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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog: May 2005

Old School Beauty Forums #1
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Tuesday, May 31, 2005 6:31 PM (Eastern)

Ah...I have been posting on beauty boards, including the one I'm one of the owners of now, since 1998.

Back then I posted as Josephine. Why? I don't know, I suppose at the time I thought there would be tremendous numbers of evil people on the Net. Mind you, not everyone had Internet access back then. It was new. I remember we had to tell people how to post on a--what is now quaint--BBS.

Now of course it has all changed. Everyone and their dog has Internet access; better Internet access than I have. No one needs to be told anymore how to use the most elaborate PHP forum. I got rid of most of the instructions that came with the UBB Threads one on this site.

Along with this change...this massive influx of everyone and everything...the old school beauty board posters scattered, diffused, were all but lost really.

This parallels the...evolution, if you could call it that...of the Net itself, into ever more commercialized productions...a giant sprawl of commercial-based sites, that are slowly dominating the search engines and directories.

Well? I'm a geek. I don't accept that geeks should quite allow the Net to become just another television or radio. It's the geeks who know the system; no one else does.

Where was I. Oh yeah, the old school beauty boards and their posters.

The old school boards were small by the standards of 2005 commercial-based beauty boards. You knew everyone there. But by no means, was it ever like a small town. I came from a small-ish town...Norfolk, Virginia, which I suppose is large enough in size, but tending toward the small in scope (the natives can tell ya)...the old school beauty boards were never like that. Much more like a small big city, filled with exciting, sophisticated people who were discovering, well, other cosmetic junkies, for the first time.

I myself am not sure if that era is gone. Maybe it is; maybe it isn't. I'm inclined to believe that it's over only if we, the old school beauty board posters, say it's over.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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A makeup stash, old and new
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 3:07 PM (Eastern)

Here's a pic of my makeup stash, circa January 2004:

Left to right, top to bottom:

1st column: MAC eyeshadow singles in Laven-dah!, Shroom, Swish, and Sable.

2nd column: MAC Veluxe shadow singles in Samoa Silk and Silly Goose; MAC shadow single in Vapour, MAC Sheertone blush in Blushbaby; Maybelline Wet Shine lipstick in Sweet Sorbet.

3rd column: Clockwise: The Body Shop shadow singles in Damson, Taupe and Clover Pink; Burt's Bees lip balm (yellow tube); Bonne Bell Liplix in Gotta Date?, MAC lipstick in ???.

4th column: Left to right: MAC eyepencil in Wine, Revlon SoftStroke PowderLiner in Brown Suede, L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl in Raisin.

Here is a current pic as of today:

Left to right:

Back row: Black|Up shadow quad, Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Babylon, Ireland, and Island Fever.

Next row: Annabelle shadow single in #1400, Milani shadow singles in Moonlight, Sun Goddess, Golden Bronze and Java Bean; MAC shadow singles in Brule and Trax; Urban Decay shadow single in Kiss.

Next row: Sonia Kashuk shadow duo in Neutral Territory, the same MAC Sheertone blush in Blushbaby, Cargo blush in Catalina, MAC Lustre lipsticks in Sophisto and Viva Glam V.

Front row: Top to bottom: MAC Powerpoint eyepencils in Grey Utility and Permaplum; MAC Eye Kohl in Heirloom; Prestige Waterproof Automatic eyepencil in Expresso; MAC Powerpoint eyepencil in Bordeauxline; Diane Von Furstenberg Lipgloss Duet in Punch-Passion.

I didn't have a New York Times to put it on :) so I printed out today's Huffington Post blog.

Let's see. I have more stuff now. It's better stuff.

Of the eyeshadows, I doubt I'll ever see the bottom of any one of them. I have too many, I use them all, plus I use only small amounts at a time.

Ditto the two blushes; I don't wear blush every day.

The eyepencils now, that will depend on how well they keep. I have used up eyepencils in the past, but slowly. If they stay nice and soft for a few years...

Lipsticks--I do use these up, because I don't want to own too many of them.

Do I need more makeup?

Really, I don't.

