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Life of Colleen: February 2010

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·· Odds and sods, part 7
·· Odds and sods, part 6
·· Aubrey Organics shampoo thoughts
·· J.Crew Nico Skirt review (Black Blossom)
·· Odds and sods, part 5

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Odds and sods, part 7
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-02-26 at 6:46 PM (Pacific)

sham wow

Culled from Craigslist (beauty/fashion forum):

Try a microfiber waffleweave towel < hair-dries-faster > 02/24 13:59:25

because it absorbs so much moisture before you start to dry

Yes sham wow or the car shamies < 1stchicagostyle > 02/24 19:35:45

work well


These posts were in reference to a question about hairdryer performance...but it's something I've wanted to try for quite some time. You get one of those super-absorbent Sham Wow-type towels and use it to dry your hair in the morning (I don't like to blow-dry).

I realize I wrote something a bit stodgy the other day: Odds and sods, part 6, to the effect that long skirts are aging. I don't think long skirts are aging, but I am cautious about buying them...because it's easier for them to go wrong. They can be done well, like everything else.

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Odds and sods, part 6
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-02-24 at 10:18 PM (Pacific)

Spring is...actually not here. Yet it's important to pull yourself out of any wintery slump.

jcrew boatneck tee in hyacinth

J.Crew marked these down (for a magnanimous three days), so I decided to try it out. Not in the above shade--though tempting, I already have a cardigan in that exact lilac. A neutral boatneck would be more useful to me.

I 86'd the notion of trying LL Bean's boatneck (too casual) or Sunhee Moon's (sold out). A good boatneck is oddly uncommon. Oh well, let's see if the J.Crack version is all it's, ah, cracked up to be.

lace trimmed camisoles

Once you delve into the sheer, something like this is essential. I was glad to spot a camisole with lace on it, and not some dreary miniscule edge o' lace. Here they've even nicely matched up the lace in the center. The only fuddling aspect is why they don't have cream or nude...yet, who cares, "nude" can mean more than your standard creamy brown. The light grey one would do it; the idea is any colorless color, softly blending rather than standing out.

navy striped skirt

This skirt is not going to be here until March. It looks ordinary--on me, it's not going to be that short, more a knee length (always check the measurements)--it sorta looks like a sewing project, the kind of thing you'd make if you weren't totally lame with a sewing machine.

Yet it seems ideal for what I want. Much as I like the idea of long skirts, I find them aging, on someone who's actually aging (they seem more youthful on the young). A miniskirt is aging as well, again unless you are young. Mid-length works best.

And, it's difficult finding prints that don't cost a fortune...I'm not against that, actually, makes better sense than mediocre prints...here I want a print that doesn't register as a print. If I could find something that looks like graph paper, so much the better, but stripes will do it.

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Aubrey Organics shampoo thoughts
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-02-20 at 8:12 PM (Pacific)

The moment of truth for any shampoo whore, I would suppose, lies within repurchase of same (the shampoo, not the whore). Is that shampoo really all that?

aubrey organics honeysuckle rose shampoo aubrey organics blue camomile shampoo

I've found Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose handiest for a.) the several days after processing hair (I color mine), and b.) great to mix with other shampoos. I'm not scientific about that, just mix a dash into some other shampoo to make it more moisturizing. If you have dry hair, it's likely best used straight.

Blue Camomile is utilitarian, the "Flex" shampoo of the modern age.

aubrey organics primrose lavender shampoo

I'm going to try their Primrose and Lavender shampoo as a possible replacement for Dr. Hauschka Nasturtium and Lemon shampoo. Sorry, Hauschka! As ideal as Nasturtium and... is for itchy scalp, it is now $20 for 8 oz. If Primrose and... flies, it'll be at a quarter of the cost.

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J.Crew Nico Skirt review (Black Blossom)
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-02-13 at 9:24 PM (Pacific)

jcrew black blossom nico skirt

Yup, I checked this out on our glorious three-day weekend. In the images, it appears tiny, not something I'd normally even consider. But my daughter spotted it, and liked it, so naturally I had to at least try it on.

By now, I've acquired several solid-colored skirts; they're by far more useful than prints, but then I have solid-colored tops...after a while, you really want a patterned skirt. "Black Blossom" doesn't seem too camouflage-y to me, but rather a handy combination of black and brown, neutral enough so the skirt doesn't wear you, and sure to coordinate with just about anything.

They didn't have the full range of sizes in the shop, so I grabbed the biggest mid-range size, and the biggest skirt altogether (you know, the lone one at the back of the rack). I figured a.) I'm not 5'10"+ like the model, and b.) the trick would be to get a big skirt. The "model height factor" adds two or three inches in length for me, and the large size places the waistband lower, lengthening another two to three inches.

Altogether, this falls six inches longer on me than in the picture. It's shorter than any other skirt in my collection, but not what I'd call a mini.

By the way, I appreciate the side pockets in this thing; they're unobtrusive, but a nice touch.

March 3, 2010: Edited to add: I decided to shrink this some in the dryer (it really was too big). It shrinks about one size that way. It got a bit shorter (still not a mini) and less belled-out, which is what I was after.

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Odds and sods, part 5
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-02-12 at 10:26 PM (Pacific)

Milligan: Someone's coming up the stairs, sir!
Bloodnok: What?! Quick, burn this on the fire.
Milligan: Right. What is it?
Bloodnok: A piece of coal.

Listening to:

Mariah Carey - "Fantasy"

I like it even better than the song it sampled (Tom Tom Club's Genius of Love).

Oh when you walk by every night
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kind of hectic inside
Oh baby I'm so into you
Darling if you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind
But it's just a sweet sweet fantasy...

j.crew boatneck painter tee

On the wardrobe front--I've been seeking a boatneck top for quite some time. The trick lies in finding one that's not overly casual.

Not really sold on the J.Crew version yet. It's unavailable in stores (rolls eyes), so naturally I checked the J.Crew Addict blogs. Mixed reviews; some complaints about fit, and about the raw edge in last year's 'Crew model. Hm. I'd prefer one with a higher, narrower neckline, like this:

boatneck tee

The sole drawback here is the limited color selection--three to be exact (light grey, deep grey and black).

The beauty of a good boatneck is that it's practical. Done right, it can function as business-casual, as well as casual-casual, and few necklaces won't work with it. Or you can skip the necklace; few earrings wouldn't pop against such an uncluttered backdrop. Looks terrific with any hairstyle, pairs equally well with skirts or pants.

I'm not in a hurry to buy one, just looking around.

cydwoq exterior

Much as I fancy myself a total screwtard with heels, I can handle small heels. I had a pair of vintage heels when I was around fifteen that I loved, and haven't been able to replace since. These are actually not too far off, even with the Cydwoq-y cutouts...it's the vibe of the heel itself, and of the long, pointy toes.

Plus, I have been look for something like a cross between a sandal and a pump, with a closed toe.

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