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Jewelry making #2

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Wednesday, September 14, 2005 7:13 PM (Eastern)

Hold the phone dog!!!!! the 0.7 mm Stretch Magic cord is not supposed to be used with crimp beads. You are supposed to use an Overhand Knot or Double Overhand Knot. (Per the back of the Stretch Magic package--you can use crimp beads with the larger sizes.)

I tested it out today to see what they were talking about. First I took a length of Stretch Magic and literally stretched it out over my hand. It did hurt some but it did snap before damaging my skin. (It left a red mark but did not cut the skin.)

Side note and Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to do these tests. I am an ordinary person who wants to make some jewelry. If you want a definitive test, go find someone who gets paid to make definitive tests.

Then, I did a dummy with two crimp beads on the same length of Stretch Magic. I tried pulling it. The place with the crimp beads snapped right away.

Then, I tried the Overhand Knot pictured on the back of the Stretch Magic package. This was kind of for crap. Pulling the cord made the knot slide out.

I then tried the Double Overhand Knot. Now this seemed to work. The double knots stayed put when I pulled the cord--but broke when I kept on pulling it--exactly what I was looking for. least for now, I'm settled with using the 0.7 mm Stretch Magic cord using the Double Overhand Knot. I'm going to try it out and see how much extra cord you need to use in order to make the knots and how hard it is to make them.

As far as the bead-stringing wire...I may try out a finer gauge of it--for adults.

I'm obviously not advocating making pieces that break easily, I just don't like the idea of the piece getting caught on something and not breaking and causing an injury.

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