My next plan is to repurchase the MAC shadow single in Vapour. The one I had before got kind of old and funny; the surface turned hard and not much product came off on my brush. Scraping the surface didn't help, so I Back to MAC'd it (see previous articles if you don't know what that is, or ask on the forums--it's free! :) ).

And, I would like a redder lipstick. My Viva Glam V is about half used up, so when that finally wears down to the nub, I won't immediately replace it. I'll try out something redder instead.

Is that too much makeup? Heck yeah. There are items here that I won't repurchase right away. But some items are key...the UD Kiss shadow, the black|Up quad, the Babylon duo, the Permaplum eyepencil, the blushes, yadda yadda....

I'll do more stash pics later on, for my perfume stash, my base face products, my hair stuff...see ya later and thanks for reading!

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Minimalist thoughts
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:12 AM (Eastern)

Thanks for the Armani quote (on the Fashion Blog). :) One of my favorite quotes is the following:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

That--and, admittedly, "Measure twice, cut once"--are two key sayings in my own life.

It was Dain who introduced the concept of minimalism on the old Lipstick Page. At the time, I found the cosmetic world to be a massive confusing sprawl of products. It had simply never occurred to me that there was a way of narrowing them down.

I have settled down a lot since then. It was a combination of experimentation and reading others' experiences on beauty boards. I can tell you that beauty boards are not always purely about cosmetic acquisition. A good beauty board is more about introspection; how to look good without breaking the bank.

What I'll do is take some pics of my current stash (I haven't done this in a long time; it's been in the back of my mind). It's a good visual.

Oh, and there are two items I've been lemming. :) One is MAC Vapour eyeshadow. Can't live without it. The other is this mythic lipstick (I will check out the MAC Lustres and see if they don't have something like it)'s...a sort of off-red with a brown base, sheerish, glossy (hence the investigation into Lustres first).

Labels: ,

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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More on sheers...
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Thursday, May 19, 2005 9:15 PM (Eastern)

I suppose I'm too old to think of any trend in a linear fashion, anymore. Once you've seen the same thing happen over and over and over again, you tend to think more in circular terms.

From Tanya Tucker to Jodie Foster to Brooke Shields to Annabella Lwin to Tiffany, from Lolita herself (I know, the novel was a metaphor...but humor me, for the sake of argument)'re already talking about decades of so-called youth obsession.

One thing that annoys me...I can admit Hollywood. You will not see any actress in a Hollywood movie, who is forty years old. It annoys me because I'll start liking some actress; I'd like to follow her work...then she disappears after a few years in a puff of cigar smoke. Incredibly annoying.

The sheers...I suspect the origin of the sheers is something along the lines of speed. Sheer products are faster and easier to apply. They don't require precision to look good. Plus, we on the beauty boards have been griping about the lack of sheers for years. I myself have melted lipsticks and mixed them with melted lip balm, for the sake of sheerness. Many have applied lipstick over lip balm for the same reason.

I applaud the sheer lipsticks...and the concept of wearing sheer foundation. Why not? You have to wear sunscreen anyway. I'm more intrigued by the notion of obscuring flaws than I ever was of concealing them.

I think these both are direct responses to consumer demand.

Anything else though...? Nothing else should be sheer.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Eye Makeup for Green Eyes #4
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Tuesday, May 17, 2005 4:22 PM (Eastern)

And finally--eyeliner colors for green eyes. I favor pencils over liquids or gels, hence my recs are all pencils, but I will describe the colors in intimate detail so you can find something similar in whatever form you choose.

The queen of green-eye liners has got to be MAC "Permaplum" Powerpoint eyepencil. This is a deep, blue-based purple with a tiny bit of pink shimmer (the shimmer doesn't show much on).

I prefer this ever so slightly above MAC "Bordeauxline" Powerpoint, but it is close. Bordeauxline is more a deep, neutral purple with a delicate red-wine tone.

Part of the virtue of these two picks, is that neither is brown-based. They are both deep, true purples rather than the "raisin" color one often finds (and which imo works better on hazel eyes than green).

