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· Fashion Notes: FitFlop Review

· May 30, 2008 9:47 PM by Blogger Colleen Shirazi

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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog

Fashion Notes: FitFlop Review
Posted by Joy Rothke, Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:05 PM (Eastern)

I admit I was skeptical--more than skeptical. How can flip-flops [excuse me, "FitFlops"] "tone and trim my legs while reducing strain on my feet, knees and back"? They look like conventional flip-flops. Can they be worth a rather steep $49.99 to $59.99?

I had to test these for myself, and received a pair from Fit Flop's PR rep a couple of weeks ago. I read all the enclosed data about how they were "biomechanically engineered" by a team of scientists at South Bank University in London. I reviewed the chart showing twice the duration in muscle activity in the gluteus maximus and rectus femoris of women who wore FitFlops versus conventional shoes, and that the cushioned FitFlop sole apparently extends by ten percent the time the slow twitch muscles are engaged during each step. (Slow twitch muscle fibers produce energy by converting fats to energy aerobically.)

But how do they feel--and would they work for me?

Except for a thicker than normal sole, they felt just like the flip-flops I'd been wearing all my life. I slipped on my new FitFlops and took my dog for an hour-long walk. They felt a bit stiff, and the thong between my toes rubbed a bit. FitFlops aficionados suggest you start slow, but I began wearing them all day, every day.

In the words of my 16-year-old niece, they are like, awesome. Are my calves and ass firmer? A bit, perhaps, but the best result for me is in my knees and hamstrings. I've had tight, aching hamstrings as long as I can remember, and nothing--including exercise, stretching, massage and various types of bodywork--has helped. My knees are almost 56 years old and creaky from osteoarthritis and loss of cartilage. I was used to them aching.

After a couple of weeks as a FitFlop wearer, my hamstrings don't ache any more and my knees ache a whole lot less. This result is enough for me to love these shoes.

According to podiatrists, FitFlops are not appropriate for people with flat feet or those who use orthotics. If you don't fall into either of those categories, give them a try. You'll be strengthening and toning your core muscles without even knowing it. FitFlops just may be the perfect summer shoe.

Currently, FitFlops are available for women only, but reportedly a men's version is in the works. Available in a variety of colors at Bath and Body Works, Amazon, FootSmart and Bliss.

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
1 comment(s)  
May 30, 2008 9:47 PM, Blogger Colleen Shirazi said...

I was skeptical about these...because I remember back when Dr. Scholl made a similar claim about their sandals...the kind with a wooden sole? They were supposed to tone your legs. All I remember was how uncomfortable they were, and they didn't seem to tone anything.

Glad the FitFlops worked out!

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