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Fall 2005 Haute Couture Reviews

Posted by Cat, Tuesday, August 30, 2005 4:41 PM (Eastern)

Fall 2005 Haute Couture Reviews


This reminds me of fantastical witches draped in black cobwebs. Not a particularly original style but captivating all the same.

Mmmm... I love this outfit. You can't see most of it because that gorgeous quilted coat is covering it up but I can just imagine it to be extremely demure in front with a dramatic plunge in back. Just lovely.

The flowers are growing from the hem of her skirt...what amazing craftsmanship.


What a stunning coat. Reminds me of that Gucci one from a couple years back, with that extra high collar as well. But this is sober and stern to the satin-y flashiness of Tom Ford's creation.

I like this whole outfit, for some bizarre reason. I hate fussy print, even tweeds in large quantities, but it works in this. The wonders of Karl Lagerfield, though the collection overall is quite somber/dull/disappointing. I suppose looking at pictures online is poor substitution when it comes to couture. You really must delve into the seams, look at the cuts, and unexpected details will pop out at you and make you appreciate what looks to be a boring black overcoat on screen.

A dress of goddess proportions.

Jean Paul Gaultier

One of my favorite designers of all time. The first two outfits made my heart soar.
The play of sleek vs furry, fitted vs poofy, so great. It makes me want to wear that fur skirt.
That is a perfect slouchy deep teal velvet leisure suit. In case I ever need one. Minus the boots.

Christian Lacriox

This outfit still looks pulled together and coherent without sacrificing his signature razzle and dazzle.

Oooohlala... I've been looking at too much black. The dress itself pops out at you and the jewels are fairly dripping off the hems.

Jean-Louis Scherrer

Don't laugh at the model. Yes, she looks like a lollipop but this is a very striking design.

He does casual very well, very elegantly, but his evening wear leaves much to be desired. His motto seems to be the sheerer, the better. It's like Elie Saab, who hasn't changed his formula since he first popped onto the scene. Couture requires imagination, daring and a sense for the impossible. It should be a springing board for your RTW, your inspiration.

This is rather nice, with a touch of whimsy on the bottom. But it reminds me of Givenchy a few years back, and doesn't strike me as an original creation.

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