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Adult Acne Blog - thebroadroom.net: June 2005

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, herbalist, or otherwise medically trained person. I am an ordinary person who has suffered from adult acne since 1995 and have found no solution to my acne through conventional medicine.

One woman's experience with adult acne.

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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty Blog
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 11:43 AM (Pacific)

The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty Blog

Trying out the "blog this" link...and I really should blog the acne stuff here.

I checked out the health food store yesterday, just a quick check. They had one type of "green tea leaf extract" capsules, $15-something for 60 capsules.

Not overly tempted. Still interested in the idea of taking white tea in capsule form, if only for the convenience, but haven't found anything yet.

White tea, continued
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 8:35 AM (Pacific)

I have been drinking white tea (Celestial Seasonings, the white peach and pear ones) every day now since last posting about it on the 13th. I've even stepped it up to 2 cups per day--large mugs (which is how I drink tea anyway).

It really is working.

It doesn't help existing bumps heal faster, at all, that I can see. But--far more importantly--I'm getting fewer bumps/clogged pores to begin with.

I have no idea how this works. Black or green tea does not seem to work. I'd even drunk white tea before--Trader Joe's brand--but then I didn't drink it regularly. That's the thing....

The one aspect the tea people tout about white tea is its high level of anti-oxidants. Fine, but does that mean the free radicals--whatever those really are--are the cause of adult acne?

Would be interesting to know.

White tea seems to help my acne
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, June 13, 2005 at 10:36 AM (Pacific)

Here is part of a post I put in the Beauty Blog today:

Now about the white tea. This is coincidence, but I bought some Celestial Seasonings White Tea (here is the tea page at the Celestial Seasonings site...no affiliation) at a health food store, drank a cup of it a few nights straight, and my (adult acne) skin seemed noticeably better.

I thought, bleh, whatever...because with adult acne, it's usually difficult to pinpoint one factor that makes your skin better or worse.

But I did have the thought to drink more of this stuff during my placebo week of Yasmin. Why not? It couldn't hurt.

My skin really was better, this placebo week. In fact toward the end, when typically my skin would really start to feel the placebo week, I forgot I was on placebo week. It was that good.

I have both the Peach and the Pear versions of this (naturally, one works as well as the other). And they're both delicious, considering I'm a coffee drinker not a tea drinker. (Note: white tea contains caffeine.)

Now, I am a little excited, of course (adult acne sufferers know this feeling). But I DON'T want to present this as a cure for acne. It isn't. And I doubt drinking tons of this stuff will "cure" your acne either. (Adult acne sufferers have a tendency to seek miracle cures.)

This is one small thing that I've tried that shows results. It's coming after I overhauled my diet and changed my birth control.

I've tried green tea btw; I didn't notice a difference in my skin (probably there was one, but not as dramatic).

Looks like I have a new evening beverage. :)

There's something else I wanted to mention here. Someone was nice enough to write me and tell me that she discovered that her adult acne was caused by food allergies.

She got a battery of allergy tests done...turns out she was allergic to several things such as tomatoes and milk products.

So that would be another thing to try.

It's been a while!
posted by Colleen Shirazi, Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 1:05 PM (Pacific)

Okay! This is not a new blog. I started an Adult Acne Page in early 2001, had a couple of blogs...2002 and 2003...all detailing my (incredibly lengthy) experience with various conventional forms of adult acne treatment.

I didn't post anything in 2004...probably I did elsewhere...anyhow, I would still like to have an adult acne blog. Still waiting for that miracle cure :)

Oh yeah, and I don't write under the name "Josephine Green" anymore; I use my real name, which is Colleen Shirazi.

Today's adult acne observation: mainstream milk companies are now printing on their labels, that the milk comes from cows untreated by growth hormone.

I just noticed that today; it might have been like that for some time.

This rather mirrors the (quiet) dispensing with of hormones in chicken.

Anyhow--it's great news! What, we need more hormones in our food?

Hmmm...looking back on my 2003 blog, I see I was still experimenting with brewer's yeast. I've long given up the yeast...I now take just the same TwinLab Daily One Caps with Iron mentioned in early April 2003.

A few companies (Oil of Olay, Murad) market multi-vitamins specifically for skin, but I did some searching around on the Net to decide which one to take.

If you are of child-bearing age, I heartily recommend you consult your doctor before starting any vitamin regimen. I don't plan on having more kids so that's not a consideration for me.

I'm also still taking the Yasmin birth control pills I started in May 2002.

I'm also still avoiding added hormones in food, particularly in beef.

I use jojoba butter--which I've reviewed here--every night as a night treatment.

Recently, I stopped drinking soda. I've also started drinking white tea...Celestial Seasonings White Tea with Peach (I forget the exact name but you'll recognize it on the shelf, it has a white tiger on it).

Now, the former was fairly easy. I don't want my kids drinking a lot of soda...I've long wondered if the "high fructose corn syrup" that's suddenly in everything we eat doesn't have something to do with all this adult acne we're suddenly suffering from...so I stopped buying it. I'll drink it once in a while, but it's no longer a staple in the house.

I'm not that nuts about tea anymore though, I've rather become a coffee addict, so that's an extra step...still...I'm on my placebo week of Yasmin now, so I'll make a point of drinking it to see if there's anything to it.

That's about it! My skin has stabilized a lot, with the diet changes, multi-vitamin, and Yasmin. The jojoba butter helps a little bit too.

Previous blogs
posted by Colleen Shirazi, at 12:19 PM (Pacific)

This is the final incarnation of this blog.

Previous blogs may be found here:

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