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LUSH Whipstick Lip Balm

Posted by Dain, Wednesday, June 08, 2005 5:32 AM (Eastern)

In Japan, the Lush shops packaged Chocolate Whipstick in a sweet little box and sold it as a Valentine's Day gift. Frankly, we don't blame them. What better message on Valentines Day than one which says, "I would like you to make your lips lovely and soft and flavour them with chocolate." I bet we could all think of someone we'd like to say that to. Why wait? There's no law which says you can't give someone cocoa and orange flavoured, lip-softening balm on any day of the year. (And even if there were, although we're normally pretty law abiding, we'd recommend that you break it.)

This balm is every chocolate lover's dream—the taste of delectable chocolate without the calories! The blend of delicious, lip-smacking Belgian chocolate, almond oil, olive oil, honey, and tangerine and orange essential oils leave the delicate skin on the lips plumped and soft.

MY TAKE: Well, I applaud the effort. Chocolate is a difficult scent/taste to bottle, indeed. Until I met LUSH's own Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, I knew only of one product that did chocolate with success, the inimitable Comptoir Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao (how different, these names). Don't get me wrong, this isn't your Bonne Bell of auld—this has a lovely (albeit kinda odd, at least to encounter in a lip balm) whipped creamy texture, loads and loads and loads of emollients, real chocolate and honey and vanilla, with a bit of tangerine and orange to round out the scent. This is a very luxe formula indeed, and the glycerin (a humectant) bursts on the lips for a very pleasing hydrating effect. This is, however, not to my liking. The scent is too strong and saccharine for me (especially since I don't much like chocolate to begin with), and in any case it's not really all that pleasing. It's chocolatey, to be sure, but does it really capture the decadence, the erotic joy, of chocolate? Nay. The formula is lovely, though hardly extraordinary, on the soothing, emollient side, rather than light, for wearing under lipstick, though the shea butter makes it very silky so that it avoids any waxiness. But unless you are hopelessly addicted to the sugary chocolate-orange scent (if this had been a chocolate-coffee scent, it would have worked much better), I think you're better off spending your $7 elsewhere.

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