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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
Diptyque Jardin Clos

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, August 12, 2007 3:07 PM (Eastern)

lilacJARDIN CLOS Anno 2003
Hyacinth, white lilac, mimosa, water melon

I wore this on Saturday. When I first put it on, it was almost a dead ringer for a floral scent that was exceedingly popular, I'd like to say in the 90's, but it could have been the 80's (looks guilty, I'm gettin' old!). Back then I knew nothing about perfume, hence never knew the name of that scent, but it was strong, a bit old-fashioned, and pure flowers and femininity.

I had to get up early Saturday and go to the supermarket; wearing Jardin Clos was great. It was a wonderful thing to smell on yourself, having to get up early and go to the supermarket. Normally I loathe the word "classy" but this smelled classy. It's nicer than its unnamed predecessor, more delicate and complex, but essentially a purely floral-feminine perfume. To my nose, the lilac trumped the hyacinth but I got a good blend of both, with that slight bitter edge of an actual hyacinth.

This stayed put well the first few hours, with decent, if not outstanding, sillage. After those first few hours it shifted from classy, into something sublime...something honeyed, with less of the strong lilac edge it started out with.

I'd say it was almost completely gone after eight hours. Drat. Still, it goes on my potential bottle-worthy list. I liked both parts of the dual experience--classy perfume with a vintage flair, paired with the (more predictable) Diptyque-esque almost otherworldly floral experience, similar to their Do Son and Olène.

To me this is a mature woman's scent; it is not one of those sweet, light fragrances. I didn't get any watermelon out of this; it's not fruity in any sense of the word to me. If there is mimosa, it's subtle...there could be mimosa, especially the kind that smells so good on a hot day...but this is primarily a thick smudge of lilac and hyacinth.

And I don't see how this could ever be unisex, it has nothing in it I would care to smell on a man.

images courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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