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Saturday, February 07, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:26 PM (Pacific)

Hmmm...I wanted freckles too. I thought they would make me look more all-American. :) Besides, two of my buds had freckles.

Naaaaowwww...I have not heard anything about SK. There are certain items that I dearly love in the SK line.

Of course there are the brushes...most of my brushes are in fact, SK. Then there are certain shadows. Starlight is the best I think.

How bout Azzura?

I really like that one. It's just a really odd, eccentric perfume that I've never smelled on anyone else.

It has a lot of orange in it. And some other stuff (I'm terrible at figuring out what's actually in perfumes).

Givenchy Extravagance is another very nice, spring/summer perfume.

And L'eau d'Issey. And...Tommy Girl? I had a sample of that, I'm trying to remember what it smells like. I think it was light and flowery.

Those are where I would start (I also love the process of finding as much as actually owning the dang thing).

Oh...and L'Interdit. That's sweeter than the aforementioned but it smells good too.