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· MAC Delish - 2004
· MAC Tantress - 2004
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· Bobbi Brown Beach Sun Smart Beauty - Summer 2004
· Nars Flirtatious Fantasy - Spring 2004
· Nars Tropical Heat Wave - Summer 2004
· Revlon - Summer 2004
· MAC Femme Noir - 2003
· MAC Veluxe shadows - 2003
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· Bobbi Brown - Fall 2003
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The Lipstick Page Forums New Releases Blog: April 2005

MAC Salsabelle - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, Tuesday, April 19, 2005 2:33 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.
Images courtesy Stevie Wilson.

In stores May 6.

The booklet is different from the website. Also, the dates given are for free standing stores and not counters. The release dates for counters may be different.

The color descriptions are mine based on the photos in the booklet.

Lipsticks in lustre and frost:
Nada - looks like an off white
Chica-Boom - mauvey pink
Eager - bright coral red
Rio Babe - tan
Tortilla Tan - darker brown

Lip lacquer:
Tongue-in-Chic - very pale pink
Bueno Beige - lt. beige
Poco Pink - shimmery medium pink

Lip pencil:

Eye shadows:
Casa Blanca - vanilla color
Rio de Rosa - pink but darker than Yoghurt
Coral - exactly that
Parrot - turquoise blue
Guacomole - grass green

Powerpoint Pencil:
Tendered - taupe
Out to Sea - turquoise
Gilded White - white with gold shimmer

Cream Colour Base:
Sundrenched - peachy gold shimmer
Salsabelle - coral

Nail Lacquer:
Pre-Dawn - pale shimmer pink
Tropicolour - vibrant coral red shimmer
Blue Tips - almost turquoise blue shimmer
Aloe Aloe - grass green shimmer

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MAC Shadestick - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:31 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.

In stores May 6.

These are cream stick eye shadows in a twist up pencil. These all have shine. $15.00 USD

Beige-ing - light beige, good for a base color
Shimmersand - darker than above and slightly golden
Taupographic - darker than the first 2 and less golden than Shimmersand
Mangomix - orangey
Gentle Lentil - shimmery brown
Lucky Jade - yellow lime color
Pink Couture - pale beigey pink
Crimsonaire - baby pink
Royal Hue - bright purple
Sea Me - turquoise blue but more blue than green
Sharkskin - graphite

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MAC Lustreglass - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:29 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.

In stores May 6.

These are in the sponge applicator tubes, not the squeeze tubes. Very pearlized. $13.50 USD

Luminary - very pale pink
Flusterose - medium rose pink
Wonderstruck - watermelon pink
Flashmode - fuchsia
Little Vi - purple
Spring Bean - chartreuse green with gold shimmer which makes lippies look gold
Lustrewhite - white shimmer
Instant Gold - pale gold
Sinnamon - golden brown
Beaux - warmer golden brown
Ornamental - copper
Decorative - deep purple

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MAC Gilt + Tantress - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:23 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Summer's on its way which means fewer clothes and more skin. Even Brad Pitt in the movie TROY predicted men will be wearing skirts inspired by the movie. Not ready to pull out the sundress yet? Get the perfect glow without spending hours in the sun with MAC's new tantalizing summer collections: GILT and TANTRESS.

MAC Senior Artist Patrick Eichler provides tips to get that just back from the Caribbean look.

For men and women:
Exfoliate with MAC SCRUB MASK over face and body, don't forget knees and elbows, rinse well.
Revive and Tone - using Spray on Fix + to prep the skin.
Tint & Tan - Apply MAC Tint & Tan to face and body using short, precise strokes. Wash palms and finger tips immediately.

For women:
Define with MAC Bronzing Powder to highlight cheekbones, temples and jawline.
Finish with mascara and MAC Gloss to eyes, lids and lips!

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MAC Gilt - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:20 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.
Image courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Pro Gloss: This is for cheeks, eyes, anywhere. $13.50 USD
Tantalope - tan
New Gold - gold
Teal - teal
Copper - darker than tan, looks like a dark bronze

Skinshimmer - a liquid sun toned shimmer for the body. $20.00 USD
Solarshine - darker than shimmergold

Tint and Tan - self tanner cream $17.50 USD

Hyper Real foundation will be made in 13 new shades. Now with spf 15 $24 USD

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MAC Delish (MAC) - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:09 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

A scoop of lipglass tastis, a sprinkle of glitter topping and all matched with a gorgeous range of nail lacquers in various summer frosts and finishes. Sounds high-glace?, very cool.

