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Revlon Blackberry Super Lustrous (creme) Lipstick
Revlon Blackberry Super Lustrous (creme)

Recommended by: 100% of reviewers
Average Rating: 8.5
Average Price: $8.99


Reg: August 2001
Location: No. California
Posts: 8194
Reviews & Products
Date: June 15, 2004
Rating: 8
Recommend? Yes
Price you paid?: None indicated

Pros: Nice inexpensive red
Cons: A tad cool

I forget how much I paid for this...Revlon goes on sale now and again, full price is around $7 I think.

It doesn't look like a red lipstick in the tube, but it's quite red on. It's slightly redder, less berryish, in real life than in this pic.

It's rather a cool red, at least on me (reds tend to look cool on me anyway unless they're outright orange-reds). And I put it on over lip balm to make it sheerer. Straight from the tube, full strength, it is too much color for me. But dabbled on over lip balm, and sort of mushed around with a fingertip--it's quite good.

It is not my ideal red--that would be sheerer, warmer, perhaps with a tad of brown--but I do not wear red lipstick often. My last red, Hemp Organics "Red Zin," dried out on me long before I could put a respectable dent in it. So I decided something less expensive would fill the red lipstick bill for me.

BTW the Super Lustrous lipsticks no longer have a taste or scent to them. Bonus!

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Reg: August 2001
Location: Lexington, MA
Posts: 2587
Reviews & Products
Date: June 18, 2004
Rating: 9
Recommend? Yes
Price you paid?: $8.99


There are two kinds of red I like: a soft, sugary redcurrant (of which I know millions of incarnations, and my current favorite lippie, Nars Flair, is one), that is to say, a soft, muted red, undercut with rose and golden-pink shimmer, and a rich, seductive, no-holds-barred red, like blood. Blackberry is one of the latter.

Reds are tricky, and each red has a flavor all its own. There are many reds I like that fall under this category, Sue Devitt Great Austrailian Bight and Nars Shanghai Express, for example, but this one has something softer about it. It's redder, for one thing, and cooler, not so brown. It's also not as pigmented. Don't get me wrong, it's not blue-red, it's really quite neutral, but there is something berry-like about it, especially when it's applied sheerer. I mean, it doesn't give the sense of blood so much as a sense of eating too many cherries.

I like it. I'm not overly particularly about reds, and this one is very nice and inexpensively priced, so I have no complaints. My favorite rich red, though, remains Nars Shanghai Express.

Some pictures of me wearing blackberry, from full, to medium, to sheer:

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