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Beauty Blog (Archive): January 2004

Beauty-related advice, ramblings, epiphanies, etc.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 3:03 PM (Pacific)

Wow sounds great!

The only meager advice I can offer...I did have one of those L'Oreal On-the-Loose shadows (it was "Orb"). The going advice on the boards was to turn it over, getting some powder in the lid, then turn it upright and open it carefully. i.e. to use the powder in the lid, rather than dipping your brush into the pot.

And...eyeliner brushes vary in quality. I paid $14 for an Ecco Bella one. I probably shouldn't have ;) but, the dang thing is perfect. Perfectly hard, thin, angled head.

Not sure what to do with screamin' fuchsia lipstick...you could try dabbling it on with your fingertip. But, that never worked for me, since you'd then have to put lip balm or something else on to moisturize.

Hum. I could use a soft focus lens following me wherever I go. lol


Tuesday, January 27, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 4:15 PM (Pacific)

The Bare Escentuals "Getting Gorgeous" set contains-
Opulence Lipstick- .
bareMinerals Eye & Cheek-
Soft Focus Pure
Soft Focus Glamour
Soft Focus Romance

Liner Shadow- blueblack

Glamour Lash Mascara- blueblack

Mineral Veil

Double-Ended shaping brush
Angled blush brush

Refillable compact

It comes packaged in a heavy black, compartmentalized cardboard box. The inside is bright lacquer red. On the outside it has a picture frame for you to put a photo.

While I adore almost every piece of this set there are a few things I'm less than thrilled about.

1. The lipstick. The formula is great, scentless, creamy, very moisturizing (it contains shea butter). The color does not work for me. Its described as a bold berry. However, on me, it is a screamin' bright fuchsia/pink.

2. The Liner Shadow is incredible messy to use. I do love the color, its VERY intense and dramatic. I wish the little pots that the shadows and blushes came in had a sifter lid on them. The mineral foundation pot has one and it makes it a little easier to use and to control the amount of powder you get on your brush.

3. The mascara is just so-so. Its not bad. I'm used to Lancome Definicil so I don't think there is any other mascara out there that compares. Color is good, it doesn't flake, but it does tend to smear abit.

Ok. That all being said, I still love, love, love, love this set. It is THE best makeup purchase I have ever made. The Soft focus shadows and blushes are so beautiful. They are so soft, feminine and flattering. They're very neutral, I could see them working for almost everyone.

Pure is used as a highlight. Its a beautiful slightly pearly pink.
Glamour is a soft neutral taupe. It is used as a contour both on the lids and cheeks.
Romance is a soft rosy pinkbrown. Its used as a blush color, but I have swept abit onto my eyes when I was in a hurry and didn't want to mess with doing my eyes and it worked there as well.

These colors work together beautifully. The Glamour is THE best contour color I've ever used. I have a round face, yet using the techniques in the brochure that comes with the kit, I can add some contour and depth to my round cheeks. I brush Glamour in the hollows of my cheeks, then sweep Romance on the "apples" and blend it back towards my hairline and up towards my temples abit. Then to finish it off a hint of Pure along my jawline to "spotlight". It works well. Really well. My mom asked me if I was wearing makeup while I was visiting her last week. I answered "yes, why?". Her reply was that my skin looked so nice.

I've worn the foundation for 2 months now. I've always liked it but with the addition of the Mineral Veil makes it work even better. The Mineral Veil is like a loose powder. To quote the brochure-
"Mineral Veil the ultimate, translucent finishing touch.........that morphs into skin, infusing it with softness and light. Its the equivalent to having a soft focus lens following you wherever you go."

BE and Getting Gorgeous definitely get 2 thumbs up from me. I'll be keeping my eye on QVC for more products from this line.

Saturday, January 24, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 11:34 AM (Pacific)

Another new one...


Friday, January 23, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 5:16 PM (Pacific)

New affiliate...we'll have more perfume ones...

FragranceX.com - Up to 80% off perfume and cologne


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 12:40 PM (Pacific)

smirk Congratulations on your, erm, matrimony.

That must be one helluva kit, there.

My kids know about my makeup too. They have to. At least I don't buy that much of it now. Yup...mommy has settled down, too. But I like to have the occasional fling. I just do. I was made that way.

