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LUSH Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel

Posted by Dain, Wednesday, June 08, 2005 6:31 AM (Eastern)

There are many chocolate shower gels in the world and most of them, frankly, are horrid. They are nasty, gimmicky, cheap, synthetic things which smell like market stall chocolate Christmas decorations—horrid, as we were saying. For a while we resisted, not wanting to be tarnished by such a tawdry image, then we thought to ourselves, "We can do better than that, much better!", so we did. (Actually, Noriko did it.) Oh what floriously gloopy, sensual stuff Sonic Death Monkey turned out to be. It has seaweed gel to make your hair and body feel soft; it's scented with chocolate orange and tones you up with fresh lime, Caribbean coffee, and herbal tea. (It's named after Barry's band in High Fidelity.) Cover yourself in chocolate orange and dig that crazy gravy.

MY TAKE: Wow! I do NOT like chocolate, so I'm the wrong market for this, but well done! Chocolate is extremely difficult to bottle, and here, it has been done, in all its orange-chocolate-coffee glory (and a bit of lime, peeking out of the edges). It won't smell like exactly like a Hershey bar, but it smells very good, very real, very convincing. It's very liquidy, which may surprise you, but it's concentrated, and foams well in your everyday puff. It's very dark, the color of expresso. Even the "foam" at the top of the bottle is convincingly Starbucks-y. Heh... I have a friend who'd love this. I know what's going into her next gift, a bottle of this! Oh... (as if this were an afterthought, sheesh!) it cleanses well without harshness and all that. I haven't used it on my hair, I don't intend to (my hair is not happy-go-lucky like that), but if it does work for you (great travel space-saving), it seems opportune to use American Cream Conditioner over it, chocolate shampoo and then strawberries-and-banana conditioner? Mmm.

I'm still astounded by how "right" this smells. In my experience, chocolate-scented anything is very weak, insipid, a total waste of my time, an insidious thief of my money, and uhh... (to continue this unnecessarily vehement metaphor) an insult to my discerning nose! (I feel so French. I think at this juncture we are supposed to have a duel) This... this is good.

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