Bursts out into a full summer sunburst of sweet and tangy shades matched with meltingly tasty fruit and berry-licious flavors. More than just a taste of summer, it's totally scrumptious, it's DELISH.

Lipglass Tasti
Tangerina: Sunkist orange: tangerine sorbet flavor
Berry Fav: Plum Berry with red pearl: black berry flavor
Tropicolada: yellow/white with gold pearl: pina colada flavor
Bberry: blue/grey with pink/red pearl: blueberry flavor
Fresh strawberry: light pink with silver pearl: strawberry parfait flavor
Watermelonny: rosy pink with silver pearl: juicy watermelon slice flavor
Ban-man-go: neutral tan with yellow: banana-mango flavor
Sorberry: red bronze with red pearl: mixed berries flavor
Peachcreme: light peachy coral with gold pearl: peaches and cream flavor

Nail Lacquer
Pink Sundae: rosy pink with silver pearl
Soda-da: bright yellow with silver yellow pearl
Liquid Grape: purple with silver liquid glass
Bubbly Beige: neutral tan
Freezerblue: light blue with silver pearl
Juicebump: coral orange with silver frost
Orchidette: light lavender with red pearl
Cafe Blend: red bronze with pearl
Peach Party: peach

Purplette: purple grape
Gold garnish: yellow gold
Sifted silver: white silver

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MAC Delish - 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 2:04 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.
Image courtesy Stevie Wilson.

These are in the squeeze tubes. $13.50 USD
My descriptions are what they appear in the tube. I suspect they go on a lot lighter.

Lipglass Tasti
Fresh Strawberry - pale pink
Watermelony - medium pink
Berry Fav - deep purple berry
Peachcreme - pinky peach
Tangerina - orange
Sorberry - wine berry
Tropicolada - off white
Ban-man-go - golden banana
Bberry - pale blue

Nail Lacquer - high gloss and frost, $9 USD
Orchidette - pale blue pink
Pink Sundae - rosy pink
Liquid Grape - purple
Peach Party - lt. peach
Juicebump - darker peach
Cafe Blend - dark coffee
Bubbly Beige - beige
Soda-da - yellow
Freezerblue - lt. blue

Glitter: $9 USD
Sifted Silver
Gold Garnish
Purplette - dark purple

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MAC Tantress - 2004
Posted by Dain, 2:01 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Arabella.

Tantress - in stores June 3

OH Sheer Up - very pale shimmer beige
Eurotica - Taupe
Luv & Lust - coppery
Tantress - golden beige

Soft Sun - golden beige
New Flame - orangey, coppery
Light My Fire - medium wine color

Bronzing Powder
These are in LE gilt-edged compacts. $18 USD

Refined Matte suntan
Refined Golden
Eye shadows
frost and lustres

Goldbit - pale gold
Glama Ray - medium gold
Earthly Delight - medium shimmery brown
Riviera Rose - dark pink
Olive Groove - medium olive green

Glitter eye liner
$15.00 USD

Copperfield - coppery brown
Oxidate - purple graphite color

Hyper Real Foundation
$24.00 USD

Bronze F/X
Beyond Bronze F/X

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Bobbi Brown Summer Color - Summer 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:55 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Beige Shimmer Brick Compact
gives skin a natural looking warm earthy glow--as if lit by candlelight.

Lipgloss/shimmer collection
New shades to tempt the cosmetic palette in an array of tropical colors.
Lip gloss in tangerine and hot pink
Shimmer lip gloss in mimosa and rose gold.

Lip Tint SPF 15
This sheer as silk tint has just a hint of color in five new shades:
Peony, Lily, Melon, Punch and Cream.

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Bobbi Brown Beach Sun Smart Beauty - Summer 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:47 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

"Sunscreen is a year-round beauty essential and should be worn anytime you're outdoors." --Bobbi Brown

Introducing the IN SUN beach collection--head to toe sun protection scented with a hint of beach fragrance. It's sun smart beauty made easy for summer 2004.

