scents grouped by category that you sniff
till you find something you love and then collect up a bunch of those and then isolate those down till you find a few that you really adore and then they blend them for you. There is also a ready to wear line of three different scents that are already pre-blended and those ROCK! They even come
in little purses that are 3 individual note roll ons that you can layer or wear individually> OMG I had such a hard time choosing. Wound up with a custom blend that was really unique: French lime blossom that smells like a
florist shop; exotic tea, cashmere, fig and vanilla woods and a couple other notes . I have to check out my vial card notes. I love what I got blended. It's just unique enough..clean, not too sweet or spicy but definitely has a warm tint to it.
I also met the editor from one of the fashion magazines too. (elle) Lovely person...

I meet Tyler the fragrance counter manager and remember that I have to call Ulrich Lange bec we are supposed to have a drink. I leave him a message and thank Tyler for the help and collect Susan from Sue Devitt where she has
bought a bunch of stuff and made an appt for a pre black tie event makeover for Friday! She has also been collecting names of people to do hair and she has narrowed it down to someone at Arden who will come to the room. He is
supposed to be quite good!

We bid the Lange counter, Sue Devitt counter, Francesca Guerrera counter and all the new friends adieu and head out to MORE RAIN! We walk over to Serafina's for dinner but the 15 per person price tag isn't pleasing so off we go. (I am just not that hungry.. I am beyond hunger at this point) It's about 7 ish and we go back to Barneys where the doorman
hails us a cab and we head over to the red eye grill for dinner where it's still pouring rain and the umbrella we have isn't working. BAH!! We are soaked when we walk in.. my curly hair is all bedraggled but they are kind and give us a nice window table. We split a salad, a pasta dish but order
individual desserts.. I loved my apple pie with ice cream (*skip the ice cream though. It's too cold) and when we are done, we head back to the hotel.. And it's still raining. By now we have just walked past this little place that is selling umbrellas and I buy two.. And ditch the broken one
since it's obviously NOT going to work . Now we don't have to hail a cab to go 2 blocks...and we get into the room and shake off like wet cats and try to get some shut eye though we are still buzzing.. and it' s 11 pm and I have an 8 am meeting the next morning. Sue and I realized that we really
hadn't eaten a solid meal except for the dinner.. expresso soda doesn't cut it!

Oh yeah, did I tell you I am getting up at 6 am everyday to be able to work out in the room? Pilates is addicting!!

Thurs was up BRIGHT and early-weather was dry and sunny and warmer! -- for the Ouidad press event where we were shown a demonstration about how some of the Japanese straightening systems can damage hair and that it's not a
one size fits all procedure. some people wind up with breakage at week 6. (dramatic breakage!!) Ouidad had a treatment that would help restore the shine, vibrancy and health of the hair. and it was equally dramatic. Some of the editors there thought I was a Ouidad person since my hair was long and curly.. Met a lot of interesting people ( the editors were fun and one had been down to my part of Calif!) and Ouidad was lovely! Great lady and easy to talk to... She told me that she was going to open a LA store and I
thought that was great! I told her I couldn't wait for her to open it! She offered to work me in for a carve/slice cut and treatment the next day before my black tie event. I was surprised and thanked her for her kindness but that I knew she was booked solid. She insisted, so I accepted . (Crazy I
may be, stupid I am not!)

I went off after a light breakfast of yogurt and fruit.. and LOTS of tea. ( plus I had tea earlier too!) walk back to the hotel to meet a friend , SH for some shopping. She was late but that was ok since I was able to check on lunch appt and also evening appts.

We went off to Saks and went by H&M where I stopped and did some serious damage. Found the perfect adorable black/white boucle tweed chanel inspired jacket for 49! Got the kid her Christmas green sweater, some great stocking
stuffers ( poinsettia sequin hair accessories, red plastic glitter brush and comb, a clear red heart key chain ) and a great fine wale red cord spade type handbag.

Got the SO a super grey v neck ribbed cotton sweater. Would have bought more but I was on a mission for some no show seamed lingerie and some low rise tights .. Went through Saks like a whirlwind and SH KNOWS this store! We
were up on the 9th floor and the SA showed me a new laser cut bikini with NO seams... but it was la perla's price tag of 49 for them that had me blinking in awe.. Pass! So I bought some lejaby and other things.. passed on hosiery since they have no low rise anything.

We stopped at a few other places and I saw the skating rink at Rock Center and LOTS of stores I wanted to go see.
What was funny was the Ulrich Lang called me while we were going down all the escalators at Saks... He couldn't meet me because he was still in Europe! We talked for a bit and turns out we know a great many people in common. so we were laughing while this was costing him a fortune in LD charges.

Anyway.. I said a goodbye to my friend SH and thanked her for the time. It was 12:30 and I had to grab Susan and head to the lunch meeting. By the time we got there, we were 30 mins late because of phone calls and getting lost... (I had to call for directions again!)

We were meeting another pr firm that I had known/worked with for several years. My friend Sean took us to a great lunch at some Italian place. He and I shared a thin crust pizza (plain!) and Susan had a salad with a side of
grilled chicken. GREAT food.. really really great food and it was near the hotel where Audrey stayed too. We talked for about 90 mins and had to head out-Sean back to work and us back to the hotel to check messages ( I spent some time calling about tights) and then change clothes for a party and go in search of low rise tights! Went to Bloomies and Susan hadn't seen a Bloomies like this! Fun busy, packed and full of stuff!

We found great shoes, great pants and finally great tights!! Susan bought some stuff for her dress. I bought low rise tights in black and some fishnets as well as skintone and black sheer low rise ph. This store was the ONLY store to have it that was reasonably priced and the tights are by Hue.
I wish they had more colors. Got a great pair of socks on sale for the kid.. striped/dotted and in funky colors and bought her a pair of Paul Frank red glitter socks for Xmas -ssssh!!!

We run up to the ladies room for me to change tights since I am wearing low rise black leather pants and we have to run to make the party for Nickel's mens fragrance at the Nickel Spa on 14th and 8th ave.. We are meeting Anita/RudeNYChick there. we grab a cab and he doesn't know where he is
going and writes down the address wrong. So I make him go around the block(S) and he just is weird.. so we finally get to the Nickel spa in Chelsea and go in and it's WILD. Great martinis with Hypnotiq liquor (if you know me, and have been to a couple parties, you know I use this stuff) and it was pretty potent!

Susan had one and I had one and we hadn't eaten since 1 and it's almost 7 now.. I meet some of the same editors from various magazines at this party again and it was pretty fun just talking about this event, the one earlier in the day and what was going on. (the party was a fight club/boxing match
thing) and it was cool.

Susan had one and I had one and we hadn't eaten since 1 and it's almost 7 now.. I meet some of the same editors from various magazines at this party again and it was pretty fun just talking about this event, the one earlier in the day and what was going on. (the party was a fight club/boxing match
thing) and it was cool. (thank goodness I was wearing black leather pants and coat!) It was noisy, rocking and definitely a fun time. I checked my bags and coat and realized that I needed to call Anita/rudenychik and went back to grab the cell. YIKES!! NO CELL! I was freaking out. I was searching
everywhere and NO cell. Bummed, I borrowed Susan's cell and dug out the palm pilot for Anita's number. I KNEW it!! She had been calling me already and I was glad she hadn't gone home! So she buzzed on over and voila!! Hugs all
around. Anita is SO adorable. Long curly hair that's dark brown (we looked like salt and pepper!) She got a drink and promptly got buzzed. We talked/talked and TALKED -rattling on like a couple of crazy people but it was totally cool. What a hoot. Just had a blast. We met some interesting
people. Cator (from Old Southern money) is with the pr firm . He's a doll to work with and was worried for me when I 1) couldn't find my cell and 2) lost my claim check for my coat and bag.

