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Life of Colleen: Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday!
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-03-29 at 10:02 PM (Pacific)

Strapless update:

strapless bra

This, strangely, did not fit. Only on the tightest setting did I see any real results, meaning it did not fit. A bra should fit perfectly at the loosest setting, otherwise it'll become useless as it stretches out with wear. Oh well. I could have gone down a band size on this same model, but it was also a bit on the thin side (albeit constructed of beautiful lace, even the back), so I've opted to exchange for this--at a smaller band size (knock wood):

strapless bra

I realize I'm winding down, wardrobe-development-wise. The short version is I'd never planned to have an endless wardrobe. It's a lovely thought, but not what I'm after; more is not always more.

That said, I still have a text file :D with the odd thing listed on it. I've done that for quite a while...when something catches my eye, I add it to the list. Or I'm thinking, if I bought x, I'd be able to wear y, in z number of ways. z can possibly justify the cost of x...or not. Do I need a brown sweater? Love this one, in the picture anyway:

brown cardigan

But is there anything in my current wardrobe I can't wear, without buying something like it? Mmmmm...don't know yet. It looks useful. I have it in my text file, but it's not a priority.

These, on the other hand...

strappy black sandals

...should be useful right away. They're reasonably priced, but the greater consideration is whether they'll last. A $50 pair of shoes that wears out after a year is not a bargain. I didn't want heeled sandals...small heels might have done, but I need to be able to walk. I wanted something formal enough for work (business casual), must be stockings-compatible, yet also suitable for the weekend without stockings or socks.

I'm a bit cautious about the ankle strap...if you've ever worn stockings with ankle-strap shoes, the two don't mix. Eventually the strap wears out that part of the stocking. But in this design, it seems at least some of the stress would be born by the straps coming down from the front of the ankle strap. It's worth a shot.

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