The Powerpoints go on very smoothly; I abhor hard pencils. They do last on all day under most conditions, ergo they are somewhat harder to remove at the end of the day.

If your overall coloring is cool, then I would recommend MAC "Heirloom" Eye Kohl. This looks pretty on me, mind you, but I suspect it's far more stunning on those with cooler coloring.

Heirloom is a fusion of silver and lavender. The Eye Kohl formula also glides on, but fades more quickly than the Powerpoints (it still lasts respectably, just not next to indefinitely) and is therefore easier to remove.

Green eyes can also do with a deep brown eyepencil. Personally I see nothing wrong with picking up a drugstore one; there are several formulas that tend to get raves on beauty boards...Prestige Automatic Waterproof (I own this in "Expresso"), Max Factor Pensilks, the Cover Girl automatic one, etc.

Beyond these basics...there are many liners I've never tried but suspect would work...MAC Teddy, Prunella, Tarnish, etc. What I look for is a red, bronze, gold, brown, or purple tone.

Again, your overall coloring enters into it. If you're cool, I'd rec the Heirloom, Permaplum, Tarnish (this is a very dark green with gold sparkle).

If you're warm, then do try Permaplum, Bordeauxline, Grey Utility (I own this; it's neutral dark grey with a slight purple-blue tone, goes great with your blue-grey shadows).

I suspect Teddy, Prunella and Powersurge would work for either coloring--respectively, intense red-coppery shade, deep greyed purple? I'd have to swatch this again, and bronze-brown with gold shimmer.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, May 16, 2005 6:09 PM (Eastern)

FOTD is a term you're likely to find on any cosmetically-oriented Internet beauty forum. It stands for Face of the Day...but what is that, really?

By the time I started posting on the old Lipstick Page forum in 1998, they already had FOTD threads. I can admit I found it fascinating, that anyone would post such a thing.

Then again, back in those days, I wore exactly the same makeup every day...some form of L'Oreal foundation, two eye pencils...a dark brown one and a lighter brown one to smudge over it...blush (Maybelline), and a Cover Girl LipSlick.

Some of that has changed since then :)...I've gone through many different brands and types and shades. I came to see the point of the FOTD thread. For me it's less a matter of simply coming up with more and more and more different ways of wearing cosmetics; quite the contrary. I read the thread mostly to see what products actually get used, day in and day out.

Welcome to the boiler room that is my office

My FOTD tends to be very simple. Here is what I'm wearing today. It's a base of tinted sunscreen (which I make myself; it's sunscreen with a little liquid foundation mixed in) and MAC Blot pressed powder in "medium."

On my eyes, I put the #1 shade in a black|Up eyeshadow quad. The quad label was in French; I've no idea what the name of the quad's a yellow-gold shade (the one I'm wearing), plus an orange matte, deeper orange with some rose and brown, and a deeper, rosy brown shade with a tad of orange...would be great for green or blue eyes.

Then I put MAC Bordeauxline Powerpoint eyepencil on, outer upper lids only. This is a staple shade for me (that, and MAC Permaplum Powerpoint). Bordeauxline is a deep neutral purple with a little bit of red in it.

Then MAC Sophisto Lustre lipstick. Easy enough to see in the pic; it's something of a berry color, sheer, with some shimmer.

The face takes less than five minutes to put on; tinted sunscreens or moisturizers blend quickly (and are sheer enough not to show goofs). MAC Blot is my holy grail face powder; it's ideal for oily skin and doesn't need to be touched up, except on very hot or humid days.

The yellow-gold shade is one of my favorites these matches my hair, and also brings out the blue and green in my eyes. Deep purple liner is a must-have for green eyes, and the Powerpoints do last well, as they are supposed to. (Pencil liner is also the quickest form of liner to apply; use several small strokes, and soften the line with the warmth of a clean fingertip.)

Sophisto is relatively new to my stash, but it's my third MAC Lustre lipstick (after Jubilee and Viva Glam V). Once I find a formula I like, I stick with it. The Lustres are sheer (how I like 'em), but they last on as long as most full coverage lipsticks. The price is right ($14)...not cheap, exactly, but then how long does it take to use one up? I've been doing a two-lipstick stash for quite some time, and even then it takes years.

