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· 1:43 AM by Blogger Colleen Shirazi

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Now, I thought Kate Moss was a fashion icon too...

Posted by Dain, Sunday, November 26, 2006 6:44 PM (Eastern)

But this is ridiculous. I don't care if she's too cool to "give a fuck", I don't care if this is "fashion"... this is some tiny, coked out woman jumping around with her top off. That is not an intelligent lifestyle choice.

What are we celebrating here? Ignorance? Lack of conscience? Cool.

And as for her being a style setter? For God's sake, she's responsible for SKINNY jeans, wellies as everyday wear, and LEGGINGS. The woman clearly inspires trends. That is a given. But that does not mean these look good—on anyone but her.

Oh, what does it matter?

They're going to remember her as a post-millenial Marilyn Munroe. Except that one was celebrated for her figure, her smile, and her seductive sweetness, while the other is celebrated for possessing... the exact opposites. Lookswise, they haven't much in common, except for a carefully trimmed coif of blonde hair and a predilection for animal prints. Oh, and they look out at you with half-closed eyes. Marilyn, I think, is trying to express lust, and Moss? Dare I say it? Her eyes are half-closed from too much blow.


No contest.

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1:43 AM, Blogger Colleen Shirazi said...

Well, they do say Western civilization is, well, declining. It's too bad. Anyone outside our culture watching some of this stuff would probably just be confused.

Weeellll...skinny jeans and leggings were popular in the 70's (the jeans) and 80's (the leggings). They do look good, as long as you have the right legs for them, but that's the same thing with miniskirts. There is always a current fashion that looks great on someone in late teens or early twenties, with what I can see now is a perfect figure (when I was that age, I never saw perfect as perfect). And there is always a current fashion for everyone else. So, if you can't do the miniskirt or leggings or what have you, there is always something else to wear.

The "skinny fashion" ephemeral. It's capturing something that not all women ever possess, and those that do possess it, do so for only a finite period in their lives. My own body changed after I had the kids and got old. I mean there's no reason not to maintain a good figure for your age, but it'll never be the same as it was when you were in your twenties or thirties. So I think it's a good thing, to always have a "skinny fashion." It's not good to expect everyone to stuff themselves into it, but for those who do not stuff, I think it can be beautiful.

Now, why we as a culture push the limit...why we border on socially approving of eating disorders, while, at the same time, we as a society get fatter and fatter...and we rush to socially approve of that too, even though being too fat is just as unhealthy as being too thin...I can't explain that.


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