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Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, May 13, 2007 3:15 AM (Eastern)

Don't sell what you think people need, sell what people want to buy!

Got this excellent quote from a jewelry making forum I like to frequent.

I suppose the above quote made me realize afresh there is a difference between "what you need" and "what you want to buy," albeit at times it is a subtle difference. And that, naturally enough, the notion of selling has to address this...otherwise there would be no sales.

I don't sell my jewelry as of yet, still learning how to make much as I think it is important to sell, there are so many headaches licenses, taxes, bookkeeping, not to mention the kind of cash you would have to invest up front...that I think you should sell only when you can make enough money to cover the cost of your time, as well as the more obvious material cost. The importance of selling...I'm tempted to say, "It's not the money," although the saying goes, "If they say it's not the money, it is the money." It is the money. It is important to be recognized.

...Where was I? I've never sold anything I made before; I have never done sales. I think it has left a blind spot in my perception. How do you sell? In theory you would try to match the piece to the person, and take it from there, but I already know it does not work that way. Sales has to involve a sixth sense...a way of reading the buyer and sensing what she wants to buy.

I have no particular conclusion here, these are just random thoughts.

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