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Oscars 2007

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, February 26, 2007 6:20 PM (Eastern)

So, what did we think about the 2007 Academy Awards ceremony?

I was a bit underwhelmed, myself. Even though the trend over the past few years has been a subdued one, I still harbor a secret desire to see unabashed glitz, glamor, red lips and rocks, with perhaps an outrageous touch or two. At the same time, I feel there has been a growing, quiet individualism during this same period. A bit less of "I hired someone to create my look," a bit more of "this is who I am." Which I like.

I'm pretty bad at compiling "worst dressed lists" even though I understand that people in this industry expect such things (and would rather be on the worst-dressed list, than on no list at all). I'd rather go over some of the looks that I liked.

Here's my favorite of the evening, Rachel Weisz:

Yowza! The perfect material, cut and color gown here, along with a neat updo, good makeup (just enough, not too much) and that cool pendant/brooch thing going on (I know some people thought she should do one or the other, but I liked the combination, myself).

Nicole Kidman:

This is kind of a given so I won't go into much detail here. I don't think this woman could look bad if she tried. But I did appreciate the bright red gown with its nifty, "I am a present" bow.

Naomi Watts:

A bit understated here; the hair should have been more glamorous. Still, three rows of diamonds and strapless pale yellow catch the eye.

Jennifer Hudson:

Yeah, she caught a lot of flack over the bolero, but I thought it was a funky individualistic touch, along with the side pockets. This look would have failed on anyone older than Hudson, but the effect to me was of an attractive young woman.

Helen Mirren:

Perfect all around, from makeup and hair to gown. (Can I admit I was cheering for her to win?)

Abigail Breslin:

I like that she looks elegant, not cutesy, yet still age appropriate.

Catherine Deneuve:

A spare, almost Asian look, with just the right balance of black and red.


This is actually a horrible gown. Imagine any number of other actresses attempting this gown; they would immediately appear on the "Bjork swan dress" list, to be rehashed every year around this time. But on Beyonce, it looks as if it's the most sumptuous gown ever, from the pale green color to the sexy cut.

Emily Blunt and Jessica Biel:

Blunt got more kudos, with sapphire blue gown matched to sapphire blue eyes, but I think Biel deserves some credit too, for a striking fuchsia column gown.

Keisha Whitaker:

Hotcha hotcha hotcha! Love the mustard gold gown with the fluted hem. Who's that guy next to her? *g*

Some honorable mentions:

Gwyneth Paltrow:

I wasn't too sure what to make out of this look; it had an eclecticism which, I suppose, you either loved or hated. I liked that she chose not to wear a girdle, which gave her a Marilyn Monroe tummy. I liked the combination of red lipstick with the soft apricot tone of the gown. I even liked the gown itself with its vintage flavor.

But, I think she should have put her hair up. Wearing it down gave the effect of a little girl playing dress-up. A sophisticated updo would have made the whole look work flawlessly.

Kirsten Dunst:

Now here is someone who's going to get ragged no matter what she does...but the gown was beautiful. I think a little shawl or wrap would have done this look good, and a fancier hairdo.

Cate Blanchett:

I actually hate this gown, with a passion. Yet, perfect hair and makeup.

Meryl Streep:

What I cherish here is that Streep was up for The Devil Wears Prada. And she showed up wearing what would appear to be handmade jewelry. I'd bet fifty bucks Streep either made the pieces herself, or else has a relative or girl friend who did. It was a ballsy, even mom-sy move, and I think it worked.


Spike Lee and Leonardo DiCaprio:

Normally I could care less what the guys wore to the Oscars. But I liked Spike Lee's East Coast-ness, and DiCaprio's sharp, natty look.

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