He wears a fedora and it suits him. Then there was his friend the makeup artist who was flying out here to Ca to work with Five for Fighting and he does Billy Joel and a lot of other people. He is from Kentucky and a darling guy. So nice! And he gave me a hug and kiss when we left. Then there was
Patrick. Now this guy was something else. Dressed to the teeth with a gorgeous suit complete with pocket square in his breast pocket, a huge furry hat a la russe and then Boy George Kohl eyeliner.. And there was more but I
have to cudgel the brain to remember more. Anyway, after Anita showed up, we stayed for about 45 mins and then we hopped a cab back to the hotel for another drink and told a friend of Susan's who was on his way down to Nickel
to turn around and head back to the hotel to meet us. That was Matt and such a great gentleman!! We had another round of drinks at the hotel and some snack mix and that's when I realized I had to stop drinking and eat
something serious in terms of food. Anita took off after a while and I was very sorry to see her go. I was trying to convince her to go shopping with us on Sat but she had a wedding to attend. (*I bet she looked stunning too.
She gets the BEST clothes at Woodbury Commons. Now that she knows what size I am and my style, I hope I can convince her to shop a couple of times for
me! Gggg) That was the end of my night. I had to fold because I was way too tired. Went upstairs and ate a piece of fruit!

Next morning was exceptionally busy. I went to get some continental
breakfast and then back down. Susan was supposed to go with me to a couple
of meetings but that didn't happen. I met Kathy from Jaqua for breakfast and
I was so glad to see her. I have known Kathy for a LONG time. we go way
back and it was good to see her. She had just come back from Japan biz trip
and she looked so cute and had tons of stories to share. We talked about
people in common and other editors she had sent me to talk to. We went to
Wolfs for breakfast and I was glad to make it a low carb, hi protein meal.
Kathy gave me a goodie bag of Jaqua that was tailored to THE KID whom she
had met last Xmas eve when she came down to my house. What a sweetie and
THE KID LOVED them too. And of course I got my Jaqua pumpkin/papaya scrub
too! That took a bit longer than I planned but who cared? Not me!

We split up as she jumped on the subway and I went back to the hotel to
check on Susan. She still couldn't make the meetings so I called and
confirmed a couple more meetings and Sat plans, then hopped a cab to head
down to 16th St in Union Square for a meeting which lasted about an hour.
Then hopped another cab uptown to Barneys for a lunch meeting with two
other people I had been working with . Jennifer and Emily were fab! I have
known Emily for a long time too. (longer than Kathy) and so we had a lot to
talk about.. Updating about current gigs and stuff and then also about
latest happenings in the biz. We ate at freds at Barneys. (again I was at
Barneys. I bought these great double pronged chopstick hair pins!) Emily had
a lobster salad, jennifer had a different salad and I had a burger that I
barely ate half of but we all scarfed the French fries (served in wax paper,
in a wine glass to keep them warm and crispy!). It was almost 2:30 when we
were done and they brought me a little goodie bag of products.. WAY COOL! I
shared some with Susan. After all, one shares the largesse! I took off to
Ouidad and was there a touch early which was fine for me. I got to hydrate
with lots of water and just be quiet and not talk (boy was that different!)
I got a shampoo that was heavenly then a great carve and slice cut from
Ouidad. She cut about 1 ½ inches off the bottom and tapered the sides a bit
and made less than 10 other slices into the supporting curls. Then we did
some damage control and really conditioned the hair along with a shine
product and I spent 30 mins under the dryer. I answered phone calls/messages
under the dryer and drank more water. (something I hadn't seen much of
recently) After that, Ouidad's asst did the rinse and styling and my hair
had this long loose almost Rita Hayworth curl and the highlights glowed.
Wow. I was totally stoked. I hadn't seen my hair look so good. (and truly if
you saw the others walking out of the salon, each had that curly girl glow
and gorgeous curls!) . I left with a slew of products and headed back to the
hotel pronto.

Because this was a huge event involving local, county, state and federal
politicos honoring the NYC bomb squad, the media was scarce but the security
was tight. I was able to sneak through a gap though in one the side doors
because someone was smoking! I booked it up to the room and Susan was there
with her hair stylist . She had her makeup done at the Barneys Sue Devitt
counter (can we say she is addicted to Barneys now?) and was wearing this
incredible platinum and verdigris beaded dress that set off her figure a la
marilyn Monroe. Her hair up and gorgeous eyes and guys were dropping in her
wake. Anyway the stylist did a fab job on her hair and if you want to know
who/where to find him, email me. He's so great.

But because he was there, I couldn't just peel off the clothes. So I washed
my face and did the damage control on the makeup and then after he left and
Susan was primping, I got dressed. Susan had to run and I was already 30
mins late and I still had to iron the pleats in the top chemise of the
dress. Oh yeah. Didn't tell you about this did I? Fashiondish helped me find
this vintage dress. Two pieces. One a red orange slip dress that fit
beautifully and then a second over layer/chemise that was crew neck and
sleeveless a la mary mcfadden in a deep ruby red sheer chiffon. The color
just glows . I had applied shimmer gold to body lotion and then slipped on
the dress. Added a red leather and beaded bag along with my Donald Pliner
sandals (wave to Cheryl) and a vintage gold Swarovski bracelet/cuff and some
great -no FABULOUS silk macrame and faceted garnet chandelier earrings.
Wow.. they looked great.

Softly smoked eyes. Slightly reddened lips and a shimmer of gold everywhere along with some sexy graffiti and I was out the door with my hot pink pashmina. Someone at the elevator asked me if I was going to the theater, I
said no . just black tie down stairs

Anyway I missed the Scotch bagpipes but grabbed a glass of champagne (the
first of 3) and went inside to our table. Met the others at our table (Susan's table actually) and talked. Listened to some speeches, presentations,
awards and videos. VERY cool. Dinner was good and while we waited for
dessert, there was a great band and also another speech from a fed asst to
Rumsfeld who used the opportunity to talk about the war in Iraq. which wasn't right since this was about the NYC bomb squad. Anyway great dessert after
he was done and 2 more presentations and more dancing, coffee and champagne.
About 11 pm I was about to call it a night, had one last dance and headed
back upstairs. Susan instead went on and down to the bar and then out to Rosie O Grady's for a burgers and didn't roll in till about 4:30!!

More later on Sat adventures.
sorry about the formatting. something went wrong. will edit more later!


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I got this at Costco for $32. I figured, either it's crap and I'm screwed $32, or else it's great and I can get more later on at Costco. (They had some interesting stuff for the same price.)

The bottle has a stopper, so you can just touch the perfume on rather than having to put some on your finger.

So far it smells pretty good! I'd seen Samsara spray at Costco before (I don't remember the concentration, just that it was a spray) and Azzura eau de toilette.

Friday, November 28, 2003
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Arghhhhh!!!!!! I'm gonna kill myself. I do own 1 Milani blush, "Wine and Roses," but I've never worn it as a blush. I got it to fiddle around with it as eyeshadow. Didn't work (the colors were not quite "it") but the quality was good.

