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Life of Colleen: Happy Saturday: Freedom

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Happy Saturday: Freedom
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-08-22 at 11:59 AM (Pacific)

Wham!, "Freedom" (1984)

Nope, the 80's were not only about acid-wash jeans and groups with bad singers and bad musicians. There was also the astonishing 21-year-old George Michael (paired with English-Egyptian beefcake Andrew Ridgeley in those days).

George Michael and Queen, "Somebody to Love" (1992)

After Wham! dissolved, Michael got even better. Sure, he was slammed in the U.S., in our peculiar way of judging people (seems gay politicians are accepted, gay singers not), but history will record Michael as the emperor of pop. Here he fills the late (Parsee) Freddie Mercury's wonderfully arrogant frontman shoes.

George Michael, "Fastlove" (1996)

Thought this video a bit twisted when it came out...hmmm...still kinda is...but the song, to me, complements the original "Freedom." The same amazing individual quality, of a sound you can almost touch.

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