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LUSH Skin Sin Hand and Body Lotion

Posted by Dain, Saturday, August 27, 2005 9:59 PM (Eastern)

Skin Sin started life as a truly beautiful cream which made our skin feel good all over. We used almond oil to sink deep down into the skin and give longer lasting benefits (not just a nice smell and a feeling which lasts half an hour like some chemical-raddled creams do). We added nourishing cocoa butter and humectant vegetable glycerine, soothing tagettes and chamomile oils. The trouble was with this gloriously effective cream, that its effective, dependable mix of essential oils made it smell all a bit too worthy. We wanted it to behave perfectly but to smell wicked. So Mark added a twist of rich, fruity cherry, which you smell more strongly as the earnest oils settle down and do their good works. It's a bit like having Angelina Jolie join your school's fundraising committee.

$7.95 for 3.3 oz, $13.95 for 8.4 oz, $20.95 for 16.9 oz.

My take:
This is a really nice lotion. It's light to medium weight, with a delicate texture and an emollience that will solve most dry skin problems. It sinks in quickly (though not quite weightlessly), and leaves skin with a velvety soft texture. It has a gentle, sweet smell, like cream, with a bit of cherry to give it a dark fruity twist. I am not really a fan of cherries (in perfume!), so it just smells candylike to me, but this is otherwise an excellent product that will appeal to just about everyone.

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