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Life of Colleen: Wardrobe meanderings part 3

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Wardrobe meanderings part 3
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-10-21 at 7:50 PM (Pacific)

Sorry, blog! I've totally neglected you, having been mindlessly busy, if that makes any sense.

Fashion-wise...I suppose I've finally become the good Catholic girl I was supposed to be. It's easier to see the virtue in saying no, once you've had plenty of opportunity to say yes. So much of style involves nothing more than saying no, to the onslaught of shopp-ortunities. You must winnow the classical wheat from the trendy chaff.

Take patterned tights:

patterned tights

This style reappeared out of nowhere. Patterned tights were hot when I was in grade school, if I recall correctly; the kind of thing you'd wear with your go-go boots. Part of me still loves them, from sheer sentimentality, but is it worthwhile buying them now?

Eh...it's tempting. I'm inclined to say no, in favor of plain old tights:

grey tights

How about a turtleneck?


Only it's not a regular turtleneck, it's a ginormous neck, which you are to fold and mush down, and it's of thinner material. Probably not the most practical purchase. But is it really that fabulous shade of red?

Again, highly tempting. I'm dithering (idly, since I space out purchases) between this and the more prosaic classical t-neck:


Though I've been on and off lusting over this dress:

print cotton lawn dress

...I know it would be killer on me, what with the old-school printed cotton lawn...this is more what I want to buy now:

andrea gabardine skirt

Lest this appear to be apple vs. orange, both items are in the same price range, and both fulfill the eternal question (what to wear to work today?) with machine-washable charm.

The skirt pic doesn't do it justice; it's a nifty little gabardine number, with an interesting array of gores, almost like a jigsaw puzzle.

And speaking of classics, this Stranglers video has been sitting here; it's a brilliant cover (check the "Light My Fire" interlude). Not at all relevant to this post, I just happen to really like it.

The Stranglers, "Walk On By" (original by Dionne Warwick)

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