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· July 24, 2006 8:23 PM by Blogger Dain
· July 24, 2006 9:00 PM by Blogger Colleen Shirazi

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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog: July 2006

Posted by, Wednesday, July 26, 2006 12:57 PM (Eastern)

Article & photography by Raphaëlle.
Previously published on TheBroadroom.Net

MMUCosmetics is, to me, mostly a bath & body products company. They carry makeup but it's the incredible selection of scents that attracted me to this company. I have tried many of the products and a variety of scents. The products are mixed with scent once an order is placed. This means products are always fresh but it also means orders take longer to arrive.

MMU has quite a few different body creams to choose from. My favourite for Winter is the Shea Body Butter Souffle. It has a thick creamy consistency and is easier to apply if you take a small amount and rub it a bit between your hands before applying. A close second is Babe-Cakes Body Icing. It has similar thickness and moisturizing properties but it's harder to apply. If someone has drier skin, the Sweet Body Butter is even more moisturizing. It is, however, harder to apply. It's best to apply this right after a shower or bath when your skin isn't completely dry yet. For my mostly normal skin, this was too thick and moisturizing. For very very dry areas, 100% Shea Butter is great. I used it when my hands turned red and painful from washing my hands frequently. A word of caution: this is very sticky so probably wouldn't work very well during the day. I used it at night when my hands were in a particularly bad state and they were soft and smooth by the next morning.

For Summer, I prefer the "Jojoba-E Body Cream" and the Honey & Goat Milk Body Cream. These still have a nice creamy consistency but much thinner than the Shea Body Butter Souffle. Much easier to apply. Some people also like the Body Custard for Summer. This is more a lotion than a cream. I tend to prefer creamier products so this one isn't for me.

Any MMU cream works well on the hands but they do have a hand cream: Hands Up. I actually found this better than other creams for my hands (except for the winter dryness). It absorbs faster and moisturizes well so it's easier to apply several times a day as opposed to a cream that needs a little more time to sink in. The hand cream can also be used on the body though I prefer to use it only on my hands. The other creams work better for the body. They seem to have better longlasting moisturizing qualities.

MMU has a hand cream, so of course, they also have a foot cream! This one is Sole Provider and can also be used all over. I like this cream well enough but I'm not crazy about it either. Again, I prefer the body creams for all over application. Sole Provider does a good job on the feet but it's my first time even using a cream for my feet so I'm not much of a reference!

A product I must rave about is the Silk & Shine Shampoo. It might not work for dry hair but does a wonderful job on mine (fine, wavy-curly, normal hair). I don't need to wash my hair as often with this shampoo and, this is the important part, it doesn't give me pimples! That's always a plus. All drugstore shampoos I've tried have given my sensitive skin pimples. This one is less expensive than salon brands and is good to my skin. I use it with the Protein Conditioner which is a rather light conditioner on me. It leaves my hair soft and helps detangle it but doesn't weigh my hair down like other conditioners do. And I like it because it's Silk & Shine's partner!

Another great product is SheShe Balm. This is a shea butter based lip balm. It doesn't feel waxy like some chapsticks do. It does a really nice job of moisturizing the lips without feeling too greasy. I put this on before bed at night and my lips are nice and soft in the morning, no matter how chapped they may have been before I put it on. I've never tried it under lipstick but I suspect it would work well if given the time to be absorbed by the lips before applying the lipstick.

Shavettes is MMU's shaving cream and is the least irritating shave I've ever tried. Skin is soft and moisturized after shaving with this cream. MMU also carries excellent body scrubs, body washes and perfumes as well as colour cosmetics. With the array of products and the scent selection, everyone is sure to find something to their liking. MMU products can be bought at They do ship internationally but shipping charges can be quite high. However, they are about right according to the Canada Post price list.

