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Thursday, February 05, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:01 AM (Pacific)

Is this cool or what???????? link

Erm...just had to share. I have to write the guy back. I just think it's a cool site.

Ah, Dain. Dain is...a cosmetic genius.

I don't often use the word "genius." Recently, Johnny Depp is a cinematic genius, or at least is becoming one. Jackie Chan is a known cinematic genius. You have to be able to change people's lives...in a permanent way...in a way that no one else has ever done.

So aside from all the hyperbole, I do think Dain is a genuine cosmetic genius.

To be fair, the cosmetics industry can't endorse minimalism, or even admit that there is such a thing. The industry's bread and butter is selling the notion that you can be beautiful if you buy and use a lot of makeup.

Of course that is not actually true. Women who buy and use a lot of makeup, do not actually look better than women who don't. I mean it's not proportional. At some point, it makes no difference...owning 50 eyeshadows can be the same, as Raphaelle pointed out, as owning 10. If you try putting all 50 on at the same time :) then it's actually counter-productive.

i.e. there is a distinct point when more is...less.

I have to think that maximalism...ugh another ism :) has little to do with the purported purpose of wearing makeup. i.e. to make oneself look more attractive, particularly more attractive to men. Most men I've known...do not like the "mask of makeup" look. Some dislike it more than others...and all men I've known, like some makeup on women. But not the mask.

So what is the mask? If it's not attractive to men, then to whom is it attractive? What is the function of the mask?