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Adult Acne Blog - thebroadroom.net: May 2007

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, herbalist, or otherwise medically trained person. I am an ordinary person who has suffered from adult acne since 1995 and have found no solution to my acne through conventional medicine.

One woman's experience with adult acne.

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posted by Colleen Shirazi, Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 3:44 PM (Pacific)

Hi folks, I'm here updating the entire site...it's going to take a while, the short version is that we switched hosts late last year and it's meant moving what was then a four-year-old website to a new host. It hasn't been practical to transfer some of the pages with their old format so I've concentrated on doing the more active parts of the site first.

Anyway. What's up...

Quite recently I noticed a pork product, I believe it was sausage, that was labeled "no growth hormone," and then under that, was printed something to the effect that growth hormone was illegal in pork production.

This was identical to what happened to poultry in the U.S. ...at one point, growth hormone in poultry was quietly banned.

Good news for acne sufferers no doubt. I have yet to find a more direct cause of my adult acne, than hormones in food.

Growth hormone is still allowed in beef of course. I read long ago that it was only beef that saw good results from growth hormone. In hogs, it tended to produce fat rather than lean muscle, and in poultry, it tended to do little either way. But in beef, growth hormone produced dramatic results in developing lean muscle.

I'm not pointing a finger at the beef industry...everyone wants cheap food. Beef used to be very expensive, and steak was what fat guys smoking cigars ate, not you and I.

Still it continues to be my advice for adult acne sufferers to read food labels. Check carefully for information about growth hormone. It's also been suggested that antibiotics in food are bad for acne. In any case it's your body and your face...try avoiding foods produced with growth hormone and see if you don't see results.