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Nars Flirtatious Fantasy - Spring 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:45 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

With a seaside inspiration, the Spring 2004 collection is a confection of color that covets island hopping with carefree abandon. Bursting with fresh, ripe colors reminiscent of rich blue tropical waters and coral sunsets, soft washes of color appear on eyes and lips and skin is fresh and luminous. The soft, delectable hues are lighthearted and playful yet embellished with subtle shimmer and glitter for flirtatious nonchalance.

Island Fever Duo Eyeshadow - Shimmering violet slate & pacific blue $28.00
Dream Lover Duo Eyeshadow - Yellow green shimmer & platinum ice $28.00
Emmanuelle Single Eyeshadow - Red coral with shimmer $18.00
Fathom Single Eyeshadow - Pink tulle with silver glitter $18.00
Heart of Glass Single Eyeshadow - Ice blue $18.00
Parrot Cay Eyeliner Pencil - Mint green $18.00
Roxbury Glitter Pencil - Silver with silver glitter $24.00

Frisky Summer Lip Gloss - Raspberry sorbet $20.00
Turkish Delight Lip Gloss - Pink sorbet $20.00
Jilted Love Lipliner Pencil - Soft coral $18.00

Mata Hari * Pink with a trace of crimson $22.50
Passion * Warm peach $22.50
Gilda * Coral with a hint of red $22.50

*The following items are being re-promoted

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Nars Tropical Heat Wave - Summer 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:36 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Infused with exotic tropical influences, Nars Summer 2004 collection is ripe with color ranging from turquoise blue to golden yellow and metallic raspberry for a brilliantly eclectic color assortment. While eyes play with color and softness in an intriguing contrast, cheeks think pink with accents of champagne for true luminescence. Lips are bold whether stained in rosy hues evoking a just-bitten quality or dripping in an unforgettably rich raspberry gloss.

New Delight Duo Eyeshadow - Lilac shimmer & light peach shimmer $28.00
Sundance Duo Eyeshadow - Golden yellow & terracotta $28.00
Kitty Eyeliner Pencil - Turquoise blue $18.00

Maldives The Multiple - Pink champagne $35.00
Penny Lane Cream - Blush Nude pink $22.50
Montenegro Cream - Blush Mahogany $22.50

Masai Lipstick - Rose quartz $22.00
Afghan Red Lipstick - Garnet $22.00
Boogie Nights Lip Gloss - Metallic raspberry $20.00
Rage Lip Stain Gloss - Rose coral $20.00

Artist Palettes:

Summer 2004 $70.00
Eyes: Marienbad II, Java, Night Star, Key Largo II
Cheeks: Orgasm, Silvana
Lips: Fever, Blonde Venus, Barbarella, Zanzibar

Summer 2004 - Exclusive Palette $70.00
Eyes: Himalayas, Charade I & II, Night Fever
Cheeks: Orgasm, Ninotchka
Lips: Rain, Gipsy, Belle de Jour, Tanganyka

New Delight Duo Eyeshadow

Maldives The Multiple

Sundance Duo Eyeshadow

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Revlon - Summer 2004
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:33 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy groovynub.

Illuminance Cream Shadow - Tropicolor:
silver plum, golden olive, clear medium lilac and golden peach with slight pink tone

4 new limited edition Super Lustrous lip glosses:
Highbeam Tan - bronzed tan, shimmer
Sundripped Orchid - vivid pink, hint of violet tone, shimmer
Sunsplash - frosty clear with golden shimmer
Coral Glow - orange toned coral shade with shimmer

2 Super Lustrous lipsticks:
Highbeam Tan - (repromote) bronzed tan with shimmer
Coral Glow - (LE) sheer pink toned coral with golden shimmer Nails:
4 new nail enamels to match the Super Lustrous glosses.

All Over Bronzing Powder - Copper Glow:
(LE) coated in golden bronze shimmer, the base underneath is a warm medium bronze with a little bit of copper tone. Shimmer only on surface.

Also, there are repromotes of some of the lipglides, and a new series of eyeglides in shades that are limited edition. They have less pigment than the darker ones from the spring, but they all have an iridescent effect that works nicely with other eyecolor to change the texture or tone of other shades.

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MAC Femme Noir - 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:31 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Light and dark, soft and hard, real and shadow. Sensuality and sexuality. image and reflection all merging into one, magnetizing and all attracting. Mysterious yet deliberately defined.

