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Mossimo tee shirt review

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Friday, June 15, 2007 12:17 AM (Eastern)

Okay, you're saying to yourself, why review Mossimo tee shirts? They're...those ubiquitous, fitted, 100% cotton tee shirts, that come with a vee, or a small scoop, neckline, in assorted colors, at Target.

I bought a bunch of these last year; last summer in fact. I didn't like the color selection they had at the time (the newer batch seems to have better colors), so I got some black, white, and dark brown ones, figuring these would be the ideal "shlep on when you're still asleep" tones. The vee neck seemed prettier than the scoop, so that's what I got.

This of them are still surviving. Not all. Some of the black ones are starting to look a touch faded around the edges. Some of the white ones have lost their snowiness. I'm pondering dosing them with OxiClean, or demoting them to dustrags. The dark brown ones fared best, but then I've probably worn them the least.

All in all, I don't see buying as many of these again. I'd rather pay more for tee shirts that last more than almost a year. For the price, they're not bad, at all, but I loathe shopping, hence the notion of obtaining longer-lasting clothes.

I'm thinking of trying American Apparel. We have two American Apparel b & m stores that I know of: one in Berkeley, the other in the Haight. So I could try before buying.

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