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Spring break!

Posted by Dain, Sunday, March 11, 2007 6:32 PM (Eastern)

Vacationing in the south of France for a week...

Here's what I packed:

1. black bra and lots of black panties: they're just as neutral as white or beige but never look dirty, plus, way sexier
2. pink silk chemise with ivory lace: not only is it beautiful, it's actually very comfortable
3. white camisole: to layer underneath #6 and #7

4. crisp buttondown, with grey and lavender stripes: simple, clean, casual but not messy
5. lightweight silk green and ivory psychedelic patterned sweater: I love this sweater, it is exactly my style, and it looks so damn good
6. sheer red-and-black floral patterned silk capelet blouse (sort of like a fancy, limited poncho, I guess, except in delicate silk): it's kinda Victorian-blouse-ish at the neck and chest, the material is very bohomenian and attention-grabbing, and tailoring is certainly very unique
7. white bohemian style blouse with embroidery: it's perfectly provençal, no?

8. wool felt camel pencil skirt: a pencil skirt gives an outfit an instant dose of sophistication, and wears well with every top—of course it works with #4 and #5, it's narrow enough to wear with blousy tops #6 and #7
9. swingy navy linen a-line skirt: I prefer skirts to pants, and this is the most utilitarian of my skirts; it's a flattering shape and material, it's a neutral color that works with everything, and it's very comfortable

10. simple sundress with a splashy multicolor floral print: so easy to wear
11. white apron dress: for some reason, I look really good in this dress—I look really good in skirts and in white, and this dress is sort of the ultimate marriage of the two

11. red cardigan: nights might get chilly, so this is my "warmth" layer, to wear over the two dresses #10 and #11 (I wonder if I should also bring another cardigan, in seafoam?)

12. my mother's pearl necklace: because it's classic (though I think I'll take it off for the dresses), and it has that Grace-Kelly vibe that's perfect for the Riviera
13. art deco gold bracelet: it's very, very flashy... gold, pearls, and faux crystals, a repeating medallion pattern
14. an (faux) aquamarine and gold ring: there are lots of gemstones crowded around it, so that it looks like a garden patch with a pool... it's hard to describe, essentially it's the most fabulous thing I own
15. pink floral silk scarf: it doesn't seem right, to go to France without a scarf
16. gathered silver flats: for when I don't want to appear in heels, I'll wear these with the navy skirt #9 and the jeans #23
17. olive green espadrilles: these give me tons of height without discomfort (really!), and of course, they are so perfectly summery... I can wear these with the dresses #10 and #11, and of course with the navy skirt #9
18. simple black suede pointy-toe stiletto pumps: to pair with the camel pencil skirt, because pencil skirts require a heel (you run the risk of looking stumpy if you wear flats) and the espadrilles are too casual, though I guess it could work)

19: periwinkle blue string bikini: it's too cold to swim, but I can get a tan at the beach, I think
20. long flowery skirt and black tank top: beach coverups

21. my Pucci-esque henley
22. blue superfine lightweight cashmere "boyfriend" sweater: comfy and warm but fits well
23. jeans, Blue Cult, still the same pair
24. flip flops, love, bright blue Havaianas
25. my big brown bag that holds everything
26. my brown-blue-white tweed princess jacket (a princess jacket is cut like a dress)

That's it! I pack light. I don't really need all those clothes, but they're not much, once packed. I like this wardrobe because I can channel casual or dressed up as need be, without ever running the risk of looking messy.

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