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More wardrobe meanderings
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2010-03-16 at 9:26 PM (Pacific)

polka dot sailor dress

Dress...I adore you.

I know this style is old school, but a navy blue dress with a conservative-ish print...anywhere from knee to calf length, with anything from no sleeves, to 3/4 sleeves...is actually quite useful. Even better if it doesn't require ironing. The fabric should be lightweight, but not flimsy.

I'm beginning to think this:

short camisole

...is better than this:

stretch camisole

I love the idea of a stretchy camisole that stays up at the neck, and stays down at the hem...but the original camisole just seems like so much fabric. If only they made a regular-length "ShamWow of camisoles" camisole.

And, the short version comes in only black or white. The long cami boasts 46 colors, for crying in a bucket.

I realize I've never gotten around to linking to other fashion blogs.

Partly because I don't see my blog as a fashion blog. I'm too lazy to take those nifty outfit-a-day pics, I don't bother listing where I got anything; in fact I post things I never got anyway. Moreover, this used to function as more of a beauty blog, and, before that, a personal meaningless blog. I've been blogging since the late 1990's iirc. This won't remain a fashion blog.

And partly it's too much work to do much else with this blog beyond porting it from its current, soon-to-be-deprecated FTP format.

But I do read other fashion blogs. In fact I've been a bit amazed at how many of them there are now...good ones.

I started out reading Fashion for Nerds, for obvious reasons (pretty sure I googled "fashion for nerds"). :)

From there, I began to follow academichic, which features a team of "Three feminist PhD candidates at a Midwest university, on a crusade against the ill-fitting polyester suit of academic yore."

Ah...that's it. I've been slowly trying the links on Fashion For Nerds' sidebar.

I read J.Crew blogs, but not religiously (I don't shop 'Crew enough to do so). They're incredibly useful, given how many 'Crew items are offered only online or in catalogs, and for the 'Crew Final Sale.

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P.S. An interview with Cydwoq founder Rafi Balouzian
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-10-28 at 10:05 PM (Pacific)

FN News - Arts & Crafts

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Internet: Blogs of the day
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-10-21 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

I stumbled across these charming blogs whilst googling for folks writing about the Sundance catalog.

Rural Fashion: An homage to women who live down dirt roads but dress for 5th Avenue.

From its arresting cover image (corn!) to text from a random post: "A message for Jonathan Saunders for Target: The 90s called. They want their clothes back." to the sagacity of Murphy's Law of Fashion--it's all-around fashion blogging goodness.


A fellow Southern expat (don't you loathe that word? is "expatriate" that long?)...

"Let me remind you that I hail from the great land of North Carolina. Gun toting Republican land. Confederate flag waving land. And I'm filling out my vote on a bubble sheet in pencil?!"

...yep, she's a real Southerner. This is, as the name suggests, a design blog, filled with original slants.

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Internet: Shoetube!
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-10-01 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

cydwoq coupe shoe


Yes, they have videos...and shoe-based blogs, and other shoe-related features. Even though the only shoes I've ever been crazy about are Cydwoqs. :)

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Internet: A natural skincare blog
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-09-30 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

dr. hauschka lip colors

Skin Rhythm

I stumbled across this while idly googling for pics of Dr. Hauschka lipstick "on." Didn't expect to find many...but this author had one up (for #06 Fortissimo). The blog itself consists of various natural skincare and cosmetic reviews, a lipbalm-making series, many professional skincare and makeup posts, and the odd page from the author's life, all presented in a pleasant, narrative style.

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Perfume split/decant wiki
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-09-13 at 12:01 AM (Pacific)

diptyque do son

Scent Splits

Apparently this is a project amongst some posters from MakeupAlley.com. I'm not affiliated with either site, but it looks to be a way to buy samples or bottles of some of the more obscure perfumes (as well as mainstream fragrances).

image courtesy aedes.com

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Perfumes of the stars, and rambles
posted by Colleen Shirazi 2008-08-28 at 9:08 PM (Pacific)

jean patou sublime

Here's a site dedicated to the "perfumes of the stars": Celebrity Fragrance Guide: A Guide to Smelling Famous.

It's occurred to me, one of the most useful items in my wardrobe is...a camisole. Camisoles are seldom lauded as fashion essentials, the way shoes and jackets are, yet a good camisole can make an outfit work; a bad camisole, or no camisole at all, can ruin the entire outfit, just like that.

I own some stretchy ones...the trick is to find ones of sufficiently thick fabric. I don't mean you have to dress like a nun, but the thin see-through stuff defeats the purpose of wearing a camisole. I have a lace one too, of a nice light rayon material.

Yet I sense a "wardrobe hole." I'd like to own at least one more camisole; two would be nice. It's not something I'd drop everything to shop for (seeing as I already own several), but if I happen upon a good one whilst shopping, I'm sure to buy it.

I've never thrown away this sort of thing, until it's totally worn out.

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