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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
Makeup for beginners #2

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Saturday, August 26, 2006 1:54 AM (Eastern) you've gotten your skin into its best shape and you have some clue as to where you fall here in overall coloring:

neutral to warm
neutral to cool

The next step should be foundation products. That does not mean you need to wear foundation. In fact I find it a bit insulting if anyone still thinks, "You're a woman, therefore you need to wear foundation." Why? If your skin is good, why would you need foundation? You should scale the amount of foundation product coverage, to what you actually need.

It's my humble opinion that whatever foundation product(s) you decide on, should include, or incorporate, sunscreen. The short version is that, if what I put on my face every day has sunscreen in it, I can protect my face without actually having to think about it. It's done.

So...figure out how good your skin is. You may need only sunscreen. If you tend to get oily or shiny during the day, add powder and/or blotting tissues to your routine. If you have dark circles or blemishes, add concealer (although I've always stressed prevention over concealment--it's less work and looks better).

If your skin isn't that good, add on a tinted SPF moisturizer or tinted sunscreen and skip the sunscreen layer. (I know, purists will disagree with that, but realistically, some SPF on your face is better than more SPF that never gets applied. Do two layers if you're conscientious enough.)

If you need more coverage, use instead a regular foundation.

So the first thing to do is analysis. Figure out what you really need and what you don't.

It reminds me of something...a long time ago, my husband was comparing two magazine pictures. One, I'm quite sure of this, was a closeup of the model Carre Otis, wearing little or no makeup (I remember her freckles showing). The other was one of those Chanel-type ads that invariably appear on the back of the magazine, with the utterly flawless closeup of the model...not a freckle, line or bump in sight; everything, in a word, perfect.

He asked me which one was better. I felt confused. I mean I remember this quite clearly because no one had ever asked me anything remotely like that, and I'd always thought the flawless look was what I should strive for, not that natural look.

Finally he pointed out that, to a men's point of view, Carre Otis was better. Aha! (Yep it was one of those "aha moments.") I had an epiphany that the totally flawless look was not something that attracted men nearly as much as it attracted women. In fact it was designed to attract women, not men. Ah....

I'm not knocking it for what it is, mind you. To me it is still beautiful, and it does attract me. But from that point on, I decided it was better in real life, to merely obscure your flaws, rather than trying to blot them all out.

The next installment will have some specific product recommendations.

Image courtesy Yahoo! Model of the Month

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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