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Chanel Aqualumières Palettes
Posted by, 12:27 PM (Eastern)

Article & photography by Raphaëlle.
Previously published on TheBroadroom.Net

Chanel Aqualumières palettes are limited edition but they come back regularly in different colours. I have the Exaltation palette which is from Spring 2003. Aqualumières consists of 4 creamy colours and 4 glosses.

The creams can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes and can be used both wet and dry. I've only tried them dry on my lips and eyes. The colours are great for lips. Nothing outlandish and the colours can be built up to be as bright as you wish. For eyes, some colours are great. The bronze in the lower left corner is my favourite. The burgundy and plum are a little harder for me to wear because of my skintone. If not applied carefully, they can make me look like I've been crying. Mixing them with a bit of bronze or using them very sheerly helps. Otherwise, the colours are great for any eye colour, especially green, hazel or brown. I've experienced some creasing when using these on my eyes but I have slightly oily lids. Using a base helps a lot. I used MAC Stillife paint and the Aqualumières stayed put all day.

The glosses are for use on the lips. I suppose you could use them on eyes as well but I suspect they would crease quite a bit. The 4 gloss colours are quite sheer but the colour they add is visible. They're not sticky which means staying power is not quite as good but they feel very moisturizing. The glosses are nice to use over the creams to change the colour ever so slightly but they're also great on their own for a more natural yet glossy look.

Aqualumières palettes contain a good basic face and are fun to whip out in public bathrooms. And of course, limited edition Chanel always smells of luxury which is always good.

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Feeling hot, hot, hot...
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, July 23, 2006 11:15 PM (Eastern)

Well okay that is an exaggeration. I'm in the Midwest right now, and it's not nearly as hot as the South gets to be. Since I'm from the South, I can concede the heat is not that much.

Moreover, the sun isn't as scorching as it is in California, where I've lived over the past twenty years or so. I slacked off today and didn't wear sunscreen, aside from what I normally wear on my face (yes, I always use sunscreen on my face). In California you would be talking a sunburn for the next week. As it stands, I got slightly hit on the shoulders and on the top of my head. Probably should have worn a hat.

Still, the experience does make me review my current beauty routine. It's surprising to me how many of my products have held up well in the heat and humidity. I'll guess it's because staying power has always been crucial to me in a product. I loathe touch-ups (except for lipstick since it's to be expected); therefore I have always gravitated toward the product that has migrated or faded the least. I'll pay more, I will abide a more limited color selection (MAC Powerpoint over Eye Kohl), just don't ask me to keep checking my makeup in a mirror!

So far, my usual base face--tinted sunscreen (TerraSport SPF 30+ and Zia liquid foundation in Mica) and MAC Blot powder--has worn pretty well. I had to blot a little with a tissue and put on more Blot, once.

My eye pencils...MAC Permaplum Powerpoint and Prestige Expresso automatic waterproof...have stayed put all day.

Today I did shadow (and frankly, if it gets hot and humid enough I don't do shadow, why bother): Christian Dior Beige Massaï eyeshadow quint. I didn't do an elaborate design, where shadows travelling would show. Rather I opted for a simple wash of the orange sherbet shade, a light outer crease of the medium nut brown shade, and the Prestige Expresso to line. This held up through a day at the zoo (I mean literally, a day at the zoo) and a nap. lol

Blush...Nars The Multiple in Malibu. Lipstick...well okay, that's something that has to last only reasonably well (as in, touch up after eating): MAC Strawberry Blonde. Curse MAC for making this a limited edition shade (it was from the Catherine Deneuve collection, which fact alone should have made it permanent).

My Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying shampoo is still working, but barely. I could use something more astringent in this weather; it wouldn't strip given the climate. And I've halved my usual Pantene Smooth & Sleek daily conditioner. I could replace even that with something a tad lighter.

