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Originally compiled by Dain and Colleen.


AG: Annick Goutal
AHA: alpha hydroxy acid
aos: all over shimmer
B&S: Body & Soul
BB:, Bobbi Brown or Bonne Bell
BBW: Bath and Body Works
BE: Bare Escentuals
BHA: beta hydroxy acid
BPAL: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
c2p: cream-to-powder
CC: Convertible Color (Stila);
CD: Christian Dior
CG: Cover Girl
CM: Club Monaco
CoB: Circle of Beauty
CSP: Comptoir Sud Pacifique
CP: custom purchase
ct: cold turkey. We are proud to say this term originated with The Lipstick Page Forums.
d/s: drugstore
DDF: Doctor's Dermatologic Formula
DVF: Diane von Furstenberg
EA: Elizabeth Arden
EL: Estee Lauder
enable: to somehow encourage someone to buy something
EOB, EoB: Essence of Beauty
e/s: eyeshadow
face: a face of makeup. You may "post a face," i.e., post what you're wearing on your face.
FOB: Face Of Beauty
FOTD: face of the day
franken-: attach appropriate word: "frankenlippie", cosmetic that you've made yourself
GA: Giorgio Armani
GB: Garden Botanika
gc: gift certificate
gwp: gift with purchase
HC: Hard Candy
HG: Holy Grail (an ideal product)
ho: aficionado (lipstick ho, blush ho, frag ho, etc.)
HTT: Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash
Igor: someone who practices mad science (see below). Also: to practice mad science on something.
Jane LC: Jane's Loco Cocoa Lipstick
lemming: noun an item that everyone's buying, therefore you should buy; the urge to buy a lemming ("I feel a lemming coming on"). verb transitive to buy something that everyone else is buying.
l/g: lip gloss
lippie/lippy: lipstick
LM: Laura Mercier
loose: loose powder
LP: The Lipstick Page
LRP: La Roche-Posay
l/s: lipstick
MA: makeup artist
MAC: Makeup Art Cosmetics (usually known as MAC though)
mad science: making or altering cosmetics
Mayb.: Maybelline
MF: Max Factor
MK: Mary Kay
MK&A: Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics
MMU: Make Me Up cosmetics
MUFE: Make Up For Ever
MW: Moisture Whip (Maybelline lipstick)
Nars AAE: Nars All About Eve Eyeshadow Duo
OJ: Ormonde Jayne
OoO: Oil of Olay
OOTD: outfit of the day
PC: Paula's Choice cosmetics
PD: Paula Dorf cosmetics
POTL: People of the Labyrinths
PPP: Pale Porcelain Princess
pressed: pressed powder
PTR: Peter Thomas Roth
PX: Prescriptives
RAOK: random act of kindness
Revlon DC: Revlon's Deeply Chili Lipstick (disc.)
ris: received in swap
SA: sales associate
SD: Sue Devitt cosmetics
Shu: Shu Uemura
SK: Sonia Kashuk
SL: Serge Lutens
SOTD: scent of the day
SU: Shu Uemura
tm: Trish McEvoy; tinted moisturizer
TBS: The Body Shop
UD: Urban Decay
UEO: use everything once. We are proud to say this term originated with The Lipstick Page Forums.
UEU: use everything up. We are proud to say this term originated with The Lipstick Page Forums.
VGI, VGII, VGIII, VGIV, VGV...: the Viva Glam series from MAC
VL: Vincent Longo
VS: Victoria's Secret
WnW: Wet 'n' Wild
WOTD: workout of the day
WTF?: Who's the Fairest? cosmetics
YLBB: your lips but better (i.e. natural looking lipstick)
YSL: Yves Saint Laurent

AFAIK: as far as I know
bf: boyfriend
bil: brother-in-law
brb: be right back
btw: by the way
to butt in: the perfectly legitimate situation of answering a post not addressed to you
dh: dear husband
fao: for attention of
faq: frequently asked questions
fil: father-in-law
flame: a reactionary unneccesarily caustic post
flame wars: a series of flame posts
ftr: for the record
fwiw: for what it's worth
gf: girl friend
hth: hope this helps, hope that helps
iirc: if I recall correctly
imho: in my humble opinion
imo: in my opinion
irl: in real life
j/k: just kidding
jmho: just my humble opinion
LBD: little black dress
lmao: laughing my ass off
lmk: let me know
lol: laughing out loud
mil: mother-in-law
nm: a post with no message; also "nevermind", more commonly seen in live chats or in instant messenger services
nt: post with no text (like nm)
OMG: oh my god...
OT: off topic
pls: please
PM: private message
post: a submitted message, to be read by all
ro: read on for the message in the post
rotfl: rolling on the floor laughing
rotflmao: rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
rtfm: read the "freakin'" manual
sil: sister-in-law
SO: significant other
tia: thanks in advance
troll: an individual whose posts are meant to demean, irritate, and generally cause trouble
ttyl: talk to you later
ymmv: your mileage may vary