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· June 15, 2008 11:23 PM by Blogger Dain
· June 16, 2008 1:12 PM by Blogger Joy Rothke

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The Lipstick Page Forums Beauty & Fashion Blog

Beauty Notes: I Like This
Posted by Joy Rothke, Sunday, June 15, 2008 2:49 PM (Eastern)

The UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS couriers are frequent visitors to my door, and I'm always happy to see them. My name is Joy and I love getting mail.

I receive all manner of items every week. Some are great; others abject failures. I've decided to post weekly about items that I especially like and would recommend to my friends.

Nectar Essences

San Franciscan Jenny Pao has come up with an ingenious new way to use flower essences. I've been using them for years, but always in the traditional drops under the tongue or diluted in a glass of water. Jenny's developed a collection of organic essences that users mist into the air, then breathe in deeply.

Do they work? I've been having some problems sleeping, so I tried her Sleep Aromatic Spray ($28, 1.69 oz.) It worked, and I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. It includes organic lavender, neroli and sweet jasmine, and is appropriate for use in children ages 3 and up, as well as adults.

The collection also includes the self-explanatory Awake and Destress. I plan to test those soon.

Terra Cotta Pendants

I'm sniffing my new terra cotta pendant as I type this. The Gosselin family in New Brunswick, Canada came up with a new way to take your aromatherapy with you. They sell 54 round, oval and rectangular pendants with a wide variety of designs, including totem animals, religious symbols, runic characters, leaves, flowers and Zodiac (CDN $10-$14).

The smooth, kiln-fired pendants hang from an adjustable waxed cotton cord. To make it a traveling aromatherapy diffuser you can wear, place one drop of your favorite essential oil on the pendant and let it absorb. That takes an hour or two, and the subtle scent lasts for a couple of days. Once it dissipates, you can add more of the same essential oil or another type.

In addition to wearing these around your neck, you can hang them in a workplace, in a car, in a window, etc. It will make your environment a calmer and more fragrant place. Also, if you're looking for a unique and affordable gift, I recommend these.

Pencil Me in Cosmetics Eyeliner Pencil

I never mastered liquid liner, but I'm pretty good with an eyeliner pencil, and use one almost every day of the week. Though there are hundreds on the market, finding a good one can be a challenge. They're either too soft or too hard, too smudgy or hard to blend, insufficiently pigmented, too expensive. A number of the high-end lines have animal testing policies I don't support, so they're out.

I read about Pencil Me In in a salon industry publication, and contacted Linda Eisner, the Long Island-based developer, and she sent me a couple of pencils to try. That was in May, and I've been using them about 90% of the time. Sure they're made of natural ingredients, include anti-oxidants and each cap comes with its own sharpener. There are also dozens of colors, categorized by skin tone, warm and cool tones, glitter, metallic, etc. That's good, but as someone who sticks to black, brown or grey eyeliner most of the time, what I like is how easy these are to apply and how long they last. I can apply them in a few seconds, and the color last all day. And at a very reasonable $6.95, you can take experiment with a variety of looks. I also like that each pencil's barrel is painted the same shade as the core, making it easy to find the right color in the bottom of a messy makeup bag.

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Colleen Shirazi continues to blog here: Life of Colleen
2 comment(s)  
June 15, 2008 11:23 PM, Blogger Dain said...

Those Terra Cotta pendants are a good idea--I wonder if they can be used with perfume? It'd be one way to make them last. Usually, there's lots of things that smell good, but few that last.

June 16, 2008 1:12 PM, Blogger Joy Rothke said...

I don't see why not. I'll do a test.

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