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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
The perfect blush

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Thursday, April 28, 2005 12:53 AM (Eastern)

It's a bit tough to find this actually.

I tend to think of blush as less a color cosmetic, and more a foundation one. i.e. I think less in terms of having a blush wardrobe--like an eyeshadow wardrobe--and more of owning one or two blushes that work; that add natural-looking color to your face.

Why two? If you can find your Holy Grail blush, then you would need only the one blush. Nothing wrong with that. If you're a blush fanatic, then you would own more than two. But two can be a good, useful number.

My Holy Grail blush was Lancome Blush Subtil in "Rose Charmant." It's been discontinued, and when I went to the Lancome counter, I didn't see anything remotely similar in the new Blush Subtils. Well...bugger. What can you do?

Prior to Rose Charmant, I did not have a grail blush. I had some that I liked but did not feel committed to.

As much as I like drugstore makeup, I can say that I have not found a drugstore blush that worked for me. The best d/s brand of blush imo is L'Oreal. Consistently, even blush connoisseurs can find a L'Oreal blush to like...from the gel and stick blushes to Blush Delice to Feel Naturale.

For me though, since I don't want to own a lot of blushes, I prefer department store...the lasting power is better, in the main, and the colors complex enough so that blush klutzes (raises hand) can manage 'em.

To replace Rose Charmant (sob), I found a reasonably close match in MAC Sheertone blush in "Blushbaby." The same rose tone, muted with brown, perhaps not quite as deliciously peachy as Rose Charmant, but's still being made.

I also swapped for Cargo "Catalina" blush. This is pretty cool...looks like slightly warm-toned Bazooka in the pan, but goes on surprisingly subtle. Catalina is matte, in a world of shimmery blushes; this can work to your advantage, but apply a little at a time.

How can you find the right blush????? I would highly recommend shlepping to the MAC counter, or the counter of your choice...ask the people at the counter for advice...try a few on. If something catches your eye, buy it by all means, but you have to find something natural...something that makes you look better, but not blush-y.

After some experimentation, your blush "type" will emerge...mine is rose or clear pink. Peach, plum, wine, tan, eh...I like them, but not on me.

Once you know what general color suits you, you can shop around...find the brand and formula that does what you want.

What about brushes? I like my Sonia Kashuk blush brush just fine. You can buy it at Target. I've never met a brush that came with the blush, that was worth using.

I don't have much advice re cream blush because I don't use them.

How to apply? Once you have your right colors and nice big fluffy soft brush at the ready, that is most of the work. The right color blush will be easy to apply where the wrong color will be work. The nice big fluffy brush will make it dab-dab and go.

Smile broadly--that actually does work--get a little color on your brush, and start toward the bottom of the "apples" that pop out when you smile that widely. Blend up and outwards, the blush should fade as it gets toward the sides of your face.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look better?

If not, dab a bit more blush on your brush, and start again, this time a bit higher than before. Blend up and out again.

By now you really should look better--and, as I read long ago on the old Jane cosmetics site, once you look better, that's it. That is enough blush.

Blush goofs: applying blush too close to your nose. That will make you look sunburned.

Too much blush on the sides of your face will give you that lovely 80's racing-stripe look; it's dated.

Too much blush altogether will make you look overexcited and overdone.

Not enough blush is less sin than all of these, so easy does it.

Final note...not everyone needs to wear blush every day. I don't. I have enough natural coloring in my face to not always need it.

But, you should still have some on hand, for those pale days, or when you want to look extra good.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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