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MAC Delish (MAC) - 2004

Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Tuesday, April 19, 2005 2:09 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

A scoop of lipglass tastis, a sprinkle of glitter topping and all matched with a gorgeous range of nail lacquers in various summer frosts and finishes. Sounds high-glace?, very cool.

Bursts out into a full summer sunburst of sweet and tangy shades matched with meltingly tasty fruit and berry-licious flavors. More than just a taste of summer, it's totally scrumptious, it's DELISH.

Lipglass Tasti
Tangerina: Sunkist orange: tangerine sorbet flavor
Berry Fav: Plum Berry with red pearl: black berry flavor
Tropicolada: yellow/white with gold pearl: pina colada flavor
Bberry: blue/grey with pink/red pearl: blueberry flavor
Fresh strawberry: light pink with silver pearl: strawberry parfait flavor
Watermelonny: rosy pink with silver pearl: juicy watermelon slice flavor
Ban-man-go: neutral tan with yellow: banana-mango flavor
Sorberry: red bronze with red pearl: mixed berries flavor
Peachcreme: light peachy coral with gold pearl: peaches and cream flavor

Nail Lacquer
Pink Sundae: rosy pink with silver pearl
Soda-da: bright yellow with silver yellow pearl
Liquid Grape: purple with silver liquid glass
Bubbly Beige: neutral tan
Freezerblue: light blue with silver pearl
Juicebump: coral orange with silver frost
Orchidette: light lavender with red pearl
Cafe Blend: red bronze with pearl
Peach Party: peach

Purplette: purple grape
Gold garnish: yellow gold
Sifted silver: white silver

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