Well ya just saved me $3. Thank you. :)

If you've ever tried Rimmel blush...don't. I got one called "Santa Fe Rose" I do believe. Similar price or even cheaper. Looked great in the pan. But the same deal--didn't go on too nicely--and orange.

I will have to try some of the shadows though. They do look good.

Lancome does make the best blush. I have not tried much else Lancome...I suspect they're basically a better-quality, more expensive L'Oreal. i.e. if you like it in L'Oreal (L'Oreal does make good blushes), you'll like it better, and $$, in Lancome.

I had Lancome "Rose Charmant" (thanks to Arabella, who kindly donated it to me) forever. I wore a nice hole in the center. sigh It's been discontinued but last time I looked, the Lancome blushes were still excellent.

I wear blush but not in the summer. I thought I'd do some experiment by trying out a MAC blush (it's somewhat cheaper than Lancome at $16.50). Not quite as good. It lasts respectably and it's beautiful, where Lancome lasts forever and you can't beat the color with a stick. Buuuuut, again I want to see how long it lasts for me. I used the Lancome so slowly it got old.

My two-lippy experiment is going well. I'm putting a nice dent in my Sweet Sorbet but it's not going too quickly.

The thing is this. I hate throwing away makeup. I will toss it once it gets old. Hence, I would like to own the right amount of makeup, if that makes any sense. Not too little so that I get bored or feel deprived. But not so much that I can't use it up and end up having to throw it away.

So far...I had to pitch one of my MAC lippies, "Delish." Good lippy but it dried out after about a year and a half.

If I stick with the two lippies, I don't see having to pitch either of them. I could possibly add on a third but that's for later on in the experiment.

Blush = MAC. Let's see if I get my $16.50 worth.

Foundation...don't care. I got Zia foundation in "Mica." It's $15 which is about what I'd have to pay for L'Oreal. However many batches of tinted sunscreen I get out of it is OK. I might try keeping it in the fridge to see if it either lasts longer or turns weird.

Powder...still need to try MAC Blot.

Eyepencils...again who cares? I have 3 now--L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl "Raisin," MAC "Wine," trusty Revlon "Brown Suede." These last a good long time so I'm not too concerned.

Shadows...I had to throw away my remaining SK's. They got kinda funny and they're easy enough to replace. The rest of my stash...MAC and TBS...are keeping well.

Haircolor...the Feria components are working well. I'm still using up one of the colors (Intense Gold) but I haven't had to throw anything out yet.

Shampoo...I knew I had to make a commitment. "Bad" shampoos, take forever to get rid of. Ditto conditioners.

Perfume...I need two. I have one (since I can't wear my Chanel No. 5, I have to use it to scent jackets with...the ignominy...). I wear only my Givenchy Organza. Which is great and keeps wonderfully well (I've had it for years) but now it's going too fast.

Sheesh what a ramble. I look at it, as Phase II. Phase I was figuring out what was good; Phase II is making it scientific. :)

Did the lipliner work out? It's a terrific idea. Bet it looks great!


Thursday, November 27, 2003
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Milani was easier to find around here than I expected. Wal-greens had a full display. I bought Luminous Blush. I think it was $3.99. It was a disappointment. It applied chalky and choppy, turned orange on me and then faded away in about an hour. I have a small Lancome blush that came in a GWP. Its the best blush I've ever owned. I'll probably save up and spring for a full-sized one if/when this tiny one runs out. I don't wear alot of blush nor do I wear it very often, so it'll most likely last awhile.

The Milani eyeshadows were stunning though. I didn't buy any, but I'm sure I will try them sooner or later.

I checked out the Loreal line for burgundys. *phew* I'd forgotten how they smell. The color endure "wine and dine"? is that different than the original CE burgundy that was such a good color? Probably, I'm thinking the name of that one was "wine with everything"? or something. L'Oreal lippies now cost $7-$8 and the cheepo in me balks at spending that much on an untried, unreturnable lipstick.

OH! HEY! My MAC lipliner is burgundy. *duh* How did I forget that until just now? I bet that over some burtsbees balm will work.
Running off to go try it now........

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
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I am more than pleased to add a link in the Links section to:

Suze's Stuff

Color descriptions of OPI nailpolishes (more than 300 shades), plus L'Oreal On-the-Loose shimmering powder descriptions and a list of Lipsmackers.

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Erm...I did a little more zen shopping today.

Really disappointing. I went to a Longs Drugs that used to be good. Next to nothing there. They had Milani but no "Antique Gold" or "Deep Desire" and the Luminous's were...different colors? I think the stuff was old.

The Shine Delice's, had "Last Chance" stickers on them. I think they got the axe.

Checked the Colour Riche's. Hum. No burgundy jumped out and said "Buy me." But then, as I say, that Long's kinda sucked.

Maybe Revlon is a better shot. Seemed to have more selection amongst the Super Lustrous.


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Okee...we've also been given the kind permission to link here:


This is for your MAC nuts...color descriptions, looks, library, collections...


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Hmmm...about that burgundy lipstick.

L'Oreal is...constantly changing shade names/formulas. The thing is, they always end up making the same shades. They throw in a couple high fashion, changeable things. But for something like burgundy...if you like L'Oreal burgundies, there will always be one there.

Off the top of my head, there was one that people were raving about a while back. It's from the Shine Delice line. I can't remember the shade name. Aha! Cranberry Pop. (I'm looking on MUA...the wonders of the Internet lol)

Now L'Oreal fairly recently made Sheer Colour Riche's. Fewer colors to choose from, but essentially the same thing.

And there's one called Cherry Cola. Hm. I would start there...and check out the Colour Riche's. But I think Shine Delice tastes better. Or it depends on how you feel about L'Oreal's odd rose oil scent, if they still use that.

I have heard the Endless 8-hour Colour ones don't last for squat.

That's all I can think of re L'Oreal and their lippies. If I were looking for burgundy at the drugstore, I would check L'Oreal first. They're the best.


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Whoopee!!!!! I got permission to link to Madeleine's Twisted Pages.

I have another link request in the pipe...it's a MAC fans site. And there is an OPI one as well.


Monday, November 24, 2003
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Another one from aromaboutique.com:

Save $5 on your first order at AromaBoutique.com



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Okee dokee...another Lancome offer:

Start Date: 11/19/2003
End Date: 12/12/2003

Description: With any purchase at lancome.com, receive a free Juicy Tubes sample in Hot Cider plus Black Book's first ever Shopping Guide. Offer available while supplies last, so don't delay. Just enter SHOP at checkout.

Offer Code: SHOP

Free Juicy Tubes @ Lancome.com with any purchase!


Sunday, November 23, 2003
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Our Big Lots here changed 180 degrees. It used to be pretty good. I remember getting, say, a couple mint condition L'Oreal blush sticks...Pink Perle and Plum something. Ack. Not the icy plum one, the other one. The red plum color (might have been called Red Plum). For a few bucks each.

Then they would have any number of discontinued colors of L'Oreal, Bonne Bell, Maybelline, all sorts of stuff, in perfect condition. On the Loose powders, yadda yadda...

This time quite frankly it was awful. They had these Almay lipsticks on cards. The lipsticks...had gone bad. You could see the colors had gotten mottled and messed up. They also had L'Oreal powder blushes and the blushes were all smashed up. Blasphemy really.

