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Life of Colleen: March 2009

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Troika 2
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-03-27 at 2:10 PM (Pacific)

Hmmm...I have employed way too many exclamation points in my blogger titles, as of late. Oh well. Let's do a bit of catching up, shall we?


Mederma Review, part 2

(see Mederma review, part 1)

I used this faithfully on my scar the recommended 8 weeks--December and January--then got lazy. The scar had faded after that time, but hadn't miraculously disappeared. Hence I have been applying Mederma, since much of the tube remains, whenever I can remember or find the time to do it (it's been pretty sporadic).

Currently--end of March--the scar has all but gone. I checked in the bathroom mirror under electric lights, with a measuring tape. At 3 feet away, the scar can barely be detected (no makeup). If you were good, and bothered to apply concealer, I doubt it could be seen at all. It is next to perfectly flat; only very slightly raised where the cut was deepest.

This was a cut that took nine stitches to close. I think this is a good product and certainly worth trying. (Best price I found was at Costco.)

garnet hill button front tee shirt

Garnet Hill Button-Front Scoop-Neck Tee

I bought Dusty Aqua and White, when they were on sale.

I'd like to say I was bitterly disappointed, but it wouldn't be entirely true. On the Garnet Hill website, the tops are described thusly:

"Trim and slim in a stretchy rib-knit of soft pima cotton, this updated basic is finished with jersey-knit banding at the scooped neckline, button-front placket and elbow-length sleeves. Imported.

This is a slim-fitting style. For a relaxed fit, we recommend that you order up a size."

O-tay...but, perusing the first several pages of customer reviews there, the consensus appeared to be the tops ran true to size, or else ran big. I'm thinking now this is a sign...oh hapless online clothing shoppers...that the top is true to size, or even runs a tad large, if you're built medium to petite, bust-wise. If you're not, forget about it; that's when you need to order one size up.

I mean, according to the sizing chart, the Mediums I'd ordered should have worked for a bust of up 39 inches (size 10-12). The white one had three distinct gaps over the bust, where Dusty Aqua fared better at two lesser gaps--which would have only gapped more, given the washing instructions:

# Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with similar colors
# Do not use chlorine bleach
# Tumble dry low
# Cool iron when needed

Then I noticed two of the iridescent shell buttons (nice, btw) on the white shirt were flaking off at the back. Clearly the button QA folks had taken the day off when that shirt went down the inspection line.

The blue shirt's buttons seemed a skosh rough on the backs, but at least they weren't flaking off.

Now, the good news. The Dusty Aqua was to die for; the ideal muted greenish blue, more subtly lovely than pictured. The material was nice and soft, lightweight, not overly thin.

The neckline was too scoopy to work as is; you need don a camisole or tank. I think it looks nicer that way though, as it would look blah with a high neck.

The sleeves looked best on me folded up once. (They with long, willowy arms could likely forgo the fold.)

All in all: nice shirts. Dressy enough for casual Fridays or the weekend, when you want to be comfortable without looking like a slob. But I suspect (without having tried the Large yet) your sizing decision should be based almost purely on the size of your bust. The rest of the shirt was not particularly slim-fitting imo.

Garnet Hill does free exchanges. I'm confident the replacement shirts will be just right.

The Animals

Eric Burdon, I love you. Although, for the longest time, I thought of the Animals as having made American music...beautiful, slow, heavy, a sublime singer up front and a real band. Hearing it now...the odd factor is Alan Price's keyboard playing on some of the songs. That sounds quite English to me.

And speaking of that, how about this song with a charming English accent? (Or you could spin the original.)

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Sioloonim: White shirts!
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-03-16 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)



- Couture white blouses with classic shapes and modern appeal set Sioloonim apart -

New York, NY – Sioloonim just raised the bar on classic white blouses for women. After a successful launch of the Spring/Summer 2009 collection of couture white blouses during Los Angeles Fashion Week, Sioloonim takes New York City by storm with their Fall/Winter 2009 collection, debuting during New York Fashion Week.

Founded in the summer of 2008 by friends Lois Rosenthal and Minoo Hersini, Sioloonim is a true labor of love and friendship. Two separate life paths led these two mothers (and grandmothers) together, and Minoo and Lois founded Sioloonim out of a desire to create and build a business that would be both fun and reflective of the two of them. Sioloonim is a collection of what they personally love to wear.

Sioloonim's collection of couture blouses modernize and feminize the classic white shirt with a unique twist, utilizing Minoo's passion for flowers and asymmetry for inspiration. Clean and white, Sioloonim's designs look striking and radiant on any skin tone.

The elegant and versatile line is made from the finest quality fabrics from Italy, Switzerland and Japan, including silk organza and organic bamboo. Manufactured in Florence, Sioloonim's couture blouses feature impeccable quality and craftsmanship, and include subtle details that mix the rich textiles with unique finishes and embellishments.

The line's impeccable quality and craftsmanship includes versatility that goes beyond day to night, and spans various styles to fit all women. The attention to detail goes beyond the design and fabric; each blouse includes a protective facemask to keep the garment clean from makeup when dressing.

Learn more about Sioloonim at www.sioloonim.com.


Okay, a wee bit out of my price range, but I like the idea. It seems to me you can never own too many useful white shirts.


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Happy Sunday!
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-03-08 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

The Clash - Complete Control

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Troika 1
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-03-03 at 9:57 PM (Pacific)

cherry blossom cardigan

Haven't I been waiting my entire lifetime for a cherry blossom cardigan? mumbles, clutches wallet furtively...

U2 - Stories For Boys

The same peculiar, watery guitar lines as "Another Time, Another Place"; both from 1980's Boy.

engineer boots

I know, I know...an engineer is fortunate if he can get his socks to match, much less his boots. :D But I'm seriously debating these boots. Frye has managed to continue manufacturing them in the U.S., giving at least some people here a decent job.

I should say Frye boots were the 70's - 80's fashion mag staple footwear; there is some sentimentality there for me as well.

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