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LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids soap

Posted by Dain, Wednesday, June 08, 2005 6:07 AM (Eastern)

Even when you know you've got a big chunk of Honey I Washed the Kids waiting for you in your own bathroom, the minute you step into a LUSH shop the irresistible scent draws you towards it and makes you pick up a piece, breathe in the scent of stick toffee and honey and take it to the counter to be wrapped. It's so addictive it's astonishing that Honey I Washed the Kids is legal. Even better, we make it with honey water and aloe vera so it is soothing for your skin. We don't actually put toffee in it, despite the messages your nose will send your brain. We do put calming honey and soothing aloe in it so it feels as good as it smells.

MY TAKE: I have used this before, when I got it as a GWP. I can see how this has become a bestseller, as it's a very universally pleasing scent. To me, soap is soap, unless it's caustic (in which case it's Borax), so it's really scent, i.e. "feel good" factor, that is really important. I still like it—it's creamy and the beeswax layer on top is pretty (they've fixed that falling-off-the-soap problem by imbedding it firmly) and the smell is... Like I said, this will appeal to a lot of people. It does smell a bit like toffee, a little. But I think my sister was right on the money: this smells EXACTLY like Skittles. Yes, good. Not my style, though. I much prefer, say, Alkmaar, or Sea Vegetable.

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