Longs Drugs is the one store around here that carries Milani. I've seen Milani online...ulta.com...but the selection is not complete.

The Milani shadows, are sort of like old Jane shadows in that they are different, color-wise. There's one called Storm that looked like an interesting, extremely dark blue, slate color. The purple one, Deep Desire, looked good too. I am really trying to remember Purple Heart and if they are similar.

Java Beans looked like purple with a lot of gold, or bronze actually. Not bright gold. Antique Gold looked quite pretty. It was a dark green with gold.

There's more...Flare reminded me of old Jane "Heavy Metal." It's almost red with some orange and brown. More of a blue eyes color I'd say.

They have other stuff...pencils and so forth...but not impressive.

Now the blush...there are several well-noted subs for Orgasm. I've tried Prestige Silk but it was too orange on me. Then there is Maybelline Pink Tangerine (don't know if they make it anymore) and now this Luminous. Luminous looked pretty in the pan, more pink than orange I'd say.

You want me to CP some Milani for you? It might be a lot easier than trying to find it...outside of Longs Drugs I don't know who else carries it.

Ooooooohhhh...I was gonna mention. They opened a Marshalls reasonably near me. Yay! I was there yesterday but didn't have much time to look thoroughly.

Do you have Marshalls? It's like Ross Dress for Less or T.J. Maxx. A tad more expensive and better stuff.

I will probably get more socks...what I'm doing is replacing my old Costco six-pack socks since they're wearing out. Aside from that they have children's clothes, handbags, shoes, the whole shmeer.


Saturday, November 22, 2003
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I am definitely going to have to try and hunt down Milani in my town. I'm thinking Wal-Greens might have it.

Bare Escentuals is on QVC tomorrow, I want to watch the show if only to see if I can glean any better application tips. I really do like the mineral foundation.

There is a set in the catalog that was sent along with my order that really intrigues me. It has in it a shimmery peachy-pink blush, similarly colored e/s, a glimmer that looks alot like Magic Mushroom and a burgundy lipcolor. While I'd love to try the mineral makeup, I'm not sure I can spring another 32$+shipping. Plus, my order took such a ridiculous amount of time to get here, I'm a little gun-shy of ordering by mail again. But that color combo has piqued my interest. I am self-professed queen of recreating expensive makeup looks with cheeeeap items, so I'm going to start looking. I'm thinking the Prestige line might have what I'm looking for and if I can find Milani. That Antique Gold shadow sounds like it might work. Magic Mushroom didn't work all that well for me. The BE blush sounds alot like Orgasm now that I think of it, doesn't it?

Even if I can't find the blush and e/s, I am definitely going to be on the hunt for a burgundy lipstick. Thats one color I've not had in my stash for years. What was the name of that lovely Loreal burgundy from years back? BAH! There was that one and a beautiful rose, Color Endure, I think they were. Those have been axed a long time, yes? No? My memory fails me. A rich, deep, ripe burgundy sounds perfect now for the holidays.

I poked around my Big Lots too and it had crap. Why am I surprised? The longhair boards reported that Big Lots also had Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner for like $1.75.
Nope. Not here.
All they had in jane were Cinnamon Stick and something Penny lippies.

I caught sight of my reflection tonight in the window while we were dining at Wendys. I had this perfect ivory and rose complexion. It took me a second to realize it was my reflection and not someone on the outside. strange.

I think when I take inspection of my face, skin and makeup I am nose to the mirror and that looks alot different than when standing several feet back from a window reflection. It was still an odd feeling moment, not recognizing myself and realizing I look alot better, WAYYYY better, than I think I do when I'm nose to nose with my mirror.

~carol m.

Friday, November 21, 2003
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Well I went on a zen haul today. Aside from the two chokers (see the Fashion Blog), I didn't get anything.

I dunno...sometimes the point is not so much to buy a lot of stuff. It's to get out of the house and do something mindless and entertaining.

I finally saw two items I'd been thinking about for a long time, both Milani. One is the "Antique Gold" eyeshadow. Interestingly, it's...green. It's a dark gold with a distinct green cast. Reminded me of Jane "Magical Mushroom" but gold and green rather than gold, brown and green.

(Oh yeah, I checked Big Lots to see if they had any Jane. Not even one Jane item. phhhhht)

I also saw Milani Luminous blush, which is purported to be a dead look-alike for the popular Nars Orgasm blush. It looked beautiful in the pan, I almost got it (and would no doubt love it if I had). The Antique Gold, well, I suspect it's best for brown or hazel eyes. Green shadows and brown/hazel eyes are perfect together.

It's just that I just bought MAC Blushbaby blush. I would like to commit.

Oh, and do they have shadows (Milani). There was a deep purple shimmer called Deep Desire. For the life of me, now I can't remember what Purple Heart looked like. It was too cool on me, it turned ashy. But wondering if this could be a lookalike.

There was also a redder version called Marooned. And something called Java Beans. Purple with a lot of gold. And Icy Plum...cool purple shimmer.

I gave some brief thought to buying another lipstick and decided against it. I need something reddish. Not strong red, just a little bit red on a brown base. That's for later though, as I say, I want to use what I have first.


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It's Pink Day today and I realized I don't actually own anything pink anymore. Except for a lone pink scrunchie and pink makeup.

So here it is (scrunchie and makeup). It's The Body Shop "Clover Pink" eyeshadow as a wash (this is subtly pearly, mediumish, slightly cool pink). I used MAC Vapour as a highlight on browbones (white with pink overlay). Lined with regular deep brown (Revlon Powderliner "Brown Suede").

Blush is MAC Blushbaby (rose pink). Lipstick is, well Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet" (more rose pink).


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I totally agree on the solitary Target shopping. :) I had a Wal-mart moment a couple weeks ago. I was there for two hours.

The SK brushes...lessee...I have the travel set, the crease brush, and the smudge brush.

Of these, the blush brush (from the travel set) is the best (and I'll guess your powder brush is similar, just bigger). It is slightly unbelievable how cheap these are, yet how very, very good.

In that same set, there are also the small and medium eyeshadow brushes and this brow brush/mascara comb thingy.

Of these, I use the medium e/s brush the most. They also sell a large eyeshadow brush but I never bothered buying it since the medium one works fine for washes, lids, etc. If you're starting from scratch though I would check out the large e/s brush and see if it looks more useful.

The small eyeshadow brush...it's handy for general contouring.

The brow brush/mascara comb thingy--I've never used it. I put it aside long ago. I don't use mascara and I don't brush my brows (being as I don't use brow makeup).

The crease brush...depends on how picky you are about crease brushes. It is not the best crease brush. The $$ ones, if I understand correctly, have a finer edge (at least part of the brush should be thin and fine) to make a more precise crease. The SK one is not particularly fine.

It's good for me because I don't typically do a crease anyway. Once in a while I'll want to do an actual crease. For that, the SK one works fine.

The smudge brush...it's little and cute but I hardly ever use it.

*In short*...if you're up for a blush brush, I can rec the SK one. Costs a few bucks, it's luxurious and fantastically easy to use and never ever sheds.

If you're up for a wash brush, I'd check out the large and medium e/s brushes.

If you want a little brush for contouring, the small e/s brush is good.

If you don't own a crease brush, the SK one is a good cheap thrill but there are better crease brushes out there.

My best advice is to pass on the smudge brush.

I have been looking for more berets actually. Haven't found any that I liked yet.

And I have seen the striped socks. Lmk how yours wear, k?