That's it!

For fun, I had the idea of pulling up my FOTD post of one year ago. That idea flopped since May 16, 2004 was a Sunday and I wasn't online that Sunday. However here is what I wore that Monday, May 17.

* usual base face
* MAC Shroom as a wash
* L'Oreal Le Grand Kohl in "Raisin" (rediscovering this)
* MAC Blushbaby blush
* MAC Viva Glam V lipstick

Hm. I no longer own Shroom (it dried out and got funny and I didn't replace it) or the L'Oreal pencil (likewise). I'd say my shadows and liners are better this year than last. I still have the other stuff.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Eye Makeup for Green Eyes #3
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Friday, May 06, 2005 9:39 PM (Eastern)

Okay, we have covered department store eyeshadows for "green eyes, with overall neutral to warm coloring," along with a few products that work for all sorts of green eyes, in posts #1 and #2.

Now I would like to throw in some drugstore shadows, before tackling liners.

The first stop I would make in a drugstore, is Milani. Milani is targeted toward women of color. The shadows cost $3 per pan and some of the colors are really very good.

The prettiest Milani shadow for our coloring, to me, is "Golden Bronze."

It is not exactly green eye popping on its is a coolish gold (not bronze at all). But it's an excellent foil for, say, your MAC Trax, your deep purple liners or shadows. Gold and purple work well together.

A nice crease shade is "Java Bean."

This is brown shimmer with a distinct plummy tone, a touch of red too.

For a very yellow gold, try "Sun Goddess."

For a look-alike to MAC Sable, check out "Spice."

Spice is really very similar, down to the coolish red shimmer. The MAC blends better, but check the Milani shade first to see how the color suits you.

These are my top picks from Milani, of the shadows I've tried. "Marooned" is a good color...deep reddish plum...but I replaced my Marooned with MAC Bordeauxline Powerpoint eyepencil, since this color is too dark to use as anything other than a liner, and the pencil form is faster to apply.

"Flare" is an interesting color...almost pure red, a little orange...if you're up to working with unusual colors, you might check this out.

"Moonlight" doesn't pop green eyes particularly but it's worth a mention as it is unusual: white with blue iridescence. Don't forget to wear a base under it; it fades quickly otherwise.

Some picks from other brands...

Annabelle is a Canadian drugstore brand. Do check out #1400:

This is a nice solid pink-gold-brown base shade. It lasts all day; no creasing.

Sonia Kashuk makes good shadows but they tend toward the cool. Here is a nice deep bronze they make, "Neutral Territory":

For $8, it's a good quality deep bronze that doesn't turn dark as the day goes on. The white shade in the duo is next to useless, so if deep bronze is your thing, you're probably better off buying MAC. For me though, the price is better since I don't wear deep bronze every day.

Worth a mention is their "Starlight" shadow. Not particularly green-eye-popping, but a superior ivory shimmer, as good as high end.

Liners will be covered next.

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Five Minute Makeup
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, May 02, 2005 5:18 PM (Eastern)

This is a page I came up with in 2001: Five Minute Face.

At the time, there wasn't a great deal of emphasis on speed in makeup application. There was still the notion that putting on a face meant moisturizer, concealer, foundation, powder, three shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, brow makeup, lipstick (conceivably with liner and gloss), and blush.

Well, that is fine for a beauty magazine, but what about real life? Shouldn't there be alternatives?

Quick and easy application is a major factor in which products I choose to buy. It factors into which brushes I feel are necessary to own. If my makeup can't last the day without touching up (the sole exception is lipstick), it hits the trash. Time is money and I am cheap.

There are many ways to shave those precious morning minutes. You just need to figure out what is the bare minimum makeup for you, and then take it from there.

Foundation Products

Sunscreen is key. You need that. Pay more if you have to, but find a full spectrum sunscreen that you feel comfortable in.

For me that is still TerraSport sunscreen. There are many others on the market, from Neutrogena in drugstores, to Clinique and Shiseido in department stores. Health food stores carry Jason, TerraSport, Zia, and other brands.