The collection reflects the shades, textures, and echoes of being SHE. A so femme palette of deep and tender pinks, sensual burgundies and ginger blondes held together with a wisp of taboo green.

Beauty is divine, SHE is enigma, Femme Noir is their decadent twist.

Available 8/28/2003.

Lipstick - $14 US
MAUVELLOUS - violet charged pink from the AMPLIFIED collection (creme)
DESTINED - dangerously rich chocolate (AMPLIFIED - creme)
UNDERPLAY - delicate peach caramel (AMPLIFIED - creme)
MLLE - pillow talk pink (glaze)
LOVEDUST - gold pearled beige (matte)
ODYSSEY - spiked up plum (frost)

Lip Glass
WOMANLY - barely bronzed ivory (frost)
SECRETIVE - clandestine grape (creme)
GAZE - gold fizzed raspberry (frost)
SUPREME - sparkling champagne toast (creme)

Lip Pencil - $11.50 US
STRIPDOWN - naked nutmeg (creme)
PLUM - potent reddened plum (creme)
SPICE - pink cinnamon stick (creme)

Shadow - $12.50 US
SNAPPY - gingered copper (frost)
FEMME NOIR - smokefilled green (Veluxe collection NEW)
NOCTURNELLE - pinked up chrome purple (frost)
INTOXICATE - kiss me darkly plum (Veluxe)
DISCRETE - naturally greiged pearl (satin)
KID - softly tanned peach (Veluxe)

Cream Colour Base - $14.50 US
FLIGHTY - mauve dusted plum (frost)
FAWNTASTIC - baby face beige (frost)

Eye Kohl - $13.00 US
TEDDY - dark eyed bronze
PRUNELLA - shimmer black eyed plum
TARNISH - twinkled black forest green

Mascara - $9.50 US
PRO LASH - coal black

Brows - $12.50 US
SPIKED - bottle brunette
FLATTER - dirty blonde
VELVETONE - film noir black

Brow Set - $12.00 US
DRESSED - hot tempered auburn
GIRL BOY - fawned over blondette
CLEAR - color free

Polish - $8.00 US
CUNNING - viperous green (frost)
OHM - back room burgundy (creme)
BAREST - X rated beige (creme)

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MAC Veluxe shadows - 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:29 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

smooth as silk, modern new texture. tactilely different. micronized powder jet milled extra super fine.

supple as fine suede or velvet. VERY matte texture high colored pigment-perfect, no fade shadows of radically rich tonal pleasure.

Pro palette veluxe $9 US
reg. pans $12.50 US

KID - beige cashmere
MINK PINK - mocha pink
DOVEFEATHER - vintage grape velvet
FELT BLUE - clean cornflower
MELTON MAUVE - hot house orchid
LLAMA - off white alpaca
SAMOA SILK - polynesian peach
SILLY GOOSE - head trip chartreuse
JEWEL BLUE - flawless turquoise
BROWN DOWN - teddy bear brown
VELVET MOSS - decorator avocado
BLU NOIR - indigoed charcoal

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MAC Amplified lipsticks - 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:27 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

color saturated, superlight. dramatically intense, multimedia lip delight.

adding punch, jet milled nano sized pigments so that you get a potently rich hi res color load that gives a sleek soft yet sexy shine.

not an ordinary creme lipstick but glides on smoothly with a creamy texture that has conditioning with soymilk, soybean extracts and more!

Available JULY 2003 at all MAC locations.

EMPHATIC - rose toffee
PINK PACKED - butter pink
PROFUSION - extravagant rose
CRAVING - saturated burst of plum
EXHIBITIONIST - madly peached melon
DARK SIDE - devilishly deep burgundy
DOUBLE SHOT - full bodied mocha creme
HALF N HALF - creme pinked au lait
OVERLOAD - cinnamon rose
SATIATE - extra deep rose peach
POWERHOUSE - turned on red
IMPASSIONED - amped up fuchsia
COSMO - pink coco
DUBONNET - deepened claret
MORANGE - loudmouth orange

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Bobbi Brown - Fall 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:24 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

nude on nude palette
limited edition for day to night beautiful eyes
four skintone shades with a darker shade with dual ended liner/shadow brush
colors are malted, cement, wheat and nude along with expresso for a dark sophisticated look

cream blush sticks - a creamier blush stick in eight shades for all skincolors
these are sheer and lightweight and easy to blend along with their light diffusers
pale pink, desert rose, coral, clay, red berry, sienna, suede, dusty mauve

lip colors are great with new creamy matte lip sticks
new shades include cocoa, rum raisin (MY PICK) and brownie

lip gloss... this is a great grab it and go gloss with jojoba and avocado oils.
sheer or layer over your fave lip color
nude, heather, divine, beige, raisin, chocolate and suede
My picks: raisin and suede..... the new nudes!