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Target Haul!
I actually went Target shopping last night all by myself. Alone! It was lovely. Solitary shopping at Target is SO good for the soul. Brown sugar and heavy cream in coffee has got to be a close second.

I scored:

SK powder brush
Striped cashmere knee socks
purple long sleeve tee
baby blue fuzzy beret.

That SK brush absolutely rocks. Holey moley! How did I miss the bandwagon on these brushes? I've not even used it yet but I'm headoverheels in love with it. I want more. I will have the entire collection!

Knee socks. My Target has a pathetic supply of cool socks. However, these are cool. Only5% cashmere on the label, but its Target and they were 3.99$ so I'm not complaining. They're striped. The top and toe are hot fuchsia pink and then there are various random sized and colored strips in between. Odd colors, grey, olive, baby blue, brown, the pink again. Love them.

Purple tee. I snagged this for 50% off so it was 4.98$. The dollar sign is supposed to go in front of the price, isn't it? Oh well. I like it in the back. Just a plain knit longsleeve shirt. Its got a nice scoop neck and some pretty embroidery around the wrists and neckline.

Beret. So cute. It matches my heavy winter coat and it will go nicely with my black wool peacoat too. I have difficulties finding winter hats that fit over my hair when its in an updo. Berets have been suggested on the longhair boards I visit. I figure if both the boards and Josie recommend beret wearing, who am I not to give it a try?

~carol m.~

Thursday, November 20, 2003
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Hmmm...I've been more than happy with my SK brushes. I've had them for...years, literally, about three years. They have not shed one single hair. I'd remember.

They wash well too, quite easy. I just use my Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash and warm water. Then I rinse in warm water and squeeze out extra moisture in the heads by wrapping them in a clean towel.

Then, just air dry. They'll look a tad fuzzy at first, but when they're completely dry, it's easy to fluff/pinch the heads back into shape.

I am not sure which brush one would use for mineral foundation :) I'll guess it's the powder brush. If it's anything like the SK blush brush, it's fantastic. Nice and soft and silky and lush.

Let us know how the Bare Escentuals works out. We have a link to a BE page, I got it from a member of MUA:

BE Color Comparisons

In fact if you go back, there's more:

BE Addicts Forum


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My QVC makeup order FINALLY came today. I'm a little miffed that it took so dang long to get here. I placed the order Thursday afternoon, supposedly it shipped Friday, Priority Mail and it just got here this afternoon. Thats a wee bit long, IMO. It came from either VA or NC to Indiana. DH got a package, priority mail, from Washington (state) to Indiana in two days.

On to the most important issue at hand, the makeup.

I ordered Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup Foundation in Light.
The thing I am most impressed with is how miniscule of an amount you actually use. I am going to have to get used to the application technique. I didn't order their brush and I am going to have to get a better one. I've read good things about using a SK brush, so I'll be off to Target tonight.

The powder itself looks impossibly dark and yellow in the tub. On my face, it works. The more I "buffed" it, the better the color match and coverage got. I do feel alittle bit "tight" on my face but I remembered that I'd forgotten to put moisturizer on after my shower this morning, so that will be an easy fix. Its going to be interesting to see if my skin reacts to it or not.

So far though, I like it. Alot. I can see why this mineral makeup is all the rage.

~carol m

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
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Speaking of mineral makeup, check this out:

Kathy Duncan's Minerals

This is from Kath's site:

Right Brain Left Click

I am going to link permanently to Kath's site. Excellent work as always.


Monday, November 17, 2003
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On MUA today:

yahoo, big lots today...

yup, they had eyezings...
Twilight Zone
Purple Heart
Blue Jeans
Deeply Green
and like 6 or 7 Magical Mushrooms... heheh yes i'm swapping them all...

i got a couple radiances too... and Smart Cookie Lip Balms (mmm).... Some Jane Lip Hugger Lipstick, some Bonne Bell cool shine lipsticks... uhhh.. yeah... hehe. I love big lots.

Okay anyone interested in swapping can find the post. I am just intrigued that Big Lots is selling old Jane. We have one here...it used to be MacFrugal's.

I may be able to get out to Big Lots. Anyone interested in this stuff? If I can find Purple Heart or Magical Mushroom, I'll buy some. And I'll see if they have any LC.


Sunday, November 16, 2003
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Hullo, we've got a new affiliate:


Saturday, November 15, 2003
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Hmmm...that is one major detox.

I'll guess the jojoba oil, and the olive oil, are doing their job to unclog pores. I know I read that somewhere--certain oils do that. Jojoba oil is one of the best ones.

What sort of mineral makeup? Is it the Bare Escentuals one?


Friday, November 14, 2003
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The olive oil is supposed to be moisturizing and the castor oil purportedly has drawing properties. So, if you're acne prone the mix should be 75% CO to 25% EVOO if you're drier then reverse it, 75%EVOO to 25% CO. I started with 75/co-25/CO and its too drying/drawing to my face, I'm really super tight feeling afterwards, so I made my mix about 50-50 each. I'll give that a try tonight and see if it helps. I've not used the mix to moisturize afterwards, I just use jojoba and maybe a spray of lavender water.

My skin looks good. Its that time of the month when I can break out with a monster zit and so far I've not had any major blemishes at all. I've had a few small red spots come up, but they've not come to a head and most are starting to fade.

I do notice ALOT of blackheads. More than I've ever seen on my face before and on places I've never,ever seen blackheads. To me, this is a good thing, all the junk is coming up out of my pores. I do gently squeeze or scrape some of them off/out. Mostly, I just leave my skin alone and figure nature will take its course.

I've had this weird rash on my chin for ages. It comes and goes. It'll get red, itchy flaky sometime and sometimes bumpy. I've had no idea what it actually is. Its getting better now. I think it was from my toothpaste. I've brushed with baking soda and mouthwash the past few days.

So, I'm not using shampoo on my hair, soap on my face or body, or toothpaste. I'm also trying different variations of natural deodorants as well. No, I do not stink. Not one bit. The best deo I've found so far is a mix of baking soda, cornstarch and lavender oil. I've read that not using soap on ones body actually changes the bacteria culture on your skin, people have gotten less stinky not using soap. We'll see how that goes.

I also came across one of the best de-tox programs here:

I'm hoping to try this myself soon.

I'm also hoping my mineral makeup order will be here soon. I can't wait to give that a try.


Thursday, November 13, 2003
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Now for the face stuff. :)

Hum. Yes, I have also had excellent results with jojoba oil. I'm lazy about using it...I just mix some into my tinted sunscreen. But applying it straight to the face...a few drops...does simultaneously unclog pores, moisturize and de-flake.

It's cheap too, since a little goes a long way. I'm still working my way through the 4 oz. bottle I bought--? I don't even remember when I bought it.

I don't think it's odd at all to cleanse with oil. I don't think it's oil itself that clogs pores or even makes skin oily. My skin is naturally oily but putting jojoba oil on it every day does not make it oilier.

Now the EVOO/CO method...wow. The hot washcloth sounds divine. Do you use equal parts EVOO and CO?

I have some EVOO in the kitchen :). Castor oil though, I'd have to buy that.

Please post what happens...enquiring minds want to know!


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This is taken from a poll on LP...I'll post it here for posterity. *g*

The poll q is "What is your make up 'look'?", posted by anemone (Lina).

...I have 3 "modes"--lazy, natural, and "more."

