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Year 2 of making jewelry

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Tuesday, January 02, 2007 4:20 PM (Eastern)

Okay technically year 2 began for me last September, but it'll be easier to document if I start the year now.

(This is the necklace on its shortest setting.)

I'm pretty pleased with this...the pearls are good quality and the overall look is dressy because of the black and clear Swarovski crystals.

Side note: are Swarovski crystals all that? I think they are. I've used Chinese crystals; some can actually be better than Swarovski's only because of the colors (I have some that are red, with this interesting yellow/orange edge, and some olive green ones), but I use Swarovski as my staple crystal.

I have enough pearls to make a matching bracelet. Here is the original bracelet (mind you, nothing in that picture exists anymore though I do plan to redo the pearl earrings):

The original necklace was similar, a plain strand of the pearls with small gold spacer beads.

Here is a double strand citrine necklace:

mumbles... I didn't even use a flash with this, I suppose the light was too bright.

The flower bead is quite nice; it's Indian sterling silver with a round faceted citrine on either side. The drop at the bottom is citrine of course.

Pink Swarovski crystal, vermeil Indian beads, on goldfilled chain. I did use a flash here and it caught one of the crystals.

Finally, some earrings:

I tried photographing them together and it didn't really work. These are good earrings...I've worn them all day and they don't get heavy. (Usually the only way to tell is by wearing them.) The pink pearls aren't that pink...they're a sort of faint peachy pink color, good lustre. The vermeil beads on the right-hand pair are Turkish.

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