Here it is!

I guess I'm a bad girl
I learned to make you cry
I'm hanging my guilty conscience
Drying on the line

Love's hangover is drifting away
I'm good and ready for love
'Cause I know it's a Saturday

Heaven should help me
You are my weekend lover
Just my plaything
When it's raining
I'm just like the weather
Never the same
I canít help it
I was made that way


Please do review...I'm curious now.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:24 AM (Pacific)

Its official.
I hereby declare my makeup Monogamy.
A few weeks ago I ordered Bare Escentuals "Getting Gorgeous" kit off of QVC. I was already a convert to their mineral foundation but the kit just did me in. I have everything I'll ever need. In fact, I cleared out everything else off of my dresser. I am dedicated to my BE. I looooooooooove it.

We were in Target a few days ago just me and the kids. Walking through the main aisle, getting ready to leave, passing the makeup section. One of my sons asks "are you going to go look at makeup, mommy?"
"No." I reply, "Mommy doesn't need anymore makeup."
The 3 of them stop dead in the center of the aisle. Son#2 looks at me and says
"Who ARE you and what have you done with my real mother?"
Son#1 lays his hand across my forehead, checking for fever, asking me whats wrong and if I feel ok?
(I'm not making this up, this is a true story)
I have enough makeup. I looooove my BE. I'm set, I'm settled, I'm secure.
and I'm out of time.
I'll try and write a review of the kit offline and post it soon.


Thursday, January 15, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 1:07 PM (Pacific)

Free Shipping on $25+ orders at Beauty.com! (Expires 2/14/04)

It's the same offer as before, free shipping on $25 or more orders, but it's been extended to February 14, 2004.


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:43 AM (Pacific)

Heh heh...I put your bagel-storing tip on the Home Hints Blog. :)


posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:32 AM (Pacific)

My son had really dry skin a week or two ago. It's still a little dry but it was really dry back then.

I started using glycerin soap on him--Avalon Organics glycerin soap. It's really helped a lot. I like it myself, too, for winter. This winter seems drier than the norm...

Heh heh...well it depends on what sort of veggies you want to snack on. You can get baby carrots...they cost a bit more but it's less work and they're tastier.

Also cauliflower...it's good, raw. You just cut up the whole head into little pieces.

The real work would be celery. :) Because you have to string it and cut it up. Radishes are easy. I'm so lazy. I look for the ones that are pretty clean to begin with. :)

Iranians eat a form of this. It's called noon-o-paneer-o-sabzi. (I'll bet I just murdered the Farsi language, there.)

Noon is bread, in this case it's flatbread (pita).

Paneer is cheese. You can use goat cheese, just rinse the salt off first.

Sabzi means green herbs. Usually fresh basil leaves...you can use other stuff as well, I've seen fresh parsley leaves (the flat kind), it seems to me I've seen a few cilantro leaves thrown in there...mild green herbs, generally.

Along with this you can have radishes, radish greens as long as they're tender...scallions (you get little ones and cut off and discard the ends and most of the green, oh leave about two inches of green), and walnuts.

Here's what you do. You take a piece of the bread, add a piece of the cheese, and then add in whatever green herbs you want. It's like a little sandwich.

You eat this along with the radishes, scallions, walnuts (most people have a preference...I myself don't eat scallions).

Erm? That was a tangent. It's pretty tasty though.

I'm not sure yet which blue I want to get. It doesn't need to be an intense blue. In fact I'd prefer a more subtle blue. Like a neutral color, with a blue glint.

I'm trying out the taupe shadow with MAC Swish today. Why didn't I wear taupe before? It's too dull on its own. But combined with a colored shadow, it looks beautiful.

I'm still hot on the trail of the two-lipstick experiment. :) I'm not going to buy any lipstick until I use up one or the other. It's good; it lets you think more, overall, about what you really want.



posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 10:08 AM (Pacific)

First a quick blurb:

Now that we have an Amazon.com affiliation, I'm checking around to see what they sell (besides books).

The prices here look good; check 'em out.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:04 PM (Pacific)

According to my esthetician, my dermatitis is caused by a combination of the cold (and indoor heating which, as you said, is extremely dry) and an imbalance in my eating during the holidays together. I'm having a hard time keeping away from fruit but the good side effect has been to make me notice the small amount of veggies I was eating before. I'm making a conscious effort to eat more now. That can only be good for me... What I need to do is get more veggies that I can eat raw at work for my snacks. Thing is, I hate preparing raw veggies. I need cucumber...