Lazy is what I normally wear. It is as follows:

* tinted franken-sunscreen and powder. I always put this on no matter what, as it is sunscreen, and I need the powder since my skin tends to get oily.
(sunscreen = TerraSport sunscreen mixed with jojoba oil and Zia liquid foundation in "Mica"--neutral beige)
(powder = Almay Oil Blotting pressed in "Ivory"--lightish neutral beige with a tad of pink. I will replace this with MAC Blot when it's done.)

* lipstick--a cinch. I have only two lipsticks that I wear with any regularity any more...MAC Jubilee (Lustre) and Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet."
Jubilee = sheerish, peachy-ish, pinkish brownish...
Sweet Sorbet = glossy rose creme

If I really look crappy I will take the time to put on eyepencil.
L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl "Raisin" = dark purple. It's more of a dark plum than a raisin imo.
MAC "Wine" = red-purple.
Revlon PowderLiner "Brown Suede" = discontinued. A deep brown powder liner. Will replace with the L'Oreal Wear Infinite one.

Or blush.
MAC Blushbaby. Just got this. Really natural, rose stain. This replaces my Lancome "Rose Charmant" Blush Subtil. Admittedly it is not as good as the Lancome, but I don't use blush often enough to invest more.

"Natural" is same as above, but with eyeshadow thrown in.

I have loads of shadows now. No, I don't think there's anything garish about purple and green.

In fact I had an epiphany when I first tried purple and orange together. I got the idea from the Nars Babylon duo that Dain and Carol were talking about.

Purple and orange are perfect for green or hazel eyes. I'll wager it also works for blue.

For "natural," I'll use one or two shadows.
MAC Vapour = very light pink, more of a white with a pink note. Great base/wash shade.

MAC Sable = dark red-brown shimmer. It's a lot of shadow so just a bit to line or do a sideways "v" in outer corners...something like that.

TBS "Damson" = rich yet sheer purple with gold shimmer.

TBS "Clover Pink" = eh...nice, but not as versatile as Vapour so I probably won't replace it. Light pearlescent pink, wash or base shade.

MAC "Samoa Silk" = orange with a touch of pink. Lid shade.

MAC "Laven-dah!" = light pinky lavender matte, wash or lid.

MAC "Swish" = subtle magenta shimmer.

MAC "Shroom" = well everyone has this?

I have other stuff I don't use as often...TBS "Taupe," ( nice taupe but well, taupe), MAC Colour Cream Base in "Pearl" (still playing with how to un-crease it).
As far as combining shadows...it's mix and match pretty much.

* best green eye popper look: orange on lids, contoured with purple, lined with more purple (Samoa Silk, Damson, Raisin pencil)

* boring ol' pink and purple eye - it looks great but I've done it so many times. Pink base--Vapour or Clover Pink. Contour with plum--Damson. Line with Wine or Raisin pencil.

* subtle green eye popper--Vapour as a wash, Sable in a sideways "v" on outer corners.

* other purple eyes...lavender or magenta as a wash (Laven-dah! or Swish), lined with purple (Wine or Raisin)...well you get the idea.

I don't use Shroom a lot. When I do, I line with deep brown (Brown Suede). It's very neutral but it looks good too.

"More" is for occasions, which I don't have too many of. It's the same makeup, only more of it...I'll do eyes, blush, lipstick, etc.

In fact I do not any more own a dressy lipstick. The last one I had was "Red Zin" by Hemp Organics. It dried out and I pitched it.

Hum. I'll have to do something about that sometime.


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I really can not believe how well and how fast using jojoba oil on my face has helped my skin. Its really starting to clear up and the old red marks are starting to fade. I think I've been using it a week. Good, good stuff!

Ok, OCM or oil cleansing method. This is a really interesting and fascinating thing. I'll post what I copied off of a longhair board, I'm thinking it was LHC and I have no idea who authored it, but I want to give credit where it is due.

(EVOO=extravirgin olive oil/CO=castor oil)

The Routine:
Massage a substantial amount (the cup of your palm, while hand is held open) of EVOO/CO into your face and neck.

This is to be done over makeup or any visible dirt. Take this time to give yourself a facial massage. Really work the oil into your skin. Take your time, breathe deeply, and relax. Sit down to do this if it helps.

You, of course, do not have to sit and relax, but keep in mind that stress isn't good for your skin and you should take any moment you can to destress and let tension float away.

Take a washcloth, terry cloth or flannel preferred, and soak it in steamy hot water. Wring it out and drape it over your face.

What we are doing is steaming your face as an esthetician would, but without the steam machine. You want to open your pores. This helps release any impurities from deep within your pores.

As the washcloth begins to cool, gently wipe the oil and dirt away. This will also help remove any dead skin cells that are stubbornly clinging on.

Rinse the washcloth out in hot water and wipe away any remaining impurities. You may have to do this two or three times more to remove any remaining dirt and oil residue, but it will come off leaving your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow. No additional cleansing is necessary.

After you have rinsed well, you can either splash your face with cool water to help tone and close your pores, or if your face feels tight, you can moisturize.

If your skin feels tight, take a tiny drop of your EVOO/CO, rub it between your clean, damp palms and pat it into your damp skin. Massage any oil residue into your skin so there is no film of oil left sitting on the surface. Being prone to breakouts, myself, I've found that this is perhaps the most important step"

I did this routine last night. I thought my face would be a mess when I woke up this morning, but it wasn't. In fact, its looking good. Only more time will tell if this really works or not, but it's going to be fun to try. I have noticed today that alot of blackhead on my face have kinda come up to the surface of my skin. A brief, gentle squeeze or scrape and they come off.

There are entire threads about OCM not only for ones face but for the entire body. Interesting reading, for sure.


Wednesday, November 12, 2003
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Okay I'm a complete clod. I went to Madeleine's Twisted Pages and I can't find an email address for her?

Do you know her on the hair boards? I'd love to link to her site from our Beauty Links page.


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Wow...that's a lotta hair.

I knew someone once who had super long hair. I'm trying to remember what she used on it. I think she would wash only the top...sort of like washing the scalp without washing the entire hair. I do remember she used Humectress to condition it.

Good luck with the hair experiments. I have often heard that if your hair is not greasy, it can be washed with plain water at least some of the time.

And I've heard that it's washing every day with shampoo that makes hair greasy in the first place. i.e. if you don't wash it every day, then you won't need to wash it every day.

I myself though, become a greaseball...and always did, even back in the days creak when people did not wash their hair every day. It was still being disputed when I was young, as to whether washing every day would damage hair. In fact I remember a shampoo commercial...Prell? Pert? forget the brand...that said your hair would look just as fresh on the second day. Meaning you would wash your hair every other day.

Sweet Sorbet!!!!! What's odd about mine--it wasn't shiny when I first started using it. Only after I'd used it a couple times did it strike me as "Wet Shine." Now it's kind of cool since I'm too lazy to do a separate gloss.

I've been using Sweet Sorbet exclusively for the past week or so. Ever since I discovered I was using up MAC Jubilee too quickly. Interestingly, S.S. seems to go more slowly than Jubilee. I've hardly dented it yet.

Not much else, beauty-wise. Still dithering about L'Interdit, Samsara or Azzura.


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I bought a tube of "Sweet Sorbet" this morning. Its nice. A hair on the cool side for me but its still a nice everyday color.

