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Monday, February 09, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:27 AM (Pacific)

Teehee, I just wanted freckles because I liked them. I wanted one single dimple too (I liked the asymmetry of one lone dimple in on one cheek better). Hmmm, I wanted blue eyes and blonde hair that flips up too. And this was all before I turned 10...

Oh, you said you didn't know what sap green is... Think of evergreens. That's how deep the green is. And it's more yellow than blue. Kind of like a dark olive if I remember correctly. I was using the sap green as an example because all the painting books I've read (not a million but still...) name sap green as being one of your basic colours.

Ok, so I haven't said much about my stash reduction. Where was I? Oh yeah, I'd done Chanel and Urban Decay. I was getting rid of Chanel Stellaires quad and giving Chanel Nymphea one last go around to see if I really truly need it. That quad itself is so pretty. And that's how they get me sometimes. I'll see a quad or trio or even duo and the colours look so pretty next to each other that sometimes, maybe 5% of the time, I'll buy it. Then, I realize I had 2 of the 4 colours at home... I need to stop that. It only happens when I do some impulse buying or when I decide to buy something without really knowing what I want to get. So the solution is just: no more impulse buying.

OK, so next brand. What about... Nars?

Sin blush: definite keeper. It's more of a special occasion blush but I'm deeply in love with it. It gives me a sophisticated and sexy flush.

Bombshell shadow: haven't worn eyeshadow in a long time so I'm going by memory. This was a frosty grey but with a cool beige undertone. I got it because it looked so special and unique. In fact, I haven't had it for very long and haven't experimented enough with. My gut feeling is it's extremely versatile. Verdict: keeper until next purge (that'll be goodness knows when).

Istanbul eye khol: gorgeous medium blue. Cool, has a bit of a purple undertone. I'm not used to medium blues as liner but it's truly beautiful (got it because of Dain). So with Bombshell: keeper until next purge. I just need more time with it.

Emotional Rescue palette: has Orgasm blush, Cannes multiple, shadows in Lulu, Notorious, Night Fairy, and Himalayas, lipsticks in Dolce Vita, Tanganyka, Captiva, and Tobago. The blush is great for a pop of colour. I wouldn't buy a full size of it but this size is good. Cannes is a very nice rosy brown colour that can be used as blush, shadow, and lipstick. Problem is, creams crease on my lids and the texture is a bit dry on the lips for my taste. Great blush though :) Again, I wouldn't buy a full size but this is good. I love all the shadows in this palette. Lulu is a dark purple that's sheer enough to be able to do crease work. Notorious is a medium grey with a pearly sheen (beautiful). Himalayas is white with a pink iridescence (great highlight colour), and Night Fairy is light lilac with glitter (gold or silver, I forget). Notorious is the only one I would get a full size of but I wouldn't want to get rid of the others either. And the lipsticks are great. Keep in mind that I can't apply them from the tube because they're in a palette. Captiva is a dark red-plum colour. Very pretty when applied as a stain. I'd get that in a full size. Dolce Vita is a nice warmish browned pink on me. Great neutral. Tanganyka and Tobago are both browned berry shades on me, one being shimmery and the other not but a bit darker. Love them all. Verdict: this palette is a definite keeper.

Lust for Life palette: Has blushes is Amour and Mata Hari, eyeshadow duo in Tokyo, eyeshadow in New York, and lipsticks in Dolce Vita, Fire Down Below, and Pigalle. Amour is too orange for me and I don't need Mata Hari when I have Dandelion. Tokyo duo looks a lot like two shadows I got in a Lancome GWP. The darker mauve colour is very nice but I can't see myself using the light grey one. Besides, if I ever wanted it, it's in the Lancome GWP compact (along with the second shadow and a blush). Then, there's New York. It's kind of like a cross between MAC Sketch and MAC Blackberry. So a dark burgundy/mauve colour. I love love love this colour. For the lipsticks, Fire Down Below is a great red but I already have MAC Redwood (less drying) and UD Gash. I don't wear red THAT much. Dolce Vita is in the Emotional Rescue palette and Pigalle is too brown for me. And drying too. So, verdict: Lust for Life is gone. I only like the New York shadow so if I find myself really missing it, I could get a full size. It's worth it. And besides, this kit would also look great on my sister...

So one more item gone. I'm keeping way more than I'm getting rid of but that was to be expected. I'm feeling good about the progress I'm making! It'll feel liberating to have my stash down to only products I adore and "need".