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Bourjois Pop Chic - 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 1:22 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Four new shadows in the pastel lumiere in great colors in MATTE textures which is new for bourjois.
beige delicat, brun gris, taupe essential and beige rose sage

effect lumiere trio is called les naturals --three shades from super light cream to a cocoa color and then the darker chocolate and it's wet'n'dry compatible! (MY PICK)
beige rose, beige dore and brun glace are the colors in the trio
plus the kohl contour pencil and the cdt mascara.

PLUS red polish, beige/ivory polish and pale pinky beige polish

lips are terrific in
cannel rosee pour baisers --vibrant brown
rose satine pour calines --sweet pink
beige eternel pour naturelles --sand
rouge soir pour stars--intense red for evening

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Nars Raw Glamour - Fall 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 12:53 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

left to right: 1. Ireland, Arctic, Babylon eyeshadow duos 2. Sandstorm, Djerba eyeliner pencils 3. Thunderball shadow 4. Lovejoy, Outlaw blushes 5. Creole lipliner 6. Timbuktu, Nouba, Spanish Red lipsticks 7. Hellfire, Chica Boom lip lacquers
Photo courtesy Nars and

Ireland Duo Eyeshadow, Djerba Eyeliner Pencil, Chica Boom Lip Lacquer.
Photo courtesy of Nars and Elle Magazine.
Emphasizing variety, the anything goes attitude seen on the runways for Fall 2003 materializes in the Fall color collection from Nars - an ultra-glamorous palette of hues that radiate a sense of elegance mixed with a bit of rock chic. Sexy and sultry, eyes are smokey with ethereal gunmetal grays, intense violets and metallic greens, all laced with hints of shimmer for depth, intensity and multi-dimensional color. Variations of red adorn lips in decadent shades of Bordeaux and currant for finely honed, chic sex appeal, and cheeks are forever blushing in rose and copper hues.

Ireland Duo Eyeshadow - metallic green & dove gray
Arctic Duo Eyeshadow - garnet & gunmetal frost
Babylon Duo Eyeshadow - smokey violet & champagne frost
Thunderball Single Eyeshadow - midnight blue
Djerba Eyeliner Pencil - true taupe
Sandstorm Eyeliner Pencil - gold leaf

Outlaw Blush - rose with gold shimmer MY PICK
Lovejoy Blush - cool copper with gold shimmer

Nouba Lipstick - ginger spice
Timbuktu Lipstick - bordeaux wine
Spanish Red Lipstick - sangria MY PICK
Chica Boom Lip Lacquer - grape
Hellfire Lip Lacquer - copper glaze
Creole Lipliner Pencil - raisin

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Laura Mercier La Dolce Vita - 2003
Posted by Colleen Shirazi, 12:35 PM (Eastern)

Info courtesy Stevie Wilson.

Inspired by the terra cotta villas, charming cafes, floral gardens, and fields ripe with wheat, olives and grapes, this collection of five eye colours, four lip colours, two cheek colours, and a new shade of Laura's popular Kohl eye pencil, translates the warmth of this magical setting to the face with neutral colours that work for any woman and colouring.

five eye colours ($18)
Fresco, a rosy brown;
Toasted Almond, a light bone;
Truffle, a rich chocolate brown;
Hazelnut, a light mocha; and
Antique Gold, a "gold leaf" for the eyes.

Brown Copper version of her popular Kohl Eye Pencil ($16).
The soft creamy formulation can be worn inside the eye or blended over the lid, allowing women to add intensity at the lash line.

For fall, Laura suggests replacing summer's bright, sheer lip colours with spicy red, terra cotta, and rust colour tones.
Fig; Chianti; Paprika; and Sienna - which retail for $18.

two new cheek colours:
Nectar, a soft peach and Rose Bloom, a warm rose.

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