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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
Eye Makeup for Green Eyes #1

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Wednesday, April 20, 2005 8:15 PM (Eastern)

This is something I'm always interested in; it's ongoing. I will cover all of the products I've found that work in a series of posts.

I think the first thing to do is decide whether your overall coloring tends toward the cool or the warm.

"Cooler coloring" green eyes will do well with blue-based or neutral purples and lavenders, cooler greens, cooler pinks, cooler blues, and blue-based greys. I don't know this firsthand; I've gleaned it from the FOTD's on the forums. :)

"Warmer coloring" green eyes (like mine) will do well with orange, peach, bronze, mauve, red-based or neutral purples, some blue-based purples and greens; green-based blues and warm greys.

It's fairly easy to tell which one you are, by trying out some (cheap) eyeshadows. If the cooler, blue-based ones look ashy and harsh on you, you tend toward the warm. If the warmer, orange-based ones make you look sick, you tend toward the cool.

Some shades suit both cooler- and warmer-coloring green eyes such as MAC Vapour:

Vapour is a "velvet" shade; it's not quite matte. It has a twist of subtle sparkle in it. It's basically a white shade with an underlayer of pink. It flies as a wash, lid, or base shade for me. If you can't wear almost-white shadows except as a highlighter, it won't be worth it to get this, but it seems to suit a wide range of women.

Nars Ireland duo:

Seems unlikely but somehow that frosty, mint green shade almost exactly matches my eye color. It has a little blue in it, a bit of neutral tone...apply it sheerly on your lids and see what happens.

The grey, frankly, seems to exist solely to go with the green. It is a soft, warmish, matte medium grey.

MAC Permaplum and Heirloom liners:

Permaplum is deep blue-based purple with a hint of pink sheen (the sheen doesn't show that much on). It's a staple deep purple shade for me, slightly more versatile than MAC Bordeauxline (which will be featured in later posts).

Heirloom is less a traditional (dark) liner and almost more of an eyeshadow or "eye brightener." It's part silver, part lavender. It seems to be the favorite of green-and hazel-eyed women with overall cooler coloring but it's pretty on me too.

I will write more later with shades specific to warmer-coloring green eyes.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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