I've been having problems getting my hair up into a bun. Its so long and thick that it gives me a headache sometimes when its in a bun. I found a nifty way to fix that problem.
First, I skimmed off a top layer of hair and twisted that into a little bun and secured it with a cotton scrunchy. Then, I parted my remaining hair into 2 sections, one over my left shoulder and one over my right. I twisted first one section and wrapped it around the 1st bun, then did the same to the 2nd section and secured the entire thing with a velvet scrunchy. This seems to take most of the stress off my scalp and distributes the weight of my hair a little better.

I've also decided to see if I can grow my hair at least down to my waist. I'm trying an experiment of washing my hair using conditioner rather than shampoo. I've only used shampoo once since Thursday last week. I should post a link to the article, it explains it better and in more detail than I ever could.

I'm also having good results from using jojoba oil on my face. I've been using it for 3 days now and my skin is really looking better. So much better that I'm going to try using oils to clean my face with. I'll have to find the link. On yet another long-hair board there are tons of posts advocating the "OCM" oil cleansing method. You use a mix of extra-virgin olive oil and castor oil. I've not tried this yet but will start tonight. I'll keep results posted.

I ordered some mineral makeup off of QVC today. Again, good things have been read about this on various boards. Will post my experiences with this as well.

There's a really great little health food store 3 miles from my house and there today I bought a brush to use for dry brushing my skin. Years ago, a friend of mine did this and I've always wanted to dry it. Supposed to be good for your skin and body in several different ways all of which are escaping me right now.

~carol m

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FYI...Trader Joe's has been expanding their bath/body stuff. I saw a Rosemary Mint Body Butter ($6 I think), R.M. shower gel as well as the shampoo and conditioner they had before.

There's also a lavender bath/body oil, a bunch of body scrubs...I'm not into it much, but I'll bet it's good stuff for a good price.


Monday, November 10, 2003
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Okee dokee...I actually managed to get out and get my blush.

Interesting...I didn't bring what's left of my Lancome "Rose Charmant." I just asked the SA there what she would recommend. She said Blushbaby...I tried it.

I also noodled around with some others...Pinch of Peach (nice but a tad too strong for me), Angel (not bad but not quite deep enough in color)...

I ended up with the Blushbaby. As soon as I got it home, I realized it was in fact quite similar to Rose Charmant.

I put Blushbaby on one cheek and Rose Charmant on the other. You really cannot see much difference.

On a prejudiced note, the Lancome is still a weeeeeee bit better. I think so. For my blush purposes though, I am happy with the MAC.

(BTW, that's also the remains of Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet," I suppose I should have touched up for the pic!)

Oh yeah, and I also tried two out of three of the perfumes (I couldn't find Azzura for some reason). I have Samsara on one hand and L'Interdit on the other.

Wow! They both smell divine. I put a good big spray on too to make sure I wouldn't get a skin reaction the way I did with Chanel No. 5 sigh

The L'Interdit set...eh...not overly impressive. But nice. I didn't get to see the Samsara set.

So I still haven't decided which one to get (and in all fairness I should try the Azzura again before deciding).


Friday, November 07, 2003
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Hey! :)

Hummm...I have been battling acne since...1995. I really don't know what causes it. I've been reading about it on the Net since...1998.

All that said, only a few things I've tried have worked for me over the long run.

One is not eating regular (hormone raised) beef. (I do realize you're on the Veg Pledge so that can't be it.)

Two is taking a multi-vitamin. The weird thing is that my skin starts breaking out if I stop taking the dang thing for even a few days.

The theory is that the food we eat, itself, has changed. It's no longer as nutritious as it once was. So even if you're eating a healthy diet, you're still getting less nutrition than it would seem.

I was skimming a "health food nut" book...Rodale I think...that was written in the '70's. And the guy was going on and on about how you can't get the nutrients you need from just eating food anymore. One of the examples he gave was of teenagers getting acne.

Now...did teenagers always get acne? Or not? Did they ever get less acne than they do now? I have no idea. Teenagers got acne when I was a teenager.

But adults didn't. And now everyone is acting as if adults always got acne.

Anyhow enough of the babble. I stand by my no-hormone-beef and multi-vitamin treatment.

Jojoba oil...I still use this. It is good. I mix mine with the sunscreen I use. I know you're not supposed to do that but I won't wear sunscreen at all if it means adding another layer to my face.

Hummm...I'll have to agree on the Gucci Rush. It smells good, but it's not as inspired and complex as the Givenchy stuff.

Tarnish eh? That sounds pretty. I think if you have brown in your eyes, then green is a good choice.

I'm hitting a makeup boondoggle these days. Part of it is sheer laziness. I just colored my hair, ergo I look okay without eye makeup or much makeup at all. Ergo I don't bother putting it on.

Lmk how the Nature's Gate Jojoba conditioner works out. I never did try their conditioners...I'm a former shampoo ho, but I've never actually been a conditioner ho. Hence I have not tried too many conditioners.

I have tried the Avalon Lavender shampoo however (see above). It does smell tee-rific. It was too conditioning for me though.

In fact...it took me a very long time to get my hair routine down. The key is to find a shampoo that cleans your hair, but does not overly clean it. Nor overly condition it. I was really at the point of giving up and settling for Nature's Gate Organics shampoos...which are good shampoos, I'm not dissing them...but even those shampoos were a tad touch too stripping for my hair.

I define "too stripping" as, I have to use deep conditioner. I really don't want to use deep conditioner on a regular basis. (Do you sense a ramble coming on here?) The problem is that it travels from my ends (dry, I do bleach my hair) to my scalp (naturally oily) and then my hair gets oily.

"Way too stripping" would cover most drugstore shampoos, the ones with the lauryl/laureth stuff in them. Now those--if I use them long enough, my scalp freaks out and does a deeply itchy thing.

"Too conditioning"...that's when my hair gets weighed down. "Way too conditioning" means my scalp freaks out and gets super oily.

It's a long way to Tipperary, a long way to go...anyhow I finally found my Holy Grail of shampoos, the Trader Joe's Rosemary Mint shampoo.

No! It does not lather, much. It barely lathers at all. I was skeptical the first couple of times I used it because I didn't feel it was cleaning my hair.

But it does clean my hair. My hair never feels dirty.With this, I use my existing Grail of daily conditioners--Neutrogena Clean Volume (light green). I condition only the ends. I would say less than a quarter-sized amount.

I've been doing this routine through two bottles of the conditioner--it lasts forever, practically. And I'm on my second bottle of the shampoo.

Ya got long hair!!!!! Good, you can do the Legolas thing too. Oh I'm way too lazy to actually do those little braids...I just got one of those hairbands you can stick in your hair and forget about it...I have a pic of it somewhere...

I'm actually supposed to get my hair cut but I always like to grow it out until the old man complains about it...*g*


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I've found a really good eye combo. Jane Tangy e/s and my MAC Tarnish liner. Orange and moss green. It works really well. Not quite as good as the Tangy/PurpleHeart combo, but a good 2nd choice.

Jane Tangy really is a decent orangey color. That Loreal "peach sorbet" duo is crap. Tangy is better and from what I've heard, going to be discontinued by the monkeys that run Jane. I don't care enough about it to run out and stock up on it. I finally threw away a Jane Pretty in Pink. I'd had it for at least 3 years I'm guessing. Colors come and colors go, so the news that a fav of mine is or is about to be axed no longer throws me into the panic it used to.

