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· Looks like L.A. Story's new site is up and running
· Earrings for metal sensitivity
· Department store shopping in the U.S.A.
· Handmade jewelry update
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The Lipstick Page Forums Fashion Blog: May 2007

Looks like L.A. Story's new site is up and running
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, May 28, 2007 10:19 PM (Eastern)

L.A. Story :)

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Earrings for metal sensitivity
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, May 27, 2007 2:35 AM (Eastern)

Say...I have this on my Beading Blog, but I recently got a heads-up that "argentium sterling silver" might be better for people with metal sensitivity, than regular sterling silver.

I was skeptical, if only because I've never been able to wear sterling silver ear wires and didn't think argentium would be any different. Argentium sterling silver is a patented new alloy for sterling silver. Part of the metal that traditional sterling silver is alloyed with, has been replaced by an element called germanium. I'm like, so...only part of the metal has been replaced, and I can never find out exactly how much (likely a trade secret).

Anyhow, I went ahead and made a test pair of hoop earrings out of argentium silver wire to see if there was anything to it:

argentium sterling silver hoop earring

(Normally I'd make them thicker, but this was the only argentium silver wire I had on hand.)

I wore these earrings for a couple of days and was surprised and delighted. No swelling, oozing, itching, redness, all.

Did some surfing on the Net and found that others had reported the same results.

Jewelry makers are only now starting to use argentium silver more widely...partly because it wasn't that easy to find it before, only a few vendors carried it. But now more and more vendors are supplying this alloy, so I think it's safe to say you will be able to find more and more jewelry made with argentium silver.

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Department store shopping in the U.S.A.
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, May 21, 2007 1:38 AM (Eastern)

I had to replace my eye cream today, so I went to Macy's. Oh, I suppose I could buy it online, but why?...I've always bought it at this particular Macy's, over several tubes; it's a tradition.

Then...for some reason, I decided to look at the clothes there. I say "for some reason" because normally I don't do clothes shopping. I don't. In the almost ten years I've lived where I do now, I have not checked out that Macy's except for children's clothes.

So I went from one end of the store to the other, from the juniors section to the regular ladies' sections...I looked at everything. And I didn't buy anything.

What I got out of this venture is simple. If you like it, it starts at fifty bucks. For one piece of clothing. They did have some nice stuff but that is the price.

I suppose, on some level, it's always been that way. seems to me there were more choices before. More stores. Even at this mall...they used to have a Gap, a Victoria's Secret, a Crabtree & Evelyn, a Sanrio store...a Fresh Choice restaurant for that matter. They're all gone, they all moved out. We got a Wal-Mart instead of all of these shops.

The Macy's is the best store in this mall and I concluded that I could either pay the fifty bucks per piece or I could give up clothes shopping at this mall.

We do have a relatively new mall in another city which recently opened an H & M--they have Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, some other stuff I've read incessantly about on the Net such as Steve Madden and Chico's (?). Since I am (or was, rather) one of those people who doesn't pay retail, I have never checked this mall out either (except for children's clothes). Maybe I'll drop by there...things can't be this bad, we are supposed to have choices. Right?

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Handmade jewelry update
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Monday, May 14, 2007 9:03 PM (Eastern)

Hmmm...what I wanted to do here, was wow you with expansive photos of fabulous jewelry, but, I'm way too tired. I'm slowly taking photos of the jewelry I've made that I want to keep. Here is my Picasa album:

handmade jewelry

Boss eh? I've just gotten into Picasa; it's not bad actually.

It takes forever to produce good jewelry. Unless you're smart enough to apprentice with someone who already knows how to make jewelry, preferably someone with all the equipment and materials...heh heh...keep dreaming.

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Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Sunday, May 13, 2007 3:15 AM (Eastern)

Don't sell what you think people need, sell what people want to buy!

Got this excellent quote from a jewelry making forum I like to frequent.

I suppose the above quote made me realize afresh there is a difference between "what you need" and "what you want to buy," albeit at times it is a subtle difference. And that, naturally enough, the notion of selling has to address this...otherwise there would be no sales.

I don't sell my jewelry as of yet, still learning how to make much as I think it is important to sell, there are so many headaches licenses, taxes, bookkeeping, not to mention the kind of cash you would have to invest up front...that I think you should sell only when you can make enough money to cover the cost of your time, as well as the more obvious material cost. The importance of selling...I'm tempted to say, "It's not the money," although the saying goes, "If they say it's not the money, it is the money." It is the money. It is important to be recognized.

...Where was I? I've never sold anything I made before; I have never done sales. I think it has left a blind spot in my perception. How do you sell? In theory you would try to match the piece to the person, and take it from there, but I already know it does not work that way. Sales has to involve a sixth sense...a way of reading the buyer and sensing what she wants to buy.

I have no particular conclusion here, these are just random thoughts.

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