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Life of Colleen: July 2009

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·· Stretching shoes
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·· Wardrobe meanderings part 2
·· Wardrobe meanderings
·· Happy Saturday!: Please don't ever change...
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Stretching shoes
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-29 at 6:14 PM (Pacific)

star shoe stretcher

Why didn't I try this earlier!?

Stretched one of my shoes last night. It is a process; since--logically--they sell you only one of these devices, it takes at least two nights to do a pair of shoes. And the stretched shoe needs further stretching (you can do this a few times apparently). But wow...what a difference already. These were shoes of the right length (meaning I couldn't go up even half a size) but too narrow for me. And now at least one of them almost fits.

I caved and got the "stretching spray" even though you can make one (rubbing alcohol and water) since it was, ah, cheap. I don't see it going bad, so there is the convenience factor.

There is also a "vamp stretcher" (pricier than the regular stretcher above)...and I was talking to a shoe repair guy, who told me the old shoe stretchers did both, but my feet are wide rather than high, so likely a vamp-stretcher would be a waste of money for me. (Conversely if your feet are high but narrow, the vamp-stretcher might be the better way to go.)

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Train in Vain
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-25 at 8:03 AM (Pacific)

the clash london calling

I was feeling a bit sentimental, as usual...it's funny, you come to understand those middle-aged people, once you become one of them. When I was a kid, the middle-aged folks still loved their 1950's rock and roll. It's understandable (admittedly, I understood it even when I was a kid): this music is beautifully stripped-down. If you want a sartorial analogy, it is akin to the perfect black and white outfit. Everything is there, but nothing in excess.

The Clash, "Train in Vain" (1979)

Not overly nuts about the video, if only because I am old enough to have experienced The Clash firsthand. Mick Jones is merely ten years older than I am. There was a collegial feeling between fans and group, not fan worship.

The nice touch is the predominance of black-and-white images--which, as I say, is not coincidental. Fashion is a phoenix which must periodically burn and be reborn. The minimalist 1950's style became 1970's bloat, before Elvis Costello showed up in a skinny tie and Debbie Harry wearing blonde hair, tights and a simple dress.

I think the next trend will be this kind of simplicity, not another round of Laboutins. (I'm not knocking your Laboutins; it's just a predication.)

You say you'll stand by your man
Tell me something I don't understand
You said you loved me, and that's a fact
And then you left me, said you felt trapped
Well some things you can explain away
But the heartache's in me till this day

You didn't stand by me
No not at all
You didn't stand by me
No way

All the times, you and me were close
I remember these things the most
I've seen all my dreams come tumbling down
I can't be happy without you 'round
So alone I keep the wolves at bay
And there's only one thing I can say

You didn't stand by me
No not at all
You didn't stand by me
No way

You must explain why this must be
Did you lie when you spoke to me?
Did you stand by me
No not at all

Now I got a job but it don't pay
I need new clothes, I need somewhere to stay
But without all these things I can do
Without your love I won't make it through
But you don't understand my point of view
I suppose there's nothing I can do

You didn't stand by me
No not at all
You didn't stand by me
No way

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Wardrobe meanderings part 2
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-22 at 6:13 PM (Pacific)

Digging the cowl:

cowl neck top

Having read the Fashion For Nerds analysis of cowl necks, I realized afresh how cool this style could be. I don't think you need tons and tons of them, just one or two in nice colors.

Current drool:

cydwoq boot

Though I'm undecided. Tall boots or short? It seldom gets cold enough around here to require tall boots, but often sufficiently chill to wear them as an option. Hmmm...



I spotted one of these purses on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) today, only it wasn't U2, it was Elvis Costello. I was enchanted--these look nifty in person, with the clear image jumping out from the usual deluge of faceless handbags--and had to ask where the purse-carrier had gotten it. Turns out it is musicpurse.com; you can customize or choose from readymade album-cover designs.

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Wardrobe meanderings
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-19 at 4:15 PM (Pacific)

sundance crinkled silk skirt

I love this image. It's not a look I would ever copy, but that is the point. This ensemble works perfectly for this particular woman.

That's been my stock wardrobe advice (which no one ever listens to), for years. Wardrobe is seldom the thing itself. I could buy these items and wear them, but the look would be wrong for me. If this girl walked into a room, the air would brighten; the rose skirt is ideal for youth, and the dressy-casualness (sorry for the horrible hyphenation...casual-without-looking-like-a-slob-ness?) would work across a variety of social situations and weather.

Hence...I don't often look at another woman's clothes with the thought: That looks great, I want to buy something exactly like it. I tend to look at clothes as components. How is this component going to fit into my life? or is it?

I could use the blouse, actually; not the remainder.

star shoe stretcher

I've done some study of shoes, lately. A shoe is an approximation; the odds are good it's not going to fit your foot until it's broken in. Hence the notion of stretching the shoe. You can pay a shoe repair place to do it, but I don't see anything wrong with doing it yourself.

I haven't tried it yet but can admit I look forward to doing so. I asked at a shoe shop; apparently the "shoe stretching" spray or liquid they sell you, amounts to rubbing alcohol and water. You could use a spray bottle and make some yourself. The readymade one is quite inexpensive though; it's your call.

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Happy Saturday!: Please don't ever change...
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-11 at 5:54 PM (Pacific)

The Beatles "Don't Ever Change" album "The Beatles Live At The BBC"

The Beatles "I Wanna Be Your Man"

The Beatles "The Night Before" (Paul's Single voice HVS Mix)

No particular theme here (beyond the obvious); just three of their songs I've liked for, ah, decades.

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Troika 4
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2009-07-08 at 8:24 PM (Pacific)

Miss Dior Cherie commercial by Sofia Coppola

This is a bit fluffy, even by my standards...okay, I live for this stuff. It's just cute: the kid on a bike, the nice sunny day, rows of sweets in a shop, Brigitte Bardot singing... I challenge you to watch this without smiling.

vanity fair body superior support contour bra

This is a decent bra, actually. Of the mainstream brands I tried recently, Vanity Fair was best, and Body Superior Support Contour the nicest of the make. (Olga and Bali had beautiful bras, but with an annoying boob-smushing tendency.)

victoria's secret dream angels demi bra

I knew it. There are two Dream Angels demi bras: the sale version (crap) and these. Note the narrow strip of velvety material sewn to the straps. Still not worth $48 imo, but the grey and soft plum models (neither of which made it into the pic) are killer.

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