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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog
The Weekend Blogger: Back to work

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, June 02, 2008 2:04 AM (Eastern)

I fixed the dress which had shrunk enough to gap at the bust; the hook and eye didn't work (impossible to place horizontally without showing, didn't bother trying it vertically). What's better, are snaps. I got some beautiful snaps at Michaels...and nearly got sucked into the "wallet's black hole" of their beading section. Not top drawer beads, but many and varied; almost bought a strand of amazonite (an inexpensive light blue-green Chinese stone residing on my beading wish list). But impulsive bead-buying usually doesn't work nearly as well as planned; you can buy much better amazonite at bead shows, so I passed.

And they had things like German scissors which screamed "Buy me!" I have a pair of German haircutting shears I bought while still in Virginia, in the early 80's, that remained haircutting-sharp for at least twenty years. German scissor-buying impulse purchases can be better than planned ones, but I didn't really need scissors, so...

I can't make much in the way of jewelry until my room gets cleaned out (it's currently functioning as a sort of storage). So I took some tools out, and some stones and wire. Made a couple of bails for two pendants my grandmother had given me. One was Mexican sterling silver and turquoise. When I was a kid, this type of jewelry--sterling silver with a few stones such as the turquoise, coral, or abalone, was always made in Mexico. The other pendant frankly looks like fake turquoise to me, and indeed fake turquoise was pretty common before, but the design is nice.

Also starting fiddling around with earrings--oxidized chain with tourmalines. At first I went for the prosaic combo of blue sapphires and green tourmalines, but it occurred to me...color, is expensive.

By this I don't mean literally; it's not that certain colors cost more to produce. But they can cost more to sell. I was thinking of Dain's American Apparel shirt comment, about the wide range of colors for basic tee shirts, and contrasting with, say, Target's Mossimo shirts. The latter have good quality, but the color choice is so bad. The last time I bought Mossimo tee shirts, I didn't like any of the colors and ended up with white, black, and brown tee shirts.

But Target had probably picked colors that were so generic, they could sell them all, and not have to produce new colors next year (why bother, when this year's hues were so forgettable?). It does make sense in a mass-marketing way.

So...I thought, let's do something different. Let's not do the Mossimo thing, let's be more American Apparel. I ended up with some pink tourmalines...not the hot pink you usually see, but more of a pink with a little orange...and blue-green tourmalines. Not colors I'd normally pair, but somehow they look good together.


Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
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