I never thought of trying the jojoba oil but my esthetician sold me this balm thing to put on that's been working really well. It's called Red Clover Plus, it's organic and the ingredients are: burdock seed, black walnut, echinaceca, golden seal, red clover, eucalyptus, calendula, gargano gold extra virgin olive oil, untreated natural beeswax, pure essential oil of ravensara aromatica.

For blue, I love the more purple ones. The greener ones just always look so darn bright. I have a feeling you'd like the more purple ones...

Speaking of shadow, I've actually kind of been enjoying this no eye makeup period. I've been using my L'Oreal gel blush in Rouge Glow more. I'd forgotten how much I love this. It's what gives me the colour that looks like I just came in from the cold. I don't actually put on enough to LOOK like I came in from the cold (that would be quite red and there's no way I'm using that much colour on my cheeks). It's just the same colour only toned down a bit. I never wear this blush with my eye makeup because it just looks so natural and young on me. It just wouldn't work with grown up eyeshadow patterns. I could possibly use this blush if I wore a wash of a pretty pastel or sparkly shadow though. Anyhoo, it's been fun going back to lipsticks I hadn't been wearing as much. Technically, I think I'd be able to wear some shadow again but I want to continue on my experiment for a while. It's fun. And I want to go through all my blushes and lipsticks.

I'll post more at the end of my experiment...


Sunday, January 11, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 6:05 PM (Pacific)

Hmmm...I don't know what causes dermatitis. I would do a google search on it.

Could it be the weather? Indoor heating can be extremely drying. Wondering if a humidifier would help.

Or jojoba oil...I've never put it on my eyelids. But wondering if putting some on at night would help any. (It works great on overall flakiness for me.)

Anyhoo...those Bobbi Brown things sound lovely.

I know what you mean about the colors. Not that I think that way, but my daughter does. She has an infinite sense of color and form. She'll create her own colors by layering and blending magic markers, crayons, colored pencils, sparkly pens....

I sense that you are a frustrated artist. You probably need to paint. :)

I have found that those odd color combinations really do work. From the orange and purple, to the orange and green, to the green and purple. It's something about the way the two colors...they're secondary colors...play off each other.

Now myself...I actually want fewer and fewer, rather than more and more. I'm not quite Dain-like :) in that, I don't go through my stash and think about chucking anything. Then again, I have reduced my stash to mainly powder products, which keep for a very long time.

I never had a lipstick dry-out in Virginia. I had the opposite problem. Perfumes would go bad. It's the heat. You have to refrigerate them.

But here...it's also why I don't want too many lipsticks. It's a nice thought but I hate having to throw them out. And I don't know how to "moisturize" them once they have dried out.

Logically you should be able to hydrate them somehow. They're not rancid or otherwise bad, just...dry.

You're right about the taupe. I tried it out with Silly Goose. It actually looked good although I was being lazy about applying the taupe. It's better with a smaller brush...

I'm now thinking about blue shadow. I own no blue shadows at all. And I suspect that the right blue, would work the same way the right green and the right orange do. sigh I have plenty of time to think about it because I don't want to buy it right now...but blue and taupe might rock together...

Hum. I do the same thing with french bread. I know it is a terrible sin but hey, I'll eat french bread the second day. :) You just need to put it in a paper bag inside a plastic bag.


Saturday, January 10, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 7:54 PM (Pacific)

Oh yes! Definitely play with the taupe. Brown or grey shades can be very boring and drab on their own but they work really well when combined with fun shades. Let me know how things work out...

I have lipsticks that are probably 5 years old and they're not dried out. How odd is that? As you've told me before, it might be the humidity here. It's not super humid so things don't go bad but it's humid enough to stay moist (hmmm, that reminds me of the way I put my bagels in a paper bag inside a plastic bag; the plastic keeps the bagels from going dry but the paper keeps the moisture away from the bagels so that they don't get mouldy).

