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The Lipstick Page Forums New Releases Blog: September 2005

LUSH Breath of Fresh Air
Posted by Dain, Tuesday, September 27, 2005 12:27 PM (Eastern)

At Lush we like to get things perfect when they are important but we're not obsessive. Frankly if you get a wobbly rosebud on your Amandopondo but it still works and smells beautifully we're not going to make a fuss; then again, a toner must feel exactly right on the skin. Breath of Fresh Air is magnificent. Yuka, one of our Tokyo based product developers, sent Helen some hydrating Japanese seaweed gel. Helen combined it with mineral rich sea water, fresh spring water and aloe vera and found that she'd made a toner which leaves the skin feeling refreshed but flexible. It also has rejuvenating rosemary, nutritious seaweed absolute and skin softening rose to make it the essential skin revitaliser for anyone trapped inside an air conditioned environment. Take it to work, take it on 'planes and take it on holiday. Also keep a bottle at home.

$13.95 for 8.4 oz.

My take:
This is... nice. It's not so much a toner as an additional humectant, a wonderful way to calm the skin and moisturize without any heavy emollients. If you have oily skin, you may like to use this alone, for it leaves skin supple (it's got a bit of slip to it, aloe vera or seaweed? wouldn't know) and moisturized but clean. Those with drier skins will enjoy it as a way to anchor moisturizing creams and lotions. And everyone will enjoy spraying it on in dry, unforgiving environments, to refresh spirit and mind. It's got a wonderful herbal-fresh, earthy-medicinal scent to it that doesn't feel "cosmetic-y", more like some idealized aroma of a vast Norwegian forest perched atop a fjord. It's alcohol-free, and not quite an essential product, but a nice one, to be sure.

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