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Life of Colleen: Planning your wardrobe: Photoshop idea

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Planning your wardrobe: Photoshop idea
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-08-30 at 11:43 AM (Pacific)

psd of wardrobe ideas

One thing I like to do in Photoshop, is keep a Photoshop Document (.psd) of various items of clothing which have caught my interest. It's rather the electronic equivalent of a scrapbook. Now that most merchants have a website, it's pretty easy to do.

The idea is not to have a perfect snapshot of your current wardrobe, of course, unless you wish to go to the trouble of photographing all of your items. (Which can be done, but would be time-consuming.) Rather, it's an overview of what you tend to gravitate towards, what you've found "tried and true"--what works for you.

Once it's in psd format, you can add and delete layers, move the layers around, sort of see what looks good with what. And yes, it's fun...harks back to when you were a kid, playing with your paper dolls. If you wanted to be fancy, you could add a full-length picture of yourself, and try to scale the clothing pics to it.

I realize Polyvore has a similar interface, and I'm not knocking Polyvore, but I've found it limiting. You can't control the quality of the images; you're limited to those which still look good after being run through Polyvore's image capture.

I've got some Cydwoq shoes at the bottom; dithered a bit between these and Frye. Cydwoq of course has a much wider selection of shoes (Frye does have some though), and the made-in-the-U.S.A. section of Frye boots tends to be too casual for office wear. More etailers carry Cydwoqs now; there are sporadic instances of Cydwoqs at b & m shops. Really I'd prefer my next, "investment" pair of shoes to be made in the U.S. (Since I'm set for shoes currently, I'm not actually sure when this investment is going to roll around, but I've got my eyes open.)

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