Armani Code perfume is struggling along. You need something strong in high heat and humidity; do not listen to anyone who says otherwise. (I'm from the South, remember? Most perfumes fade within minutes of having been applied once the humidity sets in.) My GF Ferre Lei/Her perfume would have been a better candidate, but still not ideal. I don't live in this type of weather enough to have found a suitable scent for it. So I have nothing to say about that here.

Enjoy your summer while it lasts. Wear your shorts and tank tops, eat your barbecue and watermelon. Just wear good makeup; choose your products carefully, and don't forget that hat!

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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July 24, 2006 8:23 PM, Blogger Dain said...

wee! I am glad to see that you have tried Dior shadows. They are superluxe, no? Really, the best on the market (the older ones, in the square, brighter blue packaging are even nicer), though you can't beat NARS for ingenuity. If you're worried about the cost, though, is the place to go... you can find these quints for half, if not a third, of the original price.

July 24, 2006 9:00 PM, Blogger Colleen Shirazi said...

Yep! It was part of a RAOK that was very kind :)

What's great imo is that the colors are very soft. Yet they do last. This quint, Beige Massaï, I think works best with green eyes and warmer coloring. The shades have a definite warmth. It's the red factor...the soft orange sherbet shade, the punchy terracotta shade...that makes it work with green. Those two shades don't look that great together; they're better off paired with one of the more neutral shades in the quint...the soft medium nut brown (warm, not red), the soft ivory shade (likewise)... I haven't used the deepest shade much. It's not dark enough to line with, and I prefer the medium brown as a crease color. I suppose I'm just being lazy. It might look nice as a more dramatic crease.

I don't ebay :) But sometime I would like to try your mauve quint. drools

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First review for Jason Vitamin E with A & C shampoo
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:32 PM (Eastern)

In case you are not familiar with this site...yup, it's more than just blogs. We have a beauty products review database, an image library, and of course, the original forum of The Lipstick Page.

Jason Vitamin E with A & C Shampoo


Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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Shampoos without lauryl/laureth sulfates
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Wednesday, July 12, 2006 11:46 PM (Eastern)

There's more talk about this now although it's not a new concept. Some health food store shampoos have long made this claim. My theory is that these ingredients are drawing more attention now because drugstore shampoos have begun to overuse them. That is a theory as I say...but I have seen more complaints on the beauty boards about scalp problems than ever before.

I'm only slightly skeptical about the claim that lauryl/laureth sulfates in shampoo cause noticeable hair loss. It is possible that some people have developed an allergy to them, possibly again from my theoretical overuse of them.

Anyhow...I'm not a purist myself. I use Pantene, which, according to beauty board legend, is evil. Pantene is supposed to contain so much silicones, that it coats your hair and gradually strangles it. I've seen this claim in print across several sources, but it is well to point out that not one of the sources had actually tried Pantene herself.

Along with the Pantene, I use Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying shampoo. It's a pretty boss shampoo...smells heavenly, like lemon drops, works well (no stripping or drying, not astringent, yet cleanses well). Unlike some lauryl/laureth sulfate-less shampoos, this also lathers well.

To this I added on a Jason shampoo, just today though. I haven't tried it yet, only smelled it in the shop. Mmmmm! It's Jason Vitamin E with A & C shampoo.

Not all health food store shampoos are lauryl/laureth sulfate-less though. It's a good bet that those that do contain lauryl/laureth sulfates, contain less of them than your average mainstream shampoo, but if you're looking to go lauryl/laureth-less you really should read the labels.

Some brands that are lauryl/laureth sulfate-less: Creme of Nature (I found out about this on another board, haven't tried it); Aubrey Organics; Nature's Gate Organics.

I tried several, if not all, of the Nature's Gate Organics shampoos back in the day. They're quite good but expensive. I think Jason gives you more product for the buck.

Avalon Organics: besides the Lemon Clarifying, I have tried the Lavender. It smells divine but it's too moisturizing for me to use regularly.

Well this concludes my tour of these shampoos. I'll add more information later on as I try out more lauryl/laureth sulfate-less products.


Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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