On my end, I've finished up my gift certificate shopping. I went to Holt's and got some Bobbi Brown things: Raisin Shimmer shadow (gorgeous! like you would imagine, shimmery reddish-plummy colour; and no, I have nothing quite like it) and pink Shimmerbrick (5 stripes of shimmery shadow; one is a pinkish off white, two is light taupey pink, three is a medium pink brown, four is a lightish pink, and five is a rose). I went a little over the gift certificate but who cares. I saw a couple lovely green shadows too, Mint and another one (Moss? forget the name). I'm keeping them in mind for later.

It's really amazing how many colours I can accumulate. The worst is, I don't have duplicates (except for one colour in a Chanel quad that's pretty identical to MAC Shroom). I'll be trying to achieve a makeup look at home and can't get the colour quite right. So I go out and look for it. It may be a colour that's very close to another one but maybe not pink enough, or not warm enough, etc. Each and every shadow really has its very own place in my collection. I sometimes wish I could be the kind of person who sticks to a few staples (2-3 lipsticks sounds so great) but I can't. If I had only say, 3 lipsticks, they would be MAC Twig (or Nars Dolce Vita), MAC Craving, and MAC Lust (it's a gloss but who cares). But then, I'd have no red! And sometimes, these colours just don't cut it and I NEED MAC Acrylicka. Or Lancome Beach Plum... You get the drift.

All this rambling reminds me. I was wanting to try out those purple/green combos. I did an eye look with Benefit Me, Myself & I on browbones (shimmery champagne), Benefit Check's In The Mail on lids (light greyed green), and Bobbi Brown Raisin Shimmer in outer corners. I line my upper lashes with MAC Tarnish and went over the outer third of that line with the Raisin Shimmer. And I added a touch of Raisin Shimmer under the outer thirds of my lower lids. Topped it all off with MAC Twisted Tulip mascara. My eyes really really popped out! They looked golden green. Like a green olive :)

That made me want to try the opposite. A light purple like MAC Digit on lids and a darker green in the outer corners. But.... Sigh. I have a weird thing happening to my lids. Both lower and upper lids. They're flaking. And the lower lids have gone red a bit. So I went to see my esthetician (had a facial planned anyway). She says it's a dermatitis. She told me not to wear my shadows until it cleared up so that I wouldn't contaminate them (mascara is OK thank goodness). And, she sold me this balm thing to put on my poor flaky skin. And, I'm on a diet. No more sugar, refined carbs, red meats, dairy ('cept for plain yogurt), raw tomatoes, fruit, chocolate. That is, until my dermatitis is cleared up. The hardest is the fruit! I love fruit. My boyfriend finds it odd that I'm doing what an esthetician told me to do (well, she's studying naturopathy too...) but I figure I might as well give it a shot. Cutting out sugar and refined carbs is actually good for me. Really, I only miss the fruit and cheese. Sigh, broccoli just does not taste the same as tangerines...


Wednesday, January 07, 2004
posted by TheBroadroom.Net at 3:33 PM (Pacific)

Well that was good work!

I have not bought much lately, and it's going to stay that way for a while. I have so much stuff. :)

I would actually like to play more with what I have. Like...taupe. I have a taupe shadow. I never wear it. Why not? It's a perfectly good taupe shadow. It'll probably look nice if I combine it with a colored shadow.

The Silly Goose is actually an excellent shadow for green eyes. The key...for me anyway...was finding a yellow green shadow. Green with too much blue is not good on me.

As far as lipstick...mmm...I think I have finally figured out what works.

Basically I need two colors. One should be neutral...MAC Jubilee is fine. One should be rose. Sweet Sorbet is not the rose. I'm guessing there's a rose Lustre lipstick? I have no idea, I'll probably check out the soupsake site and see.

The logic is that I don't always want that much color. But sometimes I do.

Heh heh...that was really deep, wasn't it?

Lessee...I bought Jubilee at the beginning of September last year. Sweet Sorbet, at the beginning of August.

Meaning...what I would have guessed. Two lipsticks last at least six months. I used to use only one lipstick, and I remember buying it every three to four months. So two, should last six to eight months.

Ergo I could add on a third and still not have lipsticks drying out on me. (Even cheap lipsticks last one year.)

Do I need three lipsticks? I could do with something a tad eccentric. I'll have to think about it but I'm not buying anything until either Jubilee or Sweet Sorbet bites the dust.