Foundation. Do you need it? You may not. If your skin is good, skip it.

You can choose to wear concealer instead, or tinted moisturizer, or powder foundation, or powder, or a combination of these. Take a few moments to figure out what your skin actually needs.

I use a tinted sunscreen, myself. Purists will scream, but putting three or four layers of anything on my face does not fit in with my real life.

Over that I put some powder...MAC Blot pressed for me (oily skin)...I'm done.

Lipstick in Purse tactic

Running out the door? Find a no-brainer lipstick and keep it in your purse, in one of those mirrored lipstick holders. Something that looks good with everything. For me that would be MAC Viva Glam V or Sophisto...both sheer, wearable shades for me.

One or the other is always in my purse; I don't usually apply it at home.

Eyeliner Pencils, Mascara

One of the fastest things to apply is eyeliner pencil or mascara.

My lashes are naturally dark; I don't wear mascara at all. If your lashes are fair, you may choose the mascara and skip the pencil.

The eyepencil needs to last all day. It also needs to go on silky smooth. Anything that's hard, or fades quickly, is outta there.

For green eyes, the essentials would be:

Deep purple. I have MAC Powerpoint pencils in Permaplum (blue-based) and Bordeauxline (neutral, with a touch of red). Permaplum is a bit fancier, and looks better on its own, than Bordeauxline but I do wear both.

Deep brown. Here you can go with a drugstore pencil such as Prestige Automatic Waterproof, Max Factor Pensilks, the automatic Cover Girl one...or go high end. MAC makes good ones and I've heard Lancome does too.


It's good to have a couple "reach for" shadows in your stash.

For me, that would be MAC Vapour (white with a bit of pink), Urban Decay Kiss (rose-mauve), something along with lines of a yellow gold (I have one in a black|Up quad)...something that looks good on its own, with a liner slapped on.

For a crease...when there's time for one...have a few no-brainer crease shades. For me that would be a deepish bronze (Sonia Kashuk Neutral Territory duo) and warm plum (MAC Trax, which is plum-gold with a rose layer).


Here you need a good brush but it doesn't have to break the bank. I'm happy with my Sonia Kashuk blush brush which is what, five bucks?

Good blush should be next to effortless to apply.

For me it is currently MAC Blushbaby and Cargo Catalina blushes. Catalina was, I understand, highly publicized at one is a clear warmish, medium pink matte. Blushbaby is one of those natural rose-muted-with-brown the discontinued Lancome Rose Charmant Blush Subtil, Neutrogena Sweet Raisin powder blush...there's always one around.


Aside from the aforementioned Sonia Kashuk blush brush, I use the Sonia Kashuk large eyeshadow brush and MAC #224 brush the most.

The large eyeshadow brush can be any brush that doesn't shed, and has a flat head about the size of your thumbnail. You use it to quickly apply powder shadow to your lids, or lids and crease, or lashline-to-brow, as needed.

MAC #224 is my crease's pricy at $28 but so far I haven't really used anything else for creases. #224 is soft and squooshes the color into your crease and wipes a bit of it slightly above the crease. Pretty neat.

If you want a sharper, more precise crease you'd probably go with something else...something firmer, perhaps more tapered.

So, what did I wear today?

I was in a hurry today. Here's what I put on in less than five minutes:

* My usual base face: the tinted sunscreen and MAC Blot pressed powder.
* Annabelle #1400 eyeshadow as a wash...this is a Canadian drugstore brand. #1400 is a brown-based, pink-gold shimmer shadow. Applied with the Sonia Kashuk large eyeshadow brush.
* Sonia Kashuk "Neutral Territory" eyeshadow duo--the bronze shade--in outer crease, applied with the #224 MAC brush.
* Prestige Expresso Automatic Waterproof liner...applied in a few short strokes rather than a continuous line, and smudged with a clean fingertip.
* MAC Blushbaby blush (applied with the Sonia Kashuk blush brush).
* MAC Viva Glam V lipstick.

I hope you will discover your own quick and easy five minute faces. :)

Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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