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LUSH Ocean Salt Cleansing Scrub

Posted by Dain, Wednesday, June 08, 2005 6:16 AM (Eastern)

Although we call it a 'scrub' all you have to do is smooth Ocean Salt on your face and it does the "scrubbing" all by itself. Don't think of scrubbing your face the way Mrs. Mop scrubs the oven; you must treat your face gently. Ocean Salt gives an incredibly refreshing, 'just scrubbed' feeling treating your face to a drink of fresh grapefruit and lime juice, a splash of sea salt and a skin-softening serving of coconut and avocado butters. Use it daily if you have oily skin and weekly if you have dry skin to feel as if you've been for a cleansing dip in the ocean.

MY TAKE: When first I opened this, I was like WOAH! There is NO way my delicate skin could handle this. It was blue. It was coarse. I mean, there were chunks of coarse sea salt, lodged midst the blue. Fortunately, I gave it a try—though just on my hands. Imagine my surprise, underneath is a creamy white layer, still with salt, but much finer. The blue and white mix together; it's really very pretty. Funny thing is, when mixed with water, the "scrubby" elements dissolve very quickly, and it becomes this lovely... I don't know how to describe, but the texture is halfway between "creamy" and "film" though it's neither. It's just a very refreshing alternative for summer to the creamy cleansers I usually use, without resorting to foaming cleansers (which are too harsh for me). I don't know why I like it so much, as it's not really at all suited for my skin, but it has got to be... the scent! Oh! Magnificent. Lime, grapefruit, salt (does salt have a scent, and yet... it is really reminiscent of 'ocean salt'), and vodka (this has the makings of a great cocktail)! What a great thing to use on a sweltering, hot, humid day, though I can't use it too frequently, as my skin is too sensitive. If you've tough, oily skin, this might be lovely year 'round.

Warning: I let most of the salt dissolve, and then use the liquid. My skin can't take that sort of abrasion, and neither, I think, could most. It is very much on the abrasive side, as scrubs go. I find this works excellently as a shaving lubricant, too, though you DEFINITELY want to make sure the salt has dissolved here, in this case, as... well, you can imagine, salt clogged in your razor... it could very prove to be "rubbing salt into a wound", quite literally.

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