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Dior 705 Beige Massaï 5-Color Eyeshadow Eyeshadow
Dior 705 Beige Massaï 5-Color Eyeshadow

Recommended by: 100% of reviewers
Average Rating: 10.0
Average Price: None indicated


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Date: March 18, 2006
Rating: 10
Recommend? Yes
Price you paid?: None indicated

Pros: Fabulous!
Cons: Expensive

Update: 2008-07-05

As nifty as this is, I found myself gravitating away from it, and toward my Nars eyeshadow duos.

Dior would still be my choice for what I think of as traditional eyeshadows...but I've found Nars to be far more versatile.

Original review:

The one I have is a gift Smile is an adorable smaller size, perfectly proportioned quint...a full size of these is $49.50 on Is it worth it?

The short answer is, yes and no. Yes, it is worth the price if you find a quint that works for you. Buying the colors separately...assuming you could find shadows of this quality to buy separately...would easily add up to more than that.

The "no" answer...well, it is fifty bucks. Like any other fifty bucks, it's well to spend it wisely.

I'm using this slowly, I can say it's fantastically luxurious. You do notice the difference (being a Dior shadow virgin, kindly allow me to spill), in fact you notice it right away. The shadows are very fine and soft and almost creamy (an odd thing to say about powder eyeshadow). The application is smooth; the stuff just glides on. As you would expect, you don't need lots of shadow to get the effect you want. Hence there is that strange economical aspect that has come with other luxury items I've tried in the past.

Beige Massai is decidedly warm. Think Nars Babylon warm. These neutrals are not really neutral although they appear that way in the pan.

Let's start with the left-hand shade, the creamy light beige one. (This pic is as good as I could get it with my "old" digicam; the colors are accurate in tone but are quite a bit more intense in real life.) This reminded me a bit of MAC Brule. It's not quite Brule; it's a lighter, somehow pinker(?), finer version of Brule. If Brule is your tasty beer, the creamy beige shade of Beige Massai is your glass of good wine.

Moving on to the peach's to die for! If you can wear warm colors (this shade literally is on a par with the orange one in Nars Babylon), and especially if you have green eyes.

I will imagine this quint works with any eye color, but I would recommend it more heartily for green, or possibly blue, eyes.

Next...that unique reddish terra cotta shade. Here is your green eye popping shade. A pop of this placed in the crease hardly seems to show, yet brings your eyes out so nicely.

Now...the medium golden brown shade. It is golden, not in the metallic sense but so golden in tone. I put some of this on my lids the other day, half expecting it to be either too dark for that (I have small lids) or else too neutral and dull. Not at all! It's quite wearable. You just place and go. The golden tone keeps it from looking muddy.

Finally, the center deeper brown shade. Again the dread...of someone who survived the "earth tones" of the 1970's...but this too, is more than a plain old deeper brown shade. It's...delicate. It feels a bit coppery on somehow. Again there is that green-eye-popping thing going on. Again there is that "place and go" quality; even a crease idiot could handle this (I'm not that good at creases). Heheheh! How about that.

I hope this review has been helpful. I seldom want to write a favorable review without picking apart for whom I think it would work, and for whom I think it wouldn't. If you can't wear warm shadows, this is not for you. (I'm sure there are other quints that would work better.) For this kind of price, I strongly feel you should be 100% happy.

I feel this quint is geared toward green eyes, possibly blue. It would work with any eye color (as long as your overall coloring is warm enough) but again, other quints may better suit hazel or brown eyes.

The quality itself fully deserves a 10 rating even with the heavier price tag.

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