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Heather Loraine Jojoba Butter Moisturizer
Heather Loraine Jojoba Butter

Recommended by: 100% of reviewers
Average Rating: 10.0
Average Price: $15.00


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Date: November 22, 2004
Rating: 10
Recommend? Yes
Price you paid?: $15.00

Pros: Good moisturizer, deflaker, pore unclogger; good price
Cons: Probably not moisturizing enough for really dry skin

Update (4/20/2007):

Just be fair, my daughter started using a bit of this, but it still wouldn't have lasted as long as I'd thought before.

It's lasted a bit shy of two and a half years though, definitely a bargain as well as being a grail moisturizer for me.

Update (9/30/2006):

I'm still using this. The jar is down to between 1/3 and 1/4 left. It could probably last another year or so.

Since the original review, I have heard of a couple of people being allergic to jojoba oil. This product should not cause irritation of any kind. If it does, stop using it.

Original review:

I recently got the "butter" after my 4 oz. bottle of jojoba oil finally ran out...after 3-1/2 years.

Why the butter? It is easier to use. Instead of putting 3 drops of jojoba oil in your palm, and applying it to your face with the fingertips of the other can apply this like any other night cream.

The effect is the same as the liquid jojoba moisturizes without making skin greasy, is suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin (I've never heard of anyone being allergic to it), it's unscented, naturally, and it helps keep pores clear. It also reduces flakes.

The butter is even slightly better if only because it's easier to apply in a very thin, even layer. When I used the liquid oil, I usually had to blot my face off with a tissue. The need to blot. It sinks in quickly.

All of that said, I use this only at night, after cleansing. In the morning, I use a tinted sunscreen that I mix myself; one of the ingredients is a little bit of liquid jojoba oil.

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