Lips- I've been doing W&W666 liner with MAC ohbaby gloss. I just wish the gloss wasn't so dang sticky. Long hair+sticky gloss+ windy day= YUCK.

Just bought some new hair stuff from the healthfood store. Pure Jojoba oil. My skins been not only dry and flaky but breaking out as well. All the usual acne remedies turn me into a tight, dry, flaky mess. I'm hoping the jojoba will help both flakes and zits. Nature's Gate Jojoba hair conditioner, I read good reviews of this over on a hair board I sometimes frequent. Avalon Lavender Shampoo. Smells good and has absolutely NO harsh detergents. Now that my hair has gotten so long ( its below my bra strap), its really starting to dry out and get some frizz. I've got such an oily scalp though that to treat my scalp it dries out my hair. I really need to break the wash every day habit, its killing my hair.

Yeah, I love holiday time for the perfume sets too. Indecence is all I ever wear. I've got a sample vial of Black Cashmere. I love that. I'd like to get a big bottle of it eventually. My aunt got me a gift set of Gucci Rush. Its good, not great. I don't wear it as often as I thought I would. I've gotten used to the thick rich sweet yumminess of Indecence. Rush just isn't as inspiring.

Thursday, November 06, 2003
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That's great!

My skin has levelled off. It's not bad enough to actually do anything about it...it's pretty good, I shouldn't complain. Yet it never did get back to its original state.

I'm trying out Trader Joe's A Midsummer Night's Cream. (Yes, that's what it's called.) It's basically a thick hand lotion. I'm not into lotions particularly but my skin gets dry in the winter. You get a fairly large bottle for $3.19. (I'll review it in the reviews section after a few more days.)

I've just been wearing Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet." I had to do eyes a couple of days back so it was MAC Vapour as a wash, with Sable in a > in outer corners (I got the > notation from Kath).

Haven't felt too tempted to buy anything new. I want to save some money because what I want is going to be expensive. I'm going to get MAC Blot, finally, and possibly a MAC blush. Also I might add on another perfume. Don't know which one yet...I like Azzura, L'Interdit, Samsara... Actually there are a whole bunch that I like...L'eau d'Issey comes to mind. I like Indecence but it's too close to Organza and I prefer Organza...

Basically I take the house...Givenchy, Guerlain, Azzaro, in this case. I'll pick which one or two scents I like best from the house.

Samsara is the only one I like from Guerlain...likewise, Azzura from Azzaro. Chanel No. 5 is my fave Chanel scent (which I bought and found out I can't wear...I have to put it inside my jackets).

Givenchy, now, I like everything they make. I can't buy all of it, so I pick the top one or two scents--Organza and L'Interdit.

So really, it will come down to Samsara, L'Interdit, Azzura. I'll go try them all again. This time I'll make sure I can wear the dang thing! I already knew what Chanel No. 5 smelled like, and I used to be able to wear it, so I didn't bother putting a big patch of the stuff on...but that's a mistake.

Anyhoo and I'll see which one has the best gift set. :)


Wednesday, November 05, 2003
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Nothing new on the makeup front here but I did see my esthetician last Saturday. My skin is apparently doing much better now. Much less reactive and sensitive (good thing too with the Winters we have here). Yay! The products are quite expensive but they're worth it. They're nice to use and I've noticed less pimples and blackheads. My skin just has a healthier appearance. I didn't have really bad skin before but I did have occasional problems. Now, nothing. I realize now the importance of using just the right products for your skin...


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Okay, I put both Lancome offers on the main beauty pages for future reference.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:06 AM (Pacific)

Okey dokey...the Lancome Gift Sets offer is good from November 3 through December 25.

Here's another one they just put on the site:

Lancôme's Holiday Treats
Start Date 11/04/2003
End Date 11/30/2003

Description ‘Tis the season to be beautiful. Lancôme treats you to a sampler of pretty portables with any $50 purchase. Get gorgeous with sample-size Définicils Mascara in Black, Rouge Absolu Crème Lipstick in Port Glace, Maquiriche Quad in Honeymoon, Coquille, Noix and Rustique, and Résolution D-Contraxol.

Just enter HOLIDAYTREATS at checkout.

Don’t delay - offer only available while supplies last.



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Oh yeah, I did a minute haul yesterday... I got an Avalon Organics lavender soap ($2.69 at Trader Joe's). It's really nice-looking actually so let's take another pic.

It smells gooooood--true lavender. It's supposed to be moisturizing also. I was going to try it, now that my Trader Jacques Ginger and Almond Exfoliant soap is almost finished (I smushed the two halves together so it's one soap again). But I'd already unwrapped a River Soap Co. Rose Geranium soap so I'll use that up first.

I am a scented soap ho. It's one of the most practical kinds of ho's. Soap keeps, it's inexpensive, you can use your unwrapped bars of it as sachets in your clothes drawers and closets... Trader Joe's has the best price around here.


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top row, left to right: "Pearl" cream colour base, Vapour, Shroom, Sable.
bottom row, left to right: Laven-dah!, Swish, Samoa Silk Veluxe.

Isn't it great to have a digital camera?

BTW these are all excellent shades to have for green eyes.

I still haven't worked out how to keep the Pearl from creasing. I am going to try it out with MAC Blot as soon as I get it (as soon as my Almay Oil Blotting pressed is finished). Otherwise it would make sense to get a proper eyeshadow base.

Are the Paints really hard to use? Any color recs?


Monday, November 03, 2003
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Okay here is the new Lancome offer:

Holiday Gift Sets

We have special offers on all gift sets. These product bundles combine the ultimate in luxury with amazing pricing.

* Miracle Luxuries: Get $143 worth of Lancôme's Miracle fragrance for only $82
* Miracle Homme: Get $104.25 worth of Lancôme's men's fragrance, Miracle Homme, for only $69.50
* Tresor Classique: The ultimate Tresor gift set with two spray sizes, Body Crème, and Bath Gel. A $235 product value for only $92!
* Jolly Juices: Five limited edition shades of Lancôme's popular Juicy Tubes. An amazing value at $35!
* Holiday Dazzlers: A little extra sparkle for the eyes and lips. A gift to be enjoyed year round at only $35.
* Plus many other gift sets!

Luxurious gift sets from Lancôme


Get 4 samples with $50 purchase at Lancôme!

Join MyLancome: Free Shipping on orders over $50


Saturday, November 01, 2003
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Hmmm...my "one lipstick policy" is working a little too well.

I've been wearing my MAC "Jubilee" lippy almost exclusively...actually I did wear it exclusively for a while. Now it has a major dent in it.

Sheesh! My MAC Delish lasted about a year and a half...maybe slightly less...before drying out on me. In theory, Jubilee should last at least a year. Meaning there's no reason to use it up so fast.

I'm alternating now with Maybelline Wet Shine "Sweet Sorbet." It's a nice little lipstick. Actually, I might "MAC" that color later on after I've used up Sweet Sorbet. It's rose...a good rose lipstick is as handy as a good peachy-nude like Jubilee.

My next purchase though, should be blush. My Lancome Rose Charmant has really finally died on me, after many a month of good service. I'm not sure what I'll replace it with yet. I love Lancome but don't use blush often enough to justify the price tag.

I'm thinking about MAC...I'm not in a hurry though. I'll wait until I'm winter pale before checking it out.

Oh yeah, y'all remind me to replace the Lancome link. They haven't put the next special up yet and the October GWP is still up.