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· August 21, 2007 12:52 AM by Blogger Dain
· August 21, 2007 1:28 AM by Blogger Colleen Shirazi

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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
Inexpensive jewelry cleaner?

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, August 20, 2007 10:45 PM (Eastern)

queen helene mint julep shampooThis will sound nuts, and I'm not by any means a professional, so take this advice with all due caution...but diluted Queen Helene Mint Julep Shampoo seems to make a good jewelry cleaner.

I tried some out on a whim...before that, I was using my Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash to clean inexpensive jewelry. And I was struggling using Ivory dish soap to clean more expensive jewelry. I tried the Green Queen shampoo out on a few inexpensive pieces...even diluted, you need only a few drops.

Of course you would not use this on softer stones such as amber, pearls, or anything else you wouldn't use detergent on.


Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
2 comment(s)
August 21, 2007 12:52 AM, Blogger Dain said...

What if you mix it with baking soda to make a soft scrub?

August 21, 2007 1:28 AM, Blogger Colleen Shirazi said...

That would be a thought... I started out using it for some basic jewelry, where I'd been using the J & J Head to Toe. It struck me that the shampoo cleaned better, and faster, just a few drops of the diluted shampoo.

I tried it out then on a 14KT gold bracelet that was pretty grubby. It worked pretty well...I have a baby's toothbrush for it.

I have a diamond ring that needed cleaning...I read on the Net that you can use rubbing alcohol to clean diamonds. The thing is, the ring has a silver face. If you use rubbing alcohol, it darkens the silver. Whereas, the Queen Helene doesn't, and leaves the silver nice and bright.

So it seems to work on costume or "bridge" jewelry as well as the stuff I tried it on.

I haven't tried soaking anything in it, I'm too chicken to try soaking the ring. Or...? It's just shampoo. I may try soaking it a little bit next time. The bracelet still has some hard-